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  1. Titans1373 Well-Known Member

    So before the new healing power hits this week I figured I'd recap the current healing power from worst to best IMO. When I first started playing the game I searched online for answers to this question but mainly found "it's the player not the power" answers. While this is partially true, some healing powers are better than others imo . Sure you'll find awesome healers from every power but with even skill certain powers will have better numbers and results than others.

    #3. Sorcery
    I remember back in the day I used to think sorcery was the best healing power and it probably was. But in the new T5 world it just seems underpowered. I don't know if it was nerfed because I only recently switched to sorcery. It's a good cast and forget power but really lacks the good burst group heals for T5. I feel like I'm waiting for the healing to kick in sometimes leaving it up to luck. The watcher didn't stay alive long enough to do anything for me either. On the other hand it does have the best aoe hot, top of the line SC, group shield, and I do enjoy the karma effects. It's just too unreliable in t5's for me.

    #2. Electric
    This is my personal favorite healing power. Great burst healing. Really shines in those oh $#%* moments. Also has a unique effect of applying a 35% charge on two powers where if a team member falls below 35% health a heal is activated. This is a 4 man(bio cap) or 8( invig) effect that can save a whole team. Also almost all powers clip flawlessly and it has 2 excellent SC. The down side is no non SC group shields and no reliable group heal that doesn't take time( iconic) or spacing ( egen, galvan). Also spacing is very important. IMO the best alert healing power. Should always consider having and electric in a raid.

    #1. Nature
    Can't find much bad to say about Nature. Most versatile healing power in game. Excellent hot heals, great burst heal when hots are applied. Has good 4 man shield and amazing team buffs. Also has different forms you can take but insect for is really the only good one for pve. No better group heals in the game and great hots to keep group up. Only downside I guess is sc seems weaker than other two.

    This is IMO. I'm not saying a sorcery heal can't beat nature or vice versa. I do believe though if the best sorcery or electric healer was nature they'd be a little better. Also there's some excellent guides on how to play these powers. I know people want answers to what the best healing class is and this is my opinions. Any one else?
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  2. LonelyGiants Active Member

    I can agree to this tier list.

    I'd say Nature is a better alert healing power than Electric due to reliable shielding and being less power hungry. Safety nets are fantastic, but I've always found that using blossom as an emergency heal is just as good. I haven't really put as much time into Electric as I have the others though, so I'm no expert.

    Sorcery is my main and I'll admit it is far behind the others in healing output at the moment. It's a fun and easy powerset to get into, but using it in tier 3+ content will require you to put in a lot more effort. You'll need to be careful where you throw your CoPs and deciding whether or not spreading bad karma will be a good strategy in the situation.
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  3. REEEPR Well-Known Member

    The main downside for sorcery is content with heavy amounts of AOE one shot splash damage attacks. The worst scenario is the "I'm on fire, stay away!" type of raids. I know you have to stay spread apart in t5 raids so that really takes a chunk of the Circle's effectivness away. Although no healer can heal through the one shots and are basically there to fill up recently picked up players from what i hear (boss fights)
  4. Clip Well-Known Member

    Whats wrong with water healing? o_O
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  5. Tikkun Well-Known Member

    Very few one shots in Nexus can't be healed through if caught at the exact second they hit. Shield or a clip from SG>Meta will do the trick. I have seen electric healers throw Galv on someone with a safety net active and have the same result. Paradox on the other hand with bosses who do over 100k
  6. rumination Member

    Is Electricity good at solo healing raids? I am a Nature healer & healed a few raids by myself & lately I've been wanting to try out Electricity, but I'm not sure if it's that good of a healing power (just in case if I'm ever in a situation where I'm the only healer in the group). The 35% low health safety net seems pretty cool, but I've read that it's a big power drainer.
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  7. BlueNight Member

    I would agree with that. My primary alt started as nature, switched to electricity for awhile, and is now back to nature. I also have a T3 villain sorcery alt that I may respec to celestial.

    The key difference I found between the powers is the dependency on positioning. I higher level raids like Nexus, players spread out which makes some of sorcery and electricity's heals less effective. When I was using electricity with flight, I just felt like I couldn't move fast enough to be effective for using electrogenesis and galvanize.

    These two powers are also more reliant on teammates knowing how to effectively get heals. Too many times I've seen players stay away from a CoP, especially when it's on a tank near a boss and the ranged players are reluctant to move in or have a player who needs healing move away from me when electogenesis is active so I have to resort to something else and use more power.

    With nature, as long as they don't run too far away or get behind an obstacle, I can heal them. I've also found ways to work with other nature healers that can be very effective by using 4 pheromone stacks.
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  8. blklightning Well-Known Member

    I love electric. It's my first love in this game. I'm going to miss the crackling sound of Bio Cap. I'm going to miss the ground pound of galvanize. But... Celestial is calling my name. I got the combos down. Will give it a month to see if I can love it like I love electric.
  9. RawR Active Member

    Electric can solo heal and the whole power hungry thing is something you shouldn't worry about, that is BS and on the DPS side every one us power hungry. I've had Nature and Sorc use more power than me. Some said I was the best electric healer they played with only cause of how much power I'd have it was pretty much full to where it looks like I'm not using it. I only healed when Hp wasn't full or close to 70%. Troll liked me and with Electric it is so easy to heal really really weak raid groups (without troll)

    Edit: Also heal groups where player (some tanks) wear PVP armor get through it with no problems. If they ever start complaining about heals I'll just point out their gear, never had to though.
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  10. Jumpnit Well-Known Member

    I would say nature is by far #1 if your not overgeared for the content it is the only healing class that can keep up. When T5 first came out you really saw this come true. Only Great sorcery and electric healer were getting thru content where as just a decent nature could finish it, just to much stuff from to many directions. And I mean this as in a team base view cause electric could put out the heals but would run troller dry, and with the new boss fights that would take 5-10ish mins was just to much to ask. Same problem with sorcery its fine when everyone can stand in COP but when bosses put down aoe that will kill everyone in that circle it was greatly limited.
  11. rumination Member

    Thanks for the advice
  12. Titans1373 Well-Known Member

    Solo healed nexus and wave with electric and nature. Nature is a lot easier. Electric can do it but proper spacing is required to do it easily. My two strategies are to clip egen and galavanize when group is close for two hots. Also save invigorate for parts where spacing isn't great. Other than that use bio surge and cap as mains and top off with iconic.
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  13. rumination Member

    Thanks for the tips, just made an Electricity Villain. Pretty fun animations so far & Handblasters look pretty cool too.
  14. Lepew Active Member

    For those who have played all healing types in the highest raid content, is there any truth to the notion that some power sets may be better for some players? For instance lets say Johnny really sucks at tracking buffs, but has great field awareness of where people are in relation to each other. Would he be better sorcery healer than nature? Seems like most games I am in there are some people who just really click in power/skill sets that prevailing wisdom call under powered. They just do better with those. I have been approaching healing like that, where I tried all 3 types and found I played best with nature. I did not go all the way to end game though in Elec and Sorc.
  15. undrline Well-Known Member

    As nature, I love to have electric as my backup with that 35% safety net, and I love to have a Sorcery healer backup that I can depend on with a single-target heal. That's not to say that both are backup powers; I've been outdone by both, for sure. Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way but, when you're healing, you can't afford to sit and wait for the other healer ... you have to treat every instance like you're solo'ing it.
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  16. 13igtyme Well-Known Member

    Fire is the best healer. :eek:
  17. Cadens Well-Known Member

    Nature is by far, the best healing class in any situation in the game. Cake walk to solo heal T5 raid content. You can heal anyone, anywhere, rapidly, as well as the entire group. The other two power sets cant come close to this ability, so I wouldn't even rank them.

    Its nature, and nothing else at this point. 7 people in your group hurting and too spread out? No problem... savage meta blossom.

    The only reason to have either of the other healers is for lack of a nature healer needing a group, or as a secondary healer to support them. Given nature can solo heal the T5 content, does it really make sense to bother with a second healer?

    Electric and sorcery need a lot of help with group heals.

    There is nothing remotely close to nature in this game as far as healing is concerned. The new power Celestial...i will hold my judgement until I try it.
  18. Cadens Well-Known Member

    This cracks me up. Out done? Healer scoreboard is meaningless, and shouldn't even be looked at unless the other healer is THAT bad. I have never, not once, been outhealed when using sorcery. Why? There are so many pointless heals with that power, and they simply pad the scoreboard. For instance, if you run FOS 1 as an example.. being sorcery. Your healing out will nearly double what you would have had to do with electricity or nature. The COP adds so many useless heals to the group / pets, that its simply there for scoreboard numbers. Same with the soulwells.
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  19. Decree Well-Known Member

    Nature is the best there is hands down. Who wouldn't want to have a whole team of wolverines running around. Any raid Nature can do easy. If your getting knocked around you can still shield/regen while you have your HoTs going. With Sorc if your getting bounced around you maybe have boon of souls and 2 soul wells out and cant group heal while being bounced and interrupted.
  20. Cadens Well-Known Member

    Johnny cant keep track of 1 buff on a load out? Nature is better in every instance, and doesnt need to track anyone on the field of battle. You can heal anyone, anywhere in your range, anytime. Electric and Sorcery are backup healers, regardless of the scoreboard healers. I don't care if you can light up a scoreboard and pass a nature healer. At the end of the day, the nature healer didnt even need to have you on the raid to begin with. Spamming heals to get numbers wont help anyone.
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