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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Avair, Jul 5, 2018.

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  1. Avair Lead Systems

    Hello everyone! The augment system is on Test with this update. The main goals of the augment system are as follows:
    • Replace the equipment mod system
    • Create incremental growth with frequent upgrades
    • Make augments reinforce DCUO lore
    • Encourage every player to participate in the system
    Of course, since this is replacing a system that has been in the game for many years we had to go in and do some surgery. Our main goals with the transition were:
    • Keep the remaining systems simple (crafting, harvesting, etc)
    • Make sure the change over feels good to existing players
    • Tie off any loose ends reliably
    The augment system is a big change to a core system in the game. Please give us your thoughts on whatever you would like, but please focus on the following:
    • Finding any bugs
    • Pointing out areas that are confusing/ frustrating
    • Opinions on the transition plan
    Please check out the patch notes located here [INSERT LINK] and play test, then let me know what you think.

    Oh! Before I go, we have a new systems designer that has been working on augments with us. Her name is DCAutymn and she will also be popping in here to respond to feedback and fix things!

    Known Issue:
    • When cybernetic augments are fed into other cybernetic augments, you should only get 65% experience transferred. This is not currently functioning properly.

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  2. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    How will Augments Effect PvP?
    How will my Secondary Roll Work with this new system?
    How will i be Compensated for the Mods in my Gear BOTH Sides?
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  3. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Only 2 Base Gear Mods working Weapon and Neck; others are missing.
    Only receive 4 Golden Exobytes. If my toon was dual role. Would they receive golden exobytes for each role?
    Such as Damage/Controller?
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  4. PSYL0CKE X8 Well-Known Player

    I was thinking the same when I got mines but maybe its cuz the XP on them???
  5. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Will crafting supply kits be rendered useless or will they drop new materials?
  6. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Can you please explain why I am going to be ripped off of the effort I have put in to working on both my roles.

    When I log in, I go to my journal and am awarded this.


    When I completed this I am given 4 golden exobytes


    I'm then able to do an augment for all types, but naturally I am going to do DPS and my support role, so it would be.



    I then insert the golden exobyte in to say a mighty augment


    I then feed this and get a level 193 augment.



    To be the most efficient at DPS I am going to want all 4 augments maxed, for support I am going to want all 4 vit augments maxed.

    I currently have max mods for support i.e. vit and max mods for DPS i.e. might.

    You are only giving me 4 golden exobytes, meaning I am going to only be able to do one side of my character depsite the fact I have spent time and effort maximising both sides of my character.

    You have approached this thinking people do not dual role?!? Why?!??!

    We should be given 8 golden exobytes, not 4 - this means one side of our characters statistical abilities are BEING REMOVED FROM US, just outright removed!

    This needs to be changed.
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  7. Brav Well-Known Player

    Hello Avair,

    Tactical (White Mods) Slots are missing for most of the gear as mentioned. And at the moment we only received 4 Golden Exobytes which is only good for 4 augments (not maxed), and none for our second role.

    Shouldn't we receive at least 8 Golden Exobytes (for the 4 Metegene slots x 2 for both roles) Experience maybe 12 for the other 2 Episode Specific Augment slots (2 Augment Slots x 2 for both roles) based on our Cr to cover both Roles?

    I would think we should get enough to cover at least the 4 Metegene Slots for both roles, so at least 8 Golden Exobytes with the appropriate experience based on our Cr should do.

    I know most, including myself have end content mods for both roles and would be really disappointed if we couldn't convert our mods completely to augments for both of our roles.

    Some clarity on this would be appreciated. I know this is just the Test server and it is just the first test update with some fixes to come. Hopefully for the live servers we will receive enough Golden Exobytes for both roles.

    The missing Tactical Mod slots seems like a bug as the neck and weapon slots are fine at the moment. Hopefully the other slots will return in the next test hot fix.

    I will keep testing and if I notice anything else I will be sure to mention it. Thank you for your time and hard work on these changes. They are much appreciated. Thank you.

    Sincerely: Brav
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  8. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Yeah, this could be problematic.

    Have you checked the amount of +Might with full mods on Live versus the amount awarded through new Augments on Test? Maybe they're comparable if you use 2 Golden on DPS and 2 Golden on off Role?

    Probably not ... :(

    Anyway, in your screenshots, I noticed the mention of an item called an 'Exobyte Booster'. Are those in any vendors over there, or are we thinking Marketplace Item?
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  9. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Absolutely a Problem.
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  10. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    ang on, maybe I'm doing something wrong here, but why has my might gone down compared to live, granted I don't have the 2% elite bonuses, but I do have both artifacts at 160 and I still have less might than I do on live.


    I have 4 might augments installed that I put 1 golden exobyte in each


    This is how I've set my skill points


    This is my gear, full mera 205 and 2x 160 artifacts

    and my stats are


    This is a 5k~ difference from this test build and my live build in might, is the difference in my 207 elite gear on live and this making up that much of a difference, I don't think so but I'm going to look at it more and come back.

    but at the moment, I believe not only are we having our support side taken off us, it appears these golden exobytes are not compensating our stats we currently have on live from mods

    Edit - update, found some missing might, had the wrong weapon on and my generator mods seemed bugged, when I overwrote these I got some additional might so we're down might still, but possibly not as bad as first suggested (if we add an additional 500 might for elite gear, 468 might for better generator mods and 1% for the elite gear affinity difference (offset by my 160 artifacts on test) and we're down about 1k might.

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  11. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    Not sure where to post this, there is no thread Tactical mods only showing for 2 items Weapon and only Neck mod the rest of the white tactical mods are missing from the gear.


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  12. inferno Dedicated Player

    Avair - each golden byte is 360k in exp and ranks up an augment to 192, rank limit is 217. Please make sure that if a player accidentally puts in all 4 on one augment, they receive back the remainder. Right now as a test, it took all four golden bytes into one augment, reached the cap and the rest of the golden bytes are gone.
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  13. inferno Dedicated Player

    Also, related to proxystar's question, I heard from the Live stream that once Augments are Live, the system will look at each of our individual toons and reward accordingly a number of Golden Exobytes? Are we stuck with the initial four or will other players tentatively get more than 4 to match and/or exceed their current stats?

    Edit: Never mind, I just re-watched that part of the video and it seemed that the Devs just guessed the number of exobytes to give that they think would match our current stats.
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  14. Xibo Loyal Player

    It supposed to work with Armories? You max your Mighty augments and block them with your DPS armory and max your Controller augments with your Controller armory. Otherwise, you should receive 8 golden exobytes instead of 4.
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  15. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    It's like gear, so you equip the augments and imprint them so they stay equipped for that build when activated.

    However when you've used all your golden exobytes you have none left to level your vit or support role augments, so you're stuck choosing one side or the other.

    We are having one of our stat sides removed from us completely with seemingly no compensation for it.
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  16. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Perhaps instead of Golden Exobytes; all these new Augments should be pre-loaded to a character's CR.
    That would prevent anyone superloading; yet give proper credit for dual roles.
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  17. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    ok so just by way of an update on this there's obviously the two additional augments that we get from episodic content, which may very well make up or close to make up the 1k might difference, so if we put that issue a side for a moment.

    I still have to ask.... Where are my support stats?
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  18. FehlerImSystem Active Player

    You cant put white mods from base into gear anymore (bugged)
  19. DCAutymn Developer

    Hi all!

    We saw the problem with tactical mods disappearing. We will definitely be looking into that, as well as discussing the other issues that have been brought up on Monday. Thank you for your feedback!

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  20. Imaginos Well-Known Player

    Came here to post something similar. We should be given 2 boxes from the "quest" 1 for dps role and one that can only be opened in our alternate role (so people don't get confused) in order to augment both roles to our current levels, otherwise we're getting screwed out of the mods/work we put into 2 sets of armor, or hybrid sets for those who like that play style.

    I actually like this idea better. All the mods should have been boosted to your current CR level so you could take on whatever role in whatever combo you wanted at your proper level. No confusion, no golden exobytes.
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