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    i am a huge fan of dox and nexus pre nerf. or as i call it turning them to the pre school level. nexus is so easy i expect to see on of the luthors in the brainiac ship if i make another toon. that being said i had almost no luck and i mean like 1 peice of 87 gear before 90 gear came out. 130 sp and i tell yo the one gripe i had was due to not getting the 87 and 88 gear. the gripe and i mention this to a fellow tank for your thoughts was simply did you like tanking dox? it was beyond frustrating to me. i can see haveing to kite tank for a week maybe even a few weeks but months? it bugged me and ad in the piss poor groups that blamed tanks for everything and it kinda was tanking hell
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    wellllllll i dont know how i feel about the new machanics till i try them but i do like the explanation of weapon mastery and the reason for adjusting the jump cancel. i maybe wrong on this but i thought they said this was done for the simple fact it will ad balance. i think the reason behind weapon mastery is an alternative to clipping and if it works out to be i say fantastic. it will be nice to be a top tier dps not because i can hit more moves per second than you. i mean clipping in my opinion is a way more complicated version of hit the button as fast as possible. ultimately i get the picture this will add balance and another way to hit the top of the pds score cards
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    guys like you irk me bud but i am not one who likes to be rude. i hope i dont offend you but you offer no valid counter arguement to his points. i know i am at a point i just dont care about dcuo for alot of the same reasons he mentioned. i will say at 131 sp i still have alot to chase but he is a long time vet bud. what kinda punk comes along and disrespects a guy like that? not cool on amy level. i will give you the devs look at his post and say hes played along tiime who cares about him.
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    I have seen a massive slowdown in LFG...

    But I have to say... I really think the reason isn't content...
    Love the content.. still fun.

    Still logging in every day and still subscribed ever since I hit lvl 30 with my toon 2 and a half years ago.

    It's the lack of teaching in the game about any mechanics.
    New players come in, learn what a block break is and learn to lunge and learn to block ... ALL ON THE SHIP!...
    Then they try and do those things when they get off the ship and it doesn't work...
    So they think the game is broken...

    It's actually immunities that new players know nothing about.. only a small population on this forum and only the PVP community really know about immunities.

    I think people are getting tired of broken mechanics... and being told to play a certain way that don't work.

    When I block break a boss.. I want it to happen.. I don't want him looking at me as if I Tickled him and I don't want to have to sit and wait for the enemies to come out of block before I can pound on him because he is just flashing blue 100% of the time... Don't believe me.. Try and run Trigon and look at the Avattar of Sin... he is always flashing blue, rendering all that we learn on the ship obsolete.
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    my man great post also. i am with you a=with the skill points. i can easily get up to 140 maybe 150 once the rare styles are for sale in update 35, but i wouldnt look up where they drop and farm them. i wont change movement modes and do all the races again, i figure as long as i am well over my cr i am good. 132 currently. i am content but will be heavy on the new style for sale.
    i have to say i wish i could shake your hand after reading the last section of your comments. incompatent spells it up all the way for me. ANY PERSON WH GRINDED CC BOUNTIES KNEW THE T4 OPERATIONS HAD NO CHANCE OF WORKING. ZERO. i mean if more than one raid group can not take down a single bounty how can two or three take down say an small army with two bosses? most guys at the time of t4 operations was indeed on ps3 and that content made life hell and still does. the fix if any one remembers was to slow down the loading times and boy has that been a blast. under no circumstance should that of ever got past concept.
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    yes but there is plenty and i mean plenty of guys or people who are not. i mean playes from year one or day one. guys who never took a break. big spenders and top tier guys. i think they should have a day one group they ask for im=nput then ask the year one guys. lets face it if your still here since year one you could be a lifer. transitioning away from ps3 could expand this game beyond imagination and take away alot of problems. i think pleaseing the guys with long durations on the game is a super smart move. why cater to guys you dont know will be here in six months at the expense of the guys who have been here 2 plus years
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    i do care and i have played through most of the games existance with no breaks. i dont want to lose one guy like him because the powers that be are incompatent. the fact is way to many people feel simular to him bud and some guy comeing along being mouth and disrespectfull shows your ignorance. its cool you are free to your opinion but as i said i love this game despite the bafoonery from the powers that be. i never ever want to see a guy like that leave but disrespectfull cry babies asking for nerfs wellllll i guess stay and pay. just sstay the hell away from me. also by no means did i intend to imply you ever cried nerf
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    yea well that does not tell me the type of players who are here. the f2p guys are guys who are basically doing a demo. premium guys well they wont keep the game a float if there are no legendary guys. i personally call bull snot on the servers being up. at years end there were times my insanely long friend list had less than 5 people on. example at 110 am eastern today i have 22 friends online. the game took a major hit due to stupid decisions made by team dcuo. plain and simple. if profits were up why are they being so damn resourcefull to squeak every single cent they can extort out of you? t5 came out and its as simple as the guy with the most replays will be strong enough to do t5 raids first. knowing the pride of beating the content first and the accusition of said raid gear first was exploited. they can take any number they want but all i care about it how long time gamers feel. us long time guys have stayed and supported dcuo since, well some from day one. if the company will not care about them how can a new guy feel good about thier position going forward?
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    well spytle id love, hell id go so far as to put up a few hundred to get in a game debate with you guys. easy just to hear your side of decisions and defenses to some of the accusations. i mean i for sure would love to hear how t4 operations got past development. i would love to hear any ideas you have to bolster the value of legendary. two perks already became useless. i mean 16 toons or the minamum is 7 beans the premium guys can only have 6. anyway whats the average time taken for farming the exobits for a single mod? this makes multiple toons absolutely worthless. add in if you ran 7 toons you could use 28 armories. pve both roles, pvp both roles and duels. hell 5 so 35. ok 28 is fair but thats how much money for a game feature? a needed game feature to run stuff like t5 wastelands if your an alt role.
    then there is the vault. what a perk i can run a waste of time vault get absolutely nothing worth anything and do it 7 times a week. yippie.

    how about the extra inventory? lol thats a joke and a half now bud. with all the new items dcuo has introduced no way is the number of inventory even for legendary enough but hey to function you can always spend a little extra.
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    hey bud i value long time players and i have seen you around the forums. much respect for how you post but bud the game being alive and well? the concept should be grow the legendary members. value and please the guys and girls who have been with you through thick and thin. look its simple science. the core problems are things like legendary guys feel under appreciated and long time guys get bored. personally my only goal right now is to solo gates like i see the video online of guys doing. i want this done before t6. i would of loved t5 but the powers that be made some choices that absolutely ruined it for me. 10 sets of gear? setting the loot at the end of nexus and dox so low, was sickning but to put such gear the mercy of a shakey loot system was utterly stupid. since day one the drops have been flawed so i dont get it. then the nerfs, followed by the big fat disapointment that was a baby raid in A&B. sons of trigon? really? after i am full 85 gear you want to drop solo content that gets me green gear? sorry side trackedx but the point is blatent bad decisions is a core problem. money grabs to earn a buck instead of selling product off quality product and great customer treatment. legendary sales are not high enough so you need to get f2p inplamented? ok cool but since you saved the game now do everything humanly possible to get that legendary so attractive people are not only tripping over themselves to get it but long time guys are feeling they get value for the dollar.
    yes a guy may leave today and yes he maybe replaced but the simple fact is you cant gaaruntee there will always be people joining the game so valueing those you have should be top priority. you see the forums and you know enough long time players are dissatisfied.
    NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. IF A GAME WITH SIMULAR FIGHTING CAME OUT AND WAS FOR XBOX OR ANYTHING BUT SONY I WOULD TRASH ALL PS PRODUCTS IMMEDIATELY AND SWITCH. this is holding me till i find a replacement. i tell you i spent $110 this year so far. been here since early year one no breaks. to rob my few challanges to please so guy who started a few minths ago or some long time scrub is insulting and takes away any fun of the game. simply put what content can challange a good player right now and how long till you get content that can? with t4 gear you could still do things like fos two and have a slight challange. ok well if you were sloppy some of the ads might kill you. now with the huge stat increase of t5 every content below t5 is a joke. gates is being soloed. soloed.
    stuff like this is a core problem and i tell you till they fix this the games future is bleaker than brighter
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    Red=High Alert
    Orange= Medium Alert
    Yellow=Yellow Alert
    We really need to take a look at the replayability and grind because they are the big problems I see that will REALLY make me one to stay on the game! I don't want this game to have a flopping stage like other mmos some would say it already have. I shouldn't play this card but lets take a lesson from Skyrim, what exactly in these unique and different quest make us want to play it again? It is the fact that what would happen if I did it another way and even if I seen the other way done on youtube I still have a drive to replay it that way to experience it a different way. Now how can we do this on dc? If I go into a raid and do it then do it again with the same set up but in a different but EQUAL way maybe that might help. Let us even put some human emotion conflicts with what our characters might do. Example we get consumed by something and fight against our own group or our own whatever and it give us that negative but wow sense first hand still having fun. Group as in alert size heal, tank, dps troll. The following events should then collide with that emotion through gameplay mechanics of the fight not CUTSCENES.

    Hope you guys take a look!;)
  13. DC-Doll New Player

    Even without replay badges, how many times can you run an instance before it turns into a borefest? Be honest.
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    Any content is far more fun than 3-4 hours in LFG trying to find a group.

    And, IMO, the people you run an instance with can make it more fun if you've got the right group.
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    he must not have read that part.... ;)
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    To be perfectly honest I like running the stuff. It's a game, you are supposed to play them to enjoy them. If you don't like it then don't run it, simple as that. There is only so much they can add in a given time (they have a limited crew among other things). You have to be reasonable with your expectations as well.
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    Well, you seem to make intelligent conversations, so it makes you quite likeable I suppose. Do you still play on the EUPC or shifted to USPC? If you still play on EUPC, we should connect as well and I know of several free VPN to bypass the PSG's stupid region lock. :)
  18. DC-Doll New Player

    Couldn't have said it better myself
  19. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    True. One time in Gates my group had someone in it who role played as a giant, mentally unstable chicken. Best 3 hours of my life. We wiped multiple times from laughing so hard. Oh, and did I mention this guy was role playing over text, and his mic?
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    This is my major problem with t6- ok we have cr 90 and we are WAY overpowered...i'm going t4 DLC6 solo missions and 2 powers or 2 weapons and the enemies are dead. crazy how strong we are that peopleare soloing gates. So at this point I think the LAST THING WE NEED is Weapon mastery that :
    1.) slows down combat by playing the whole animation
    2.) umm enemies block and interrupt like crazy so thats a bust
    3.) you need to invest 20 skill points just to use it
    4.) why need this new mechanic to make us even STRONGER- c'mon guys that will make t5 and below more of joke. I'm afraid t6 won't have any challenge at all and I LOVE SOLO challenges more than the alert/raid challenges tbh.

    I just wish we could get something cool all players would enjoy for a DLC not stuff that makes us op... i don't know maybe DLC-exclusive- movement customizations, new personalities, hairstyles.. and what not.

    Just wish they would put FUN & CREATIVITY as priority not nerf this, so this can be OP so everyone spends money/uses it then nerf that so then this can be op...etc...
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