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  1. breeje

    Do you run around Planetside 2 and wonder how in the world people are killing you so easy? It’s some of our members using the new Planetside 2 cheats we alow all VIP members to download instantly for free. We have over 40 features such as a Planetside 2 aimbot that allows you to lock onto the enemy head and kill them instantly. Here are all the aimbot features we include.
    Bullet Drop Correction
    Movement Prediction
    Frame Compensation
    Aim point
    Auto-Switch Target Toggle
    Visible Targets Only Toggle
    Configurable Max Distance
    Configurable Aim Angle
    Configurable Prediction Limit
    Configurable Aim Bones
    Critical Distance
    NEW: Visibility Checks
    Smart Target Selection
    Aim at Cloaked targets, configurable
    Show player names
    Show player distance
    NEW: Show player skeleton
    Show player vehicles
    Barrel ESP; shows the direction a player is looking in
    Snap lines; draws a line from your position to the enemy!
    Configurable Team Colors(visible, not visible)
    Configurable Enemy Colors(visible, not visible)
    NEW: Object ESP:
    Ammo kits
    Medic kits
    Air/Land Vehicles
    AntiAir Vehicles
    Boxes (2D and 3D):
    Player Boxes
    Configurable for Team and/or Enemy
    2D Radar:
    Shows all players/vehicles
    Configurable Colors
    Configurable Zoom/Scale Factor
    Configurable Position
    Configurable Color
    Configurable Size
    Configurable Structure
    Auto Fire, will auto fire when the aimbot acquires a target!
    NoSpread, all bullets hit the same point
    Proximity Alert
    Configurable Distance
    Aiming At Your Warnings
    Configurable for Visible / NotVisible Targets
    Friends List, add friendly players to this list to not aim at them
    Hit List, add friendly players to this list to kill them!
    Profile System:
    Save Settings
    Load Settings
    Delete Settings
    Auto-Load Settings
    NEW: Punkbuster Secure:
    Memory Scan Bypass
  2. Skraggz

    Not sure how I feel about this....
  3. vonRichtschuetz

    Would I download this to join people who I haven't seen on over two months? No.

    Also on the edge of reporting OP for promoting aimbot.
  4. PlanetBound

    How do you know someone is a well disciplined cheater?

    Easy. Their KD is slightly below exceptional.
  5. FateJH

    What's with the "Punkbuster Secure" part?
  6. iller

    I hate some of the Jargon in this....

    But hey, the OP is at least supporting the publisher, right?

    Also, not mentioning Triggerbot, Key to Aim, or other things that help the 2% of the population using these, REMAIN "subtle" and unreported
  7. FlR3

    I hate cheaters with a passion, they are nothing but low IQ cowards. Having said that, as soon as I saw the OP post I knew where to look. I warned SOE long before the game ever went live as most of us were in Beta. I started seeing cheats pop up on websites I monitor back then and it has only grown the past 7 years. I monitor them because it allows me to know if I want to play a game full of lowlife cheaters. Now it's up to DBGaming. There is only one way to stop them, but I know it will never happen as only 2 (count them) two gaming companies have went after cheaters and cheat makers and won their cases in court. It is a DOS attack classified by the courts which means it IS illegal and it has big TEETH as far as fines, payment back to the game maker paid by the cheat makers and their websites shut down for good. Now the BALL is in Day Breaks hands and lets all see what they do with it. Keep honest players or let cheaters destroy yet another great GAME?

    P.S. Do I enjoy this game? The answer is yes because no other game on the planet is like this one that has massive battles between 100's of players at once and I have seen some awesome battles here where there were 500 to 800 or more fighting at once without crashing. No other first person shooter game can ever say that. If DB does not want to take these lowlifes to court and get their money back from lost players because they left, then they need to let some honest players be monitors and go into first person spectator mode and make demo recordings of cheaters. We use to catch 1000's of cheaters this way back in the day but the gaming company allowed this because we could kick/ban the cheater ourselves. Sorry to say most gaming companies today don't allow this because it might hurt somebodies feelings, oh boohoo. If you are caught cheating then you shouldn't be allowed to play PERIOD
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  8. BorgUK1of9

    Number of cheaters in this game is low but they are easy to spot and the numbers are on an increase.

    As a cloaker yesterday with full implants I had people shooting at the front of the rocks I was hiding behind, WALLHACKERS.

    Another guy flying as an agile but all his shots were landing, AIMBOT.

    BR5 Characters who seem to be incredibly skilled is a real good give away.

    DBG its time for another purge and reset on game mechanics, the 2-3 Weeks after DX11 release showed us how many cheaters there were. Certain good players were very poor.

    I play VS on Miller but I made a NS character on Cobalt, a lot of VS on Cobalt are hacking.
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  9. Demigan

    I always hope that a developer gets wise and simply creates several dozen of "cheats" that briefly work and then after a random interval you get banned and some of the characters perhaps even deleted so that the next time they think of downloading a cheat they might think twice.

    Better yet if DBG would sell these cheats, they make money, identify who is cheating and then ban their machine.
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  10. Towie

    Hmm - makes me suspicious - PS2 uses Battleye, not Punkbuster.

    I suspect that most of the hacks for PS2 have gone underground or custom written to prevent BE signature detection.
  11. ObiVanuKenobi

    No because that cheat desn't even exist anymore.
    It's not a "new release" and development was stopped years ago.
    When you register and click on download they give you a list of available games and Planetside isn't among them.
    That page has no videos and only 1 image from a very old version of the game.


    When you look at their forums there's a guy asking where's the Planetside 2 hack in 2017 and an admin or whatever says it's gone due to lack of interest.

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  12. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Clearly I've been living under a rock. All I've ever known about were aimbot, triggerbot, speedhack, and radar.

    While it's interesting to see just how many types of cheats there are out there for PS2, it's also quite saddening really.
  13. typnct

    yeah its cool you have all these cheats and stuff, but can you disable the crosshair without killing half the game/hud?
  14. OgreMarkX

    Just contact some of the R3ST outfit (VS Connery) and ask them for a review of cheats.
  15. Pelojian

    they cant bleed money using cheat apps out of a game if the game isn't popular enough, lol.
  16. Skraggz

    This post is very tell of how they treat their offical forums. Dude is borderline advertising cheats and the thread hasn't even been locked.
  17. ObiVanuKenobi

    This forum has been abandoned a long time ago. The content here is very "toxic" and any sane person has moved to reddit.
    Last week there were 19 dev posts on reddit.
    Seeing any dev post here at all is like seeing an unicorn.
  18. Skraggz

    Idk about that, we at least had roxxly, now we dont even have her..
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  19. Twin Suns

    DEVs putting time in on their forums???

    LMAO. They're too busy eating bags of candy on their office couch.
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  20. Skraggz

    Or log on to stream on twitch and complain about how they dislike vehicles.
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