Why do you main Heavy Assault?

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  1. Ryo313

    that's true for every infantry class there is ... since a good sniper can oneshot every infantry class out there (not counting MAXes since they are somewhat of a hybrid class )

    trying to aim at a tank with the Rocket Launcher? infiltrator says no and headshots you from a distance where you can't even see him. xD
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  2. TooFewSecrets

    Slower movement only matters when the thing's on, and immediately stops when it turns off again. HAs can also use their shields reactively, rather than proactively, so the increased visibility doesn't matter unless they're using the now-useless Resist Shield.

    AV Turret is only good if there's no snipers or tanks with the ability to hit an unmoving target once in the entire battlefield.

    I'm not specifically referring to spawnroom camping, but any sort of long distance shelling. An Engineer can piss off someone trying to pull an MBT, sure, but they can't outright kill any tank outside of point blank range otherwise (basically every tanker now uses EOD HUD, so trying to actually set up mines is pointless). Rocket Launchers at least do SOMETHING to enemy tanks, even if it's just forcing them to drive off. You've also completely ignored my repeated statements about HA being the ONLY class that can actually threaten air.

    Oh, boo hoo, you can't one-shot kill infantry with a rocket launcher anymore. You still have the best AI weaponry in the game.

    When you mean nerfs, are you referring to when HA could get up to 2100 total HP with Resist Shield + Nanoweave armor?
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  3. RockPlanetSide2

    That is not true, a Heavy is still moving when firing rockets, and an LA is flying around shooting rockets and droping C4 (especially with Ambusher Jets)... standing behind an un-shielded turret with your giant buck teeth out is 100% not the same as the other two... PERIOD. Apples to Oranges.
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  4. Ryo313

    i see it's pointless to talk to you... all you say is "mimimi HA is op mimimi" which isn't true at all...
    you clearly haven't played HA at all and i can only repeat myselfe here:
    play the game more and ask ppl how they deal with certain situations i'm sure someone is willing to teach you a few things ;)
    there are also youtube videos that explain alot. ;)
    have a good day and don't say bs things that aren't true .. try to understand the game and it's mechanics better

    distance my friend... yes engi is completly open with his AV turret which i'd like to see changed but moving alone doesn't prevent you from getting headshoted by an infiltrator...

    but you shouldn't stand in an open field while on the turret ... use buldings and whatnot as cover..
    a good sniper always picks you up no matter what you do and yes they can oneshot kill a HA from any distance where the HA can't fight back even with the shield on which makes it even easier to land a headshot on it

    but anyays we are drifting away from the topic so let's quit it here since it's pointless to continue this conversation any further...
  5. TooFewSecrets

    "You disagree with me, but obviously my extreme intellect that spams ;) could never be wrong, so instead of actually refuting any arguments, I'm just gonna say the same thing for the third time and tell you to l2p."

    Moving doesn't make you immune to headshots, but having 1500 HP and also being able to move makes killing you as a sniper nearly impossible, when compared to the unmoving guy with 1000 HP.

    If you can shoot at a tank as Engi, they can shoot back, and kill you in two hits at worst. A HA can shoot once, dive behind cover, and reload.

    HA are the only infantry class that can deal with aircraft. This is the fourth time I've brought it up. If you ignore it again I'm just going to conclude that you're a troll who doesn't even play the game.
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  6. Ryo313

    you still don't know when to quit do you?

    you are still going on about the " ;) " do you even know what spam is? but i guess not ... your intellect lvl is that of an insect
    try to read and learn the game (not only get better at playing it but try to understand it as well)

    yes each class has a part it takes in battle... comparing and Engi (support class) to HA (battle class) is the same thing as comparing apples and oranges

    the fourth time wow dude you never give up . each class has a different role to play and giving every class the same option makes the whole class system invalid. a HA can't heal ppl and can't repair stuff nor place turrets or walls. a HA can't use jumpjets and isn't as mobile as a LA nor can he hack stuff or kill ppl from a huge distance with a sniper rifle. ty at least to understand the class system and that not every class is suited for every situation and can't deal with everything thats why we have a class system.
    i'm sick of ppl like you who think they know everything even tho it's clearly not the case. and now you're saying that i'm a troll who doesn't even play the game? don't make me laugh noob
    it's obvious you have no clue at all about the game, the classes and the mechanics. so do us a favor and stop crying nonsense!

    ppl like you are cancer and yes i'm telling you again to l2p, learn the game, and for gods sake learn the classes. not every class is supposed to do everything and no the HA can't do everything either!
  7. TooFewSecrets

    I've gone over this already, in my first comment.

    HA can obsolete EVERY other class role with the correct implants, or weaponry.

    Catlike 5 for LA.

    Ammo Printer for Engi, and Naginata can entirely replace AI Turrets, being more mobile and having the same high suppressed fire accuracy - we've gone over why AV Turrets are obsoleted by any HA.

    Regeneration for Medic, and most LMGs have the same range as ARs.

    Minor Cloak, Battle Rifles, or the longest ranged set of LMGs for Infiltrator.

    For reviving, you need at most 2 bandolier Medics, and for repairing... well, you only need Engineers to repair MAXes, who are just HAs with a nanite cost. If you're pulling a vehicle, AGAIN, you don't count as an infantry unit.

    This is a class based shooter where you need 2 Medics, maybe 1 Engineer, and MAYBE 1 Infiltrator, and the rest should all be HA. There's currently no reason to run LA at all, because Catlike 5 exists. Does 2/3 of the entire ground forces of an empire being ONE class sound balanced to you?
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  8. Ryo313

    this is my last response to you... l2p and the game and shut the heck up
    all of your nonsense has nothing to do with what this thread is about. open another thread with your claims and see what ppl have to say about it .. i don't care about you and your nonsense anymore and i'm tired of it
    if you think HA is op then ok it's your opinion . if you'd play the game you'd see that it's not the case

    btw nice troll dude you got me
  9. TooFewSecrets

    "Wow, this guy actually won the argument. I'm gonna scream l2p for the fifth time and run away, because that means that I win instead, right?"
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  10. LordKrelas

    Actually, there's some flaws in this.

    The Jump boost is great, but it doesn't match the range of motion nor capabilities of the Jetpack.

    Ammo Printer is 60 seconds per single clip, great for covering not for replacing.
    AI Turret itself is not all that potent, but it has the ability to block a door & be cover - As well, unlike the Heavy, the turret won't be able to deplete their entire ammo supply, nor need multiple minutes to get more than a clip of ammo.

    Regeneration is lovely, but it's the same as the bio lab effect - It doesn't help in combat, a Medic does.
    Assault Rifles have the accuracy, not the range advantage over LMGs.

    Minor cloak... is no where near any Infil cloak, and will happily cloak you WHILE AIMING, which is a bastard.
    As well, even the Battle-Rifle lacks the punch & range of a proper sniper rifle.

    Revive grenades... are limited in the field, the revive tool is much more reliable.
    Engineers also repair vehicles, and are the most effective at using them, given their equipment options.
    No Heavy can achieve what an LA using their jetpack can, even with Catlike 5.
    No Heavy can achieve the cloaked ambush like an infil, Minor cloaking.... is really impractical.
    I used it on PTS for ***** & giggles a lot, dear gods does it have problems.

    Entire Empire in One class? No.
    Most universal, yes Heavy is, a very versatile class.

    You can stretch implant effects out, but you can't make them seem equal to the proper abilities.
    There's jumping above someone, and flying over their heads in a controlled fashion.
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  11. TooFewSecrets

    The point is that they're compensation. There's no real way to compensate for not having any HA using implants.

    One Engineer with maxed ammo can keep an entire squad well-supplied, two Medics shouldn't have too much trouble keeping everyone alive in a squad, the main benefit of jetpacks is height advantage due to the accuracy loss - which can be gained easily with Catlike 5 - and Infiltrators are very specialized anyway. There's no reason to take even 4 Engineers or Medics per squad, Infiltrators are solo operatives unless they're hacking and chucking EMPs on the front line (but concussion grenades are better AI nades anyway) and Light Assaults become redundant when there's enough HA around unless you want to risk dying and losing 150 nanites to C4 a vehicle instead of send a volley of 8 rockets its way and kill it instantly with no nanite cost..

    As stated earlier, picking Engineer for vehicle use doesn't really count as playing the class, because you're playing as a vehicle, not as the infantry unit. I don't think most pilots fire their carbines once in any given life, or set up fortifications, or use explosives.

    I feel like this could be solved by making most LMGs operate more like the Naginata, rather than assault rifles with drum mags.
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  12. LordKrelas

    LMGs should be adjusted a bit, I'll agree on.
    (also, Normally people think of LA's not just for C-4 delivery but for the ability to engage at height, and maneuver)
    After all, that Tower, that rooftop, unless there happened to be parkour there, no extra meters will help you get there.

    And we end with Zombie Squads, or rapid healing of multiple units at once, preventing a simple 2-kills, and the rest fall.
    Poor EMPs.

    Naginata is a bit a issue however:
    You stand still, and you die.
    Naginata, is you stand still to fire more accurately.

    It's basically the Gauss Saw's trouble, but for perks not just to hit something.
  13. Oleker2

    LA is not only for jumping/flying around. LA is about speed.
    Jumper don't offer too much on speed in trade for versatility.
    Drifters substitute sprint, giving you the same speed while keeping you able of hip-fire and granade throw.
    Icarus can be scarily fast with bouncing on slopes but demands the most skill to use, also popping in/out of tower edges with shotgun
    Ambushers are perfect for hit and disappear.

    All that, plus the flanking factor. Reaching the top of the ammo towers, trees, climbing that slope mountain, dropping from valks on sky ceiling, drifting with rocklet barraging vehicles around, placing beacons in hard to reach places. jump pads on big bases to get massive positioning advantage. All factions have very accurate carbines that can match ARs/LMGs on range, providing you compensate the lower dmg with more bullets on target.
  14. Loud Demon Jaysus

    heavy is the last class i upgraded and its mostly striker support but i see alot of tryhards lingering in the spawnrooms worried to death about there k/d ratio and it makes the game feel meh that people actually have to play that way
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  15. JibbaJabba

    Let's check in with this thread.

    Non heavies still giving their opinion on how to change someone else class? Yep. I'll check back later.
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  16. Sazukata

    That could easily be turned around and say that any heavy main in this thread is trying to keep their artificial advantage.

    It's a weak attempt to censor and dismiss opposing opinions and adds nothing to constructive discussion. Being on the receiving end of a perceived problematic aspect of the game is just as important to discussion as those who use it.
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  17. Lamat

    Play as NC, and you can always feel like that.
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  18. CMDante

    Yeah man, I fight NC all the time.
  19. Lamat

    Play as NC, and you can always feel like that.
  20. JibbaJabba

    Yes. It could be turned around. Same thing with all the "nerf infiltrator", "nerf light assault" and similar threads. Only there aren't any.

    The HA is fine. It's not that I don't want to discuss why I think this. It's that I don't want to discuss why I think this *again*.