Why do you main Heavy Assault?

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  1. Rydenan

    Actually, LMGs generally have the most "uptime" of all guns in the game. Some examples:

    Cycler TRV: 1833 damage per second of reload
    Carnage AR: 1865 damage per second of reload
    TRAC-5: 2200 damage per second of reload
    NC1 Gauss Rifle: 2505 damage per reload
    T9 CARV: 2648 damage per second of reload
    NC6 SAW: 3076 damage per second of reload
    Flare VE6 + ext mags: 5964 damage per second of reload
    EM6 + ext mags: 7261 damage per second of reload
    T16 Rhino + ext mags: 7333 damage per second of reload
    Betelgeuse: infinite damage per second of reload (assuming you avoid maxing out the heat meter)

    821 hours on HA and counting. How about you?
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  2. AllRoundGoodGuy

    I just want the Godsaw.
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  3. RockPlanetSide2

    I just don't think its an issue. You can look up anybody's KDR and if its from Air/Tank/Heavy you just shake your head laugh and move on... since they mean nothing at that point.

    It is honestly that unimpressive to even worry about what anybody playing HA is doing... and regardless of what anybody wants to tell you... it's because you just win more in 1v1 or small group fights. Just get over it and stop lying to yourself.

    If you have a heavy with a munitions pouch so you can fire lock-on rockets till you piss yourself... great, you are doing something... but just anything else = you want to appear to be good.

    Are they effective in game sure... but a monkey can be effective with double HP.
  4. Oleker2

    AV Turret renders you immovable, getting in/out is laggy AF, and it has a hard 350m range which is no problem to any tank/infil to hit.

    When you shoot it, you flash up like a Christmas Tree, so getting a follow-up shot with the tank looking at your general direction is a death sentence.

    As a main LA, i killed many engis on AV turrets by tap firing over 100m range. That turret is just too buggy to use in general. Meanwhile the rocket launchers are mostly fire and duck to cover.
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  5. zaspacer

    Add in the longstanding issues AV Mana Turret can't be placed on a slope, and it's vertical angle of aim is weak.

    AV Mana Turret *used* to be crazy powerful. I used them all the time to take out armor and infantry at range. But after a long while, they were nerfed to the point that it was better to use HA Rockets. AV Mana is only effective at a range and placement where it is too vulnerable to the superior, faster, and longer range lethal firepower from those non-trivial targets it is firing upon.

    AV Mana Turrets are still great for blowing up Vehicle Terminals, etc.
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  6. xMaxdamage

    Maining HA because of empire specific heavy weapons, I'd probably use other classes more if we had something "special" like MCG or Lasher on medics, LAs and engis too. I never understand why only infiltrators and HAs have them honestly.
  7. Jac70

    HA = easy mode. I'd guess that's why.
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  8. RockPlanetSide2

    I will admit the Heavy Special Weapons are fun to use. The NSX Naginata, even tho its a monumental turd, is just fun as **** with Battle Hardened 5 and the Adrenaline Shield.
  9. CMDante

    In A weird way I kind of enjoy fighting heavies. The feeling when you outplay someone even with all the advantages that were handed to them is great for morale.
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  10. RockPlanetSide2

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  11. Skooma Lord

    I think this is the best solution.
  12. Ryo313

    Why do you main Heavy Assault?

    well... because i can?
    nah but srsly... i kinda like LMGs and the option to carry a RL with me. you can fight ppl and vehicles (if you have an engi nearby to supply you with rockets)
    i also like standing in the front lines (which the HA is supposed to do) and rush into buildings/capture points (yeah i know not a good idea since my K/D is horrible but i don't give a dmn about it XD)

    as for the "i win button" ... it's nerft so much that it doesn't even matter if you have it or not...
    oh and infiltrators with their snipers are also one of your greates enemies as HA (they oneshot you from any distance and they can also throw EMP nades)

    all in all ... HA is like your standard soldier on the battlefield and it also looks cool and that's what i like about it.
    (don't worry guys i also play engi alot but i still have to aurax more LMGs >.<)

    (and for the ppl complaining about the HA shield... if you flank a HA and he pops his shield on his screen it doesn't mean that it pops at your screen at the same time due server lag and giving it even more delay to activate it would ruin the HA even further and did you know that you HAVE to activate the resistshield before you jump into a fight? yes it's true it isn't as effective because it only reduces dmg ;) and about the standard shield... yeah the longer it is active the less effective it is and giving the speed nerf any HA gets while useing the shield makes it even easier to aim for the head ;) ... true you can take 1 or 2 bullets with it but guess what... HA is supposed to stand in the frontline so it has to have some kind of ability that compliments that aspect... the LA has it's jetback that compliments its agility and swiftness ... an infiltrator has its cloak to compliment it's stealthiness and so on... each class has their role and it's advantages and disadvantages. learn them and you'll see that the HA isn't as op as it seems )
  13. Lord_Avatar

    I used to because - hey, the class is called HEAVY ASSAULT and I wanted to assault other planetmans HEAVILY. Nowadays I mostly pull HA for AA/AV, or when I don't know what to expect and need a generalist kit.
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  14. Mianera

    Because it's frikken easy mode and gives you a chance to fight back against any other class that engaged on you first.

    But, Light assault is actually my main, incredible cert farm potential and flanking ability, makes infiltrators look like a joke.
  15. TooFewSecrets

    Infiltrator: Minor Cloak if you REALLY care, Battle Rifles can compensate at long range, as can specialized ARs and (surprise) LMGs.
    LA: Catlike 5. There's no reason to go Light Assault if you have Catlike 5 unlocked, unless you like dropping C4 on idiots - you can get the same positioning advantages with a more effective class.
    Engineer: Ammo Printer, or literally just 1 per squad. If you're pulling a vehicle, that doesn't count as infantry selection: you're playing the vehicle, not the engineer.
    Medic: Regeneration, either medkit type. For rezzes, revive nade bandolier, maybe need 2 people per squad.
    HA: ...

    Nothing in the game gives more straight up HP than the overshield, no gun type can kill as well as the LMGs, only LA can also kill vehicles (if they can drop C4), and NO infantry class can deal with air except for HA. Even Combat Surgeon + Carapace, requiring two very rare implants, only gives regen, and not more outright HP.

    I get that they're supposed to be a frontliner, but having 9/12 of your ground troops be ONE of the six classes in the game, and doing well with that setup, is stupid.

    Why can HA intrude on every other class's role with implants, or outright make them obsolete, but their role can't be intruded on by any other classes?

    They aren't penalized for their universal applicability in any way, either. Oh, they go slower with a shield on? Well, they can just turn it off. It wouldn't be fair to slow you down ALL the time because you're carrying an LMG, four drums for it, four sticks of invulnerability, an overshield generator, a rocket launcher, and a dozen rockets, now would it?

    They brought an AA launcher, but they need AV? Good thing the ES launchers are all able to dumbfire, and even the AA launchers do high vehicle damage - oh, but if the LAs want lock-on rockets for AA, they can't dumbfire anymore, or magdump, making the Rocklet Launcher absolutely useless until they unequip the lockons. Most LMGs can engage at Assault Rifle range, Carbine range, and Shotgun range without losing effectiveness. Even if they don't like using LMGs, that's fine! They can grab shotguns, making them unkillable in close quarters, or and SMG(usually the Cyclone), essentially giving them a carbine with amazing hipfire and subpar DPS. Oh, but we can't give LAs the Battle Rifles, because while a tanky class also being able to one-shot is fine, a mobile class getting a cut-down sniper rifle isn't. Wait, the HA wants to equip Catlike 5 with a Battle Rifle? Nah, that's fine.

    Also, both of your "counters" to HA are suffering from the same problem I pointed out already: every other infantry unit fares worse. Sniper rifles can oneshot everyone EXCEPT heavies with overshield on, and EMP grenades wipe out 1/2 of most classes total HP, but only 1/3 of a Heavy's HP, not to mention that Engineers and LAs can't even shoot back. Medics get the dedicated mid-long range Assault Rifles, but Heavy's LMG can reach that far too, for some reason, with 3x the magazine size. Nobody uses Resist Shield anymore unless they're cheesing with Carapace, because it's worse than the free HP button even if you use it before a fight. Killing a Heavy in the ~100ms between the time he hits F and the server updates is pretty unlikely, unless you're aiming for the head at point blank range, and then he DESERVES to die. The fact that Heavies move slower with shield on also can make it harder to headshot them, ironically, because you don't know when to start leading them more due to their shield breaking.

    Make NMG and Adrenaline into riot shields, where HA can still use their pistol, and maybe even tank 3k total damage, or give Engineers the rocket launchers, like EVERY other shooter with this class system does, and it wouldn't be as annoying, but giving them the highest HP while they can also mow people down better than anyone else, and kill all vehicles, is just stupid. Everything caters to them, because they're apparently not allowed to be punished for making huge mistakes, while most classes DIE from even minor ones.

    Also, stop spamming winky faces. They make you look like an idiot. We can already tell from your post itself, thanks.
  16. Ryo313

    mimimi ;) (srsly 2 winky faces and you call that spam? what are you ? an idiot? ;) )

    engi can take out vehicles as well did you know that? av mines and av turret for example but i guess you are just crying and can't see the truth with your tears in your eyes.

    l2p dude that's all i can say... HA is easy to outplay if you know what you are doing same goes for every other class.
  17. TooFewSecrets

    HA is, mathematically, 1.5x harder to outplay than any other class due to the free bonus HP, and doesn't suffer for it in any way.

    AV Turret is now useless - it does a decent bit more damage than lock-on rockets, but is much harder to use, not to mention that it's a death trap, because you can't move while on a turret. You also need five seconds to set it up.

    Mines aren't effective on aircraft, and they also have the same range restrictions as C4. Sure, you can chuck one under a stupid Harasser trying to run you over, but not the tank shelling your spawnroom.

    Neither one is as effective, time efficient, or safe as pressing 3 and clicking on your target.

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  18. Ryo313

    1. 1.5x harder to outplay.. srsly ? it's only as hard as you make it out to be
    the HA doesn't suffer from useing it's shield? now i know that you're a troll x'D
    slower movement is a huge downside and you can use it to your advantage when fighting a HA.
    and the HA is glowing like a glowstick which at night is especially op because noone can see you am i right?

    2. AV Turret is pretty good if you know how to use it ...

    3. and 4. yeah mines aren't effective on aircraft but gues what... they are MINES ... no other class can put AV mines directly at the enemy vehicle spawn and insta gib them after they just spawned or blocking certain paths for vehicles
    yeah srsly spawnroom camping is what you have problems with? it's not like you could spawn somewhere else and attack from a different direction and you can only do so much with a rocketlauncher while beeing spawncamped.. most tanks are simply driving out of your view and repair themselfs before you get them down ... then guess what.. your view or targetangle is very limited while inside the spawnroom .. you can only shoot out of windows and doors. and yes even as HA you are more likely to just spawn somewhere else than staying inside and getting farmed...

    you've proven your point.. you don't have any clue about the game whatsoever ...
    i guess you haven't even played HA to see it's negative side as good as a guy who already put hours into it and knows the weaknesses of that class.
    and btw.. did you know Rocket Launchers got nerfed alot?
    HA overall got nerft so hard over the years and it is nowhere near that "OP" level is you claim it is..

    play the game more and ask ppl how they deal with certain situations i'm sure someone is willing to teach you a few things ;)
    there are also youtube videos that explain alot. ;)

    have a good day and don't say bs things that aren't true .. try to understand the game and it's mechanics better
  19. pnkdth

    I've decided to spend more time playing HA because of this thread.
  20. RockPlanetSide2

    This is all that matters these days. The Rocket launcher (as bad as they are since the patch) is the only really universal effective tool. The Rocklet rifle being a DISTANT second. The AV Turret and the Archer are just jokes, and you are only fooling yourself if you think they are really contributing to the overall battle.


    A Monkey can use the AV turret, that does not mean its good. The damage is average now, and the risk/reward is beyond bad. Saying its good if you know how to use it is just terrible... its only as good as snipers are bad... period.
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