[Suggestion] Which VS carbine to auraxium after pulsar c?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Cymric, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Cymric

    The pulsar c is godly, a very pleasurable first auraxium. I followed it with auraxiuming the 3 es auto shotgun, which I must say is very fun too. But now I am back at the carbines and I want to improve my aim with them. After trying out the VX6-7, solstice VE3, the solstice burst and currently trying the zenith, each weapon seems to feel off somehow. I am not sure if its something that will go away if I work on the weapon more or if its a problem with the weapon itself.

    The VX6-7 is great, especially in close quarters, my problem is that I am unable to headshot with it. It doesn't feel as accurate as the Lynx (used with laser sight) or the GD-7F (used with forward grip). I included my stats with the Lynx, which I just auraxium as a 2nd weapon below as comparison.

    Solstice VE3
    The Solstice VE3 is a hit or miss, sometimes I feel good with it, sometimes the weapon just don't feel right. Maybe its the first shot recoil multiplier? I really don't know. Same as the VX6-7, my headshot rate is atrocious with this weapon.

    Solstice burst
    The solstice burst is amazingly accurate, but... I constantly struggle with the semi-auto mode. There are many times where I got killed because my brain took 1/2 a second to realise that I have to spam the mouse instead of holding down on it.

    Only tried zenith a little, can't say for certain yet, but also seems to have an odd shake that hampers accuracy.

    On TR I am continuing on the Jaguar, which feels similar in accuracy to the Lynx and on NC I plan to work on the Mercenary after the GD-7F, but I am at a lost to which weapon to auraxium next on VS.

  2. Halkesh

    -Solstice burst's accuracy allow to engage long range target and have correct hipfire due to the burst.
    -Zenith and NS-11C have x0.75 ADS
    -VX6-7 and serpent are CQC noob-friendly because you will win most engagement by unload en entire magazine on the enemy face before he can react. (only 1/3 of the bullet will hit though)
    The choice is up to you : longer range possibility, ADS or RoF ?
  3. Eternaloptimist

    I get my best results with a VX6-7 with SPA and laser sight in CQC - enough RoF to be a quick killer but not so much that there are downsides, like the shakes you mentioned on Zenith (I think) or unloading whole mag too quickly to adjust aim. 2x sight helps with trying to get headshots at close range when you don't have much time to aim.

    For longer range - carbine sniping if you will - I find the Solstice Burst with HVA and a 3.4x sight is productive. At medium range this rig is a wonder for headshots.

    But yeah, you have to remember to spam the trigger if someone gets too close when running burst carbine. As I use burst pistols for stalking and also have a CQC option and a long range Burst option on my ARs it tends to come naturally to me.

    If you're not in a particular hurry to aurax the next gun, why not get a short range and a longer range option and swap between them based on what kind of fight you find yourself in when you log on?
  4. Iridar51

    Just keep using Solstice, you'll warm up to it. In a lot of ways, it's just an easier to handle Pulsar C.
  5. Corezer

    I would say burst, solstice, zen, then vx

    That way you gradually move your playstyle in, rather than jumping all over the map when it comes to weapon selection.
  6. TheFlamingLemon

    I would go with zenith, solstice burst, or VX6-7. If you get the VX6-7, get an advanced laser sight. Same probably goes for zenith.
  7. Cymric

    Umm, none of the above? I value accuracy and headshots, because that is what I am trying to improve on right now. Solstice burst is great for that but I am unsure if I will ever get use to the semi auto. The rest of the VS carbines I am incapable of getting good headshots with and I am not sure why.

    I prefer not to switch weapon while auraxiuming one. I want to try the weapon in every possible situation and get to know how it performs.

    Do you have any tips on how to get more headshots with the Solstice? I have decent accuracy with it, but have problem getting the headshots. The first shot recoil multiplier is so high that I dare not aim for the head.

    I would probably go with the solstice then, not very comfortable with the burst's semi auto.
  8. Iridar51

    The general rule of dealing with FSRM is to aim your first shot slightly below the target.

    You can use your optic as a reference point for judging FSRM. This is useful, because it works at any distance.


    For example, this is standard VS 1x reflex sight. Notice the red circle around the crosshair. FSRM will kick the crosshair to the point marked by middle purple line.

    So to make FSRM kick your crosshair to the head, you have to aim not with the center red dot, but with the middle of the upper half of the circle, where the middle purple line is.

    Doh english is hard for me today. I hope you understand what I mean.

    Just keep in mind that going for headshots may not be the best choice in every situation.

    Solstice is a bit more accurate on the move than usual automatic weapons, so you can probably hit multiple headshots with burstfire within 35m or so, but if the enemy is further than that, you have to either stand still while shooting, or go for bodyshots instead.

    Overall, Solstice is my favorite VS carbine, for how reliable and unpretentious it is. Made a video about it.
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  9. Cymric

    This sounds like an excellent idea. Using the cross hair UI will be more consistent than the usual aiming for the neck because the enemy's distance from you is not constant but the cross hair UI is. Thanks for the tips Iridar, I will try this out in the VR,
  10. Daigons

    Is the burst mode on certain weapons have the same "kick" like the dedicated burst weapons?
  11. Iridar51

    No. If a weapon has an automatic mode, burst mode will have the same recoil, with the same first shot recoil multiplier.

    Dedicated burst weapons have very low first shot recoil multiplier in burst mode, which makes them very good at landing first 2 shots in a burst.
  12. Daigons

    I went ahead and purchased a Solstice Burst this evening after testing it out in VR. This thing is wrecking everything that I point it at. I never really cared about K/D ratio but I did notice a huge improvement in surviving close quarters combat and getting the credit for killing opponents at medium and long range. I've been using it both with my LA and Eng. It does a great job when I go hunting opposing snipers or LA.
  13. Iridar51

    Glad it works out for you. Burst weapons are rather unique, and require a special approach to their handling. They behave differently from every other automatic weapon, and for some - like me - it's not easy to "switch gears".
  14. Corezer

    solstice burst is definitely the easiest to use of the 3.

    slowest clicking required for full auto
    closest 1st shot to 2nd shot angle change
    lowest total recoil per burst.