Which scope are you using?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Mivadeth, May 17, 2017.

  1. Mivadeth


    first of all, sorry for my english ^^'

    I'm using Infiltrator 99,9% of my playtime ( NC ) and I'm using the AF8 Railjack atm ( I'm really loving this weapon... btw I'm looking for the Moonlight tho, I have used NC Bolt, SAS-R, Gauss... ).

    Normally I don't like to stay so far of the battle. I think the longest HS I made was like at 300 meters or something like that... but normally I prefer to stay like at 100m-150m. I tried to use x10 and x12 scopes but I feel like I can't be effective against "close" targets.

    Running a x7 works fine for my playstyle, even if I know I won't be effective at all at very long distances. I think x7 scope is the most versatile for me ( that's what I'm looking at the end, I don't like to swap between scopes, I prefer to use one all of the time so I can master it ).

    So, which scope are you using? Do you swap between them? Do you use one all of the time?
  2. Mivadeth

    Hey, I forgot onw more question!!

    Is it worth to use a Suppressor if you are going long-range snipe? I never used that since I think no one will notice me in the mini-map ( I'm talking about +200m between me and my target ), so... what do you think?
  3. Campagne

    Personally I only ever use a 12x scope. The easier to see my target the better, in my opinion.

    As for a suppressor, generally no. It would mostly be more detrimental than useful.
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  4. TheSunlikeOne

    10x is my favourite. I think 12x is too high magnification, considering effective range of SRs. As for close targets... Desperado gets the job done.
  5. TKBoom

    I've only used the Long range sniper rifles and always the 8x scope.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    I use 12x for long range on my top tier BASRS (Rams .50, Parallax and Longshot). I use 6x on the SASRs for medium range. And the 4x for the medium range BASRs, whic is the highest you can get IIRC.

    Suppressor lowers bullet velocity and so it incresaes bullet drop. I've never thought that was a good trade off so I don't use it. I certainly wouldn't use it for long range sniping even if I was tempted to run suppressor. Snipers can be randomly Q spotted, spotted with recon darts or detected by their bullet tracers so I think it probably only gives a marginal advantage anyway.
  7. DarkStarII

    I use the 7x on the Railjack because it looks good. On other NC BA snipers I use the 8x.
  8. BartasRS

    I'm running with 12x scopes mostly but my playstyle involves very long range sniping and I'm running with Phaseshift almost all the time these days. Suppressor works nicely only with Phaseshift (no bullet drop either way) IMO but is very situational. I use it on Hossin where extreme ranges are kinda impossible and for vehicle terminal camping when I can get to a spot where I or my bullet tracers won't be spotted easily,
  9. PanzerGoddess

    I still haven't figured out how to use the long range sniper rifles properly yet so.......use standard scopes it comes with x7 I believe??....its really ackward running around with my rams using it like my tsar42, but hey do what you got to do lol, cant stand sniping from distance, Id rather just run around and use it like a shotgun or what the gun is not intended for.....is that bad?????
  10. Zagareth

    Using 12x scope on an unsupressed Parallax and a 6x on a suppressed Parallax.
    The reason: At 300m the target in a 12x scope has the same size than a target in a 6x scope at 150m. The bullet drop at 300m is about 1,5 points in the 12x scope and the bulletdrop in a 6x scope for a suppressed Parallax at 150m is exactly the same.
    Conclusion: You feel the same way, playing suppressed and unsuppressed weapons.

    This goes for every BASR.

    Using a suppressor is a a basic requirement for your survival in enemy territory w/o any backup. You wont survive long, especially when you dont change your position after every shot w/o a suppressor. You will be seen on the mini-map (as well as on the major map) within 100m and the shot will be heard within render range (450-700m, depending on current given render range in the battle)
    So every sniper hunter will com to you, when you dont use a suppressor - unless you want that they come... ;)

    At base defense with a good backup, dont use a suppressor - it doesnt matter, that ppl can hear or see you.
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  11. Moz

    Moonshot owner here.

    I run two scopes on all bolts. 10x for longer range and standard 6x for shorter ranges. 12x is just to much for the ranges you should be sniping from in PS2.

    NEVER use a suppressor on a bolt action. Two reasons for this:

    1. It slows the bullet velocity to the point the rifle becomes worthless.
    2. If you are sniping correctly you should always be cloaking instantly after taking your shot. This gets rid of the minimap blip anyway.
  12. Zagareth

    Unfortunately its wrong. You'll light up on the map, no matter what you do, unless you use a scope. It's the noise that makes the dot visible and the cloak doesnt suppress it.
    And the cloak is hearable over 100m, so whatever you do, gunshot and cloak will always lead the enemy to you.

    A Suppressed BASR is able to OHK over 260m and if you dont cloak, but hide behind a cover after every shot, the bullet tracer is the only thing that could reveal your position. Experienced hunters will get you anyway, but its harder to track you down, especially when you dont shoot from obvious positions and change it every few kills.

    If you still think, an unsuppressed BASR does it for you, then OK, its your choice...
  13. ZDarkShadowsZ

    For my long-range snipers I prefer the 12x scopes. I never take them off nor do I switch them.

    For the Tsar/SAS-R/Ghost I prefer the 4x scope. I do have the 1x (or maybe it was 2x) scope but I almost never use it.
  14. Moz

    Sorry buddy, but all that you just wrote is rubbish.

    The cloak hides the blip (try it with a friend)(unless there was a stealth nerf? Link?), even with that, most people have their map zoomed out to a level they would not be able to see you anyways. You cannot be heard from 100m in any kind of firefight and you should be using your cloak between shots not just hiding behind a rock.

    There is only one bolt sniper rifle in the game (any faction) you could consider using a suppressor on. The Phaseshift.

    I'm not going to reply to you again, as you are just going to spout rubbish.
  15. Moz

    Also worth a mention:

    Enemy infantry players are shown on the minimap when they:
    • fire weapons. Firing detection range is 50m for LMGs and 40m for other weapons. Compensator weapon attachment increases that range by 35m, and Suppressor weapon attachment removes it completely.
    • get spotted by you or an ally within 150m of you.
    • get detected by Radar Detection Tools.

    So on that logic you dont have to worry about hiding your blip..... It never shows in the first place.
  16. Zagareth

    Well, this is a good example how completely incompetent fools are discussing :rolleyes:
    Good job and keep going ;)

    I also have to correct myself:
    You'll light up on the map, no matter what you do, unless you use a suppressor.

    Somehow I just used the wrong word... no clue where I was with my thoughts...
  17. PanzerGoddess

    they have implants now that will show you on the map......unless your using a suppressor. Even at 200m, I use it all the time, there is a few seconds delay before you vanish from the map even after cloak, but you still show up. Even so the majority of players arent smart enough to move around and see where the shots are coming from.......

    I use suppressors on alot of my sniper rifles and semi's just for fun, it really depends on how efficient you are with them. I typically use my RAMS in cqc anyway, rarely will I fight 100+m out unless if taking fire or retreating back, than its just a matter of who dies while Im moving back before I go down.
  18. AgentRed

    I know its a bit different but I usally use the default scope 0-375m after that I use the 12x for 376-515m. I really wish there was a 20X for really long range XD
  19. Frightning89

    My 2 cents:

    Scope selection:
    Depends on the rifle, but you definitely want to pick a scope and then get used to it, for reasons you hinted at, too: When you used the same scope, with the same gun, you get a feel for how long shot travel times are, and how much drop there is relative to target size in scope picture, which is determined by actual distance and scope magification. Changing scope zooms changes those relationships and will ruin your feel for that, at least temporarily, until you adjust to the new scope. The effects are actually slightly counterintuitive from the perspective of what you see versus what you have to do to hit what you see.

    -A higher zoom scope results in targets appearing larger for the given distance. (obvious)
    -A higher zoom scope results in bullet drop seeming greater against this larger target. (less obvious, this is because of the zoom making the actual drop, a fixed vertical distance, appear larger)
    -A higher zoom scope results in targets that appear the same size being further away. (fairly obvious)
    -A higher zoom scope results in targets that appear the same size requiring much higher aim point to get a headshot. (this is compounding of the higher zoom making the further target appear closer than it is by comparison together with the magnification making the drop distance seems larger by comparison, fairly counter-intuitive but once you realize it, it makes finding your drop and timing senses easier to find with a new scope)

    My scope choices:
    I currently have the default NC-14 Bolt Driver and the Gauss SPR as my two sniper rifles, both are 550m/s weapons, but I tend to use the Gauss at closer ranges (and I haven't played in quite a while, so I haven't gotten used to the nice new stabilizer that removes the need for hold breath, which was manageable before, but annoying to deal with). Because of the range difference, and somewhat different playstyle (BASR v SASR), I use different scopes on these weapons.

    NC-14 Bolt Driver: I used the 10x here, I want the fairly high zoom for precise control over lead and drop estimating, I prefer the 100-150m sweet spot, but I don't mind using it all the way out to about 230m, the headshot 1HK limit for the gun, its effectiveness drops very sharply beyond that range because of the slow refire time and difficulty on hitting erratically moving targets at long ranges. 12x felt like a bit much, though I think I will like the 12x on the 650m/s BASR and the Railjack when I eventually get them. 8x was alright, but it felt inferior for the longer range work, and 10x was still usable enough for shorter range work, the 8/10/12x all have round scope picture, which gives less viewing area than 6/7x scopes give, but the lack of zoom on those scopes makes 200m+ shots harder than I'd like on a BASR not meant for short range work.

    Gauss SPR: After much futzing around, I finally settled on the 7x scope after trying the weapon out in sub-100m ranges more (at which it has a decisive advantage over BASRs and is arguably better than a Scout Rifle given the lower hits to kill with body shots against 1000hp target). The main reason for that being the larger FoV for the 6/7x scopes due to the rectangular scope picture compared to 8/10/12x scopes. I prefered 7x over default 6x to help a bit with longer range work. The Gauss SPR is actually better than a bolt at 300m and beyond as it retains the 2 Headshot/3 Bodyshot kill potential regardless of distance, at those extreme ranges, as long as the enemy does not react fairly quickly, you can land 2 or even 3 hits in rapid succession and thus kill them at a range where that would be unrealistic for a BASR to achieve (needing 2 hits minimum with a much slower refire time). The Gauss SPR is usable over a massive variety of ranges (anywhere from about 50m onward), but isn't generally the best at most those ranges compared to more niche alternatives (with the notable exception of extreme long range sniping for reasons explained above). This is why I go for the 7x, I don't want too much FoV constraining as that adversely affects short range gameplay, but at the same time, want enough zoom that long and very ranges are at least doable without too much fuss.

    As for suppressors on Sniper Rifles: the -40% muzzle velocity penalty greatly increases the difficulty of landing hits at range. Not only does the bullet take 40% longer to get there, but it has 40% more time to drop, which means drop is significantly increased, as the relationship is quadratic as a function of time (so bullet drop is 1.4^2=1.96 times as large, almost twice as much; this also explains the 12x v 6x no suppressor v suppressor relationship noted by another commenter in the thread). Showing on the map isn't nearly as much of a downside as you might think, people primarily locate where your sniping from by sound and visuals, and the map does not convey vertical information, so they don't know if that shot came from ground level or from a rooftop from the map alone. You also don't show beyond 100m, which is usually the lower bound for how close I want to be if I am actually trying to snipe rather than play like a designated marksman (where you move up with your squad, rather than supporting them from the high-ground at a considerable distance; or lone wolfing as I frequently do when sniping). You can even use the map marker to mind-game your would-be pursuers if you're clever. Overall, I consider the benefit of being slightly harder to find not nearly worth the considerable increase in difficulty to getting hits at realistic sniping ranges, hence I don't use suppressors on sniper rifles anymore (I tried it at first, once I got used to playing without one for a bit, I haven't looked back, so much easier to hit people at range with the reduced bullet travel time).
  20. Moz

    Read! Get some FACTS! Rather than just talking ****e!


    50m LMG, 40m any other gun 100m detection range for snipers.

    http://planetstats.net/7337 (additional stats tab, its like you don't even know this stuff exists).

    You don't show up AT ALL outside that. How much long range sniping do you do from 100m? Think its 150m for the Aurax variations (due to being equipped with a compensator as standard).

    You DO NOT simply show up every time you shoot! Fact! At the ranges you are (should be) sniping you DO NOT show up and what does show up you CAN hide well with cloak and movement. Done it VERY successfully myself all the way to the Aurax rifle!

    Suppressors are a straight DOWNGRADE on ranged bolt action rifles! I would argue they are also RUBBISH for Scouts, Battles and close range Bolts.

    The ONLY exception to this rule is the Phaseshift (only sniper you have any experience with looking at your stats), the suppressor on the Phaseshift works different. The Phaseshift doesn't get any extra drop from the suppressor although you still loose the velocity. Still makes no sense.... but it is the least dumb of all the snipers to put a suppressor on.

    It would literally be better for snipers to have a flash suppressor (hides tracers) than a suppressor.

    "Incompetent" LOL

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