Which scope are you using?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Mivadeth, May 17, 2017.

  1. Zagareth

    Im talking about snipers and no other guns and of course, within 100m you are always visible on the map with a BASR w/o suppressor. And USUALLY snipers ARE within 100m of any enemy looking around for snipers at the usual spots. I never told that one are visible for everyone everywhere, when no one is near, I only said that sniper w/o suppressor always light up on the map - the difference is, someone has to be within range to see it.

    Your target at 300m doesnt see it, the sniper hunter close to you does it. And you lead him directly to you with the sound, which can you HEAR from very VERY far away...Got it now or shall I spell it for the lower brainiacs here?

    And as info : Im playing this game since Beta and just because I have only 2 banners and stats published doesnt mean I doesnt know any other sniper rifle with my other 4 characters

    And dude, you are really as incompetent as I thought.
    A flash suppressor hides the muzzle flash and not the tracers. Tracers are always visible - Go into the VR and equip a Flash suppressor, you can still see the bullets flying, but the muzzle flash is gone.

    And now stop giving the people wrong advices, which only lead them to die earlier

    I really got to ignore you, people like you (kwow-it-all, bigmouth and Trumps) make me sick!
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  2. Moz


    You have no idea!

    I'm playing since alpha..... Big wow! Stop showing flares that you overly padded the KD on to make yourself feel good so you can sell rubbish on the forums.

    Get some actual intel. Go ask someone who knows. Suppressors, on snipers are, and always have been. USELESS. In fact worse than useless, they are a straight up nerf..... end of story.
  3. Ximinetto

    x6 scope on my Vandal. I camouflage on the terrain and get kills,without cloaking. Just i pick a green camo. And maps with vegetation i pass unwarned. While the distance give me advantage. Snipers are OP. Only a serious threat for a sniper is another sniper,and then,it's time to cloak.
  4. LostMyMarbles

    x8 and x12 are what I mostly use.
  5. NoBuddy

    Hi there,
    most weapons equipped with 2x scope for close combat only. spy has 7x to12x and the use depends by distance

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