When if the HA shield nerf/delay coming?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Ballto21, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Akashar

    Best CQC weapons are LMG? Hey, Steve, come see what this guy said, look, it's right there! Yeah I told you it was utterly stupid!

    That aside, let's say one thing: If HA are nerfed because people can't understand how this game works, we will once again enter a new cycle of endless nerfs, on every class. Nerfing HA will NOT promote tactical play, it will simply put another class on the top, which will be abused, and people like you will start to say that they always said it, that the jetpack/turret/AR were always overpowered, that something needs to change, etc. Note that they'll never say that infiltrators trying to take out groups of people in cqc should never happen, but, hey, thay can already show in most classes what's wrong, you can leave the one they play alone, can't you?
    This game is about one character, changing class every time it is needed. If an HA is better than your LA, guess what? Take your own HA! If you don't like playing HA, well, I don't see when it becomes my problem. You speak about learning to play the game, try without the crutch of being able to disappear anytime! Yes, I play a lot of LA, but lately, I'm more into LA, and I can tell you they're the next if HA are nerfed. But don't let me interfere, keep on destroying the game.
  2. Ballto21

    Towards LMGs, they are fantastic, maybe not the best that may have been an exageration, but very good cqc weapons since theyre basically SMGs with differences in magazine size, hipfire accuracy, and most dont have 0.75 ads, however they can be used at almost all ranges and are even good at 90+ meters if you can aim well enough, while having most of the benefits of an smg. The fact they have almost the same ADS accuracy stats, passable hipfire with laser sights, and can be used at almost all ranges, make them a superior weapon just for their versatility.

    The issue with heavy shields is not that they are strong, or even that you get a huge amount of health that can easily add almost 0.5 seconds to the TTK for you, its the fact you have no downsides to that ability at all, at least none that play a major role in how the general flow of combat is. Jetpacks make you unable to aim and throw off your hipfire accuracy significantly.
    You cant shoot out of cloak and it doesnt work too well indoors
    engineers ammo cant really do anything other than make you useful to the team, turrets open you to snipers, spitfires are worthless unless backed up with players which is how they should be for an auto turret and how this game works in my opinion
    medic AOE heal doesnt really help that much in terms of actual combat and is mostly support, sure you can take maybe one more shot but still not that fantastic and every class can do it with preemptive restoration kits

    heavy shield really has no downsides at all, sure you move marginally slower, but you just pop it, kill the attacker, and turn it off. you wont have to deal with any of the intended downsides in most cases. This is where the crutch of it that makes it a bigger one than cloaking or jetpacks, you dont learn to work around the downsides of other abilities and just say ok to free HP, you dont have to worry about the fact that with many weapons the TTK is faster than the time for you to be able to shoot again, you dont have to worry about if you use it youll be unable to return fire well enough to survive when moving, you dont have to worry about being completely open to sniper fire, and you have something that plays a major role in actual combat instead of just more AOE support when youre reviving teammates. Giving downsides to an ability with none at all wont destroy the game. It wont cause locusts or the death of your first born sons, itll just bring it on par with everything else instead of being a panic IWIN button, and when i do play HA i can tell you my KDR skyrockets when i remember that the F key wont turn off my weapons

    I used to play this game back in 2013, i joined a couple months before that WDS thing (when is the followup for that anyway?). and yes, my time played on most of my characters was mostly infiltrator, but i also played a lot of LA and engineer, and i still do play LA and engineer a fair amount, granted less than my infiltrator by a significant margin,
  3. Plastikfrosch

    Yes it can be a real pain and its often enough frustrating to run into heavys (especially as stalker with only a sidearm --> run as fast as you can and hide and try to get them from behind with shoot-knife).
    But with my carbines you have a good chance on midranges (with high acuracy carbines like solstice ve3 / cougar or NS11C) because its harder for them to hit too and the shield will drain faster and in CQC there are weapons like GD7F/serpent/lynx who will allow you to F*** up heavys with overshields (and there are no LGMs with such a high DPS like those 3 carbines).
    And nearly all classes have access to shotguns and a pumpaction to the face is something not even a heavy will survive.

    And when your base gets attacked and nearly 90% off all attackers seem to be heavys feel free to go heavy yourself. I dont like playing heavy to much because Infils are more fun for me even while i die a lot more playing them (and im not talking about snipers) but after getting shot down from hostile heavys to often in a row it feels good do switch to heavy too and kill those guys again and again because you are able to go toe on toe with them.
  4. Akashar

    So if I understand your post:

    - LMG are SMG without any of the advantages of SMG (this one made me chuckle)
    - Getting glowy and slow is not a major drawback.
    - Support classes should be able to kill heavy fighting classes just fine.
    - If you can't manage to have an excellent KDR with that lame smg+cloak combo, the problem is you. (you're playing with one of the best TTK/CQC weapon in the entire game and the ability to disappear, hack, EMP, and you're still not happy?)

    Sorry to break it, but the way I see it, HA are supposed to be the main guy in the field, with other classes supporting him, and Maxes when it gets really hot. You don't get to kill everybody while playing a medic, you get to revive people, and if you get killed by HA, you were overexposed, alone, or incompetent.

    This game is team based, so you can't really complain that one class is better than any other at something like 1v1. Nobody complains that infiltrators can OHK at extreme ranges, do they?
    In 1v1, infiltrator vs HA at 300 m, who will win? Nerf infiltrator I say!

    The only thing I would accept about HA is reducing his access to weapons (remove shotguns and smgs) and to c4 (to make it a more LA-engie oriented weapon).
  5. iSpank

    Nerfing nerfing nerfing is not the solution of everything. HA is fine!
  6. Plastikfrosch

    The only thing i would change / implement would be new faction specific overshields.
    NC - like the max ones extremly strong on the front but no protection from behind only albe to hipfire because one arm holds the shield therefore a lot better hipfire acuaracy while using it.
    TR - some kind of anchor mechanic like shield. no mobility therefore able to take a lot damage (not as much as the front shield of the NC), unlike the max being able to turn around 360° . Faster rof (15-20%) faster reload (40-50%).
    Both shields not restricted by time but the need to be shut down to recover after taking damage.
    VS: no idea - perhaps a weaker shield like the resist one but only 25-30% protection therefore no or only 5-10% speedreduction.
    reduced time and fast reload like the resistshield.

    That would make a real difference in the factions and would the classes be more unique. Pehaps take away the Adrenalin and the resistshield and only let the normal nanite mesh generator as it is like the maxes who can decide between the sprint and the faction specific power.
    this way it would also make more sense to have all 3 factions to be albe to feel the differences between the factions and use unique tactics with them.
  7. Tbone

    For the record.TR heavies need to learn to have good accuracy with the kickback the TR weapons have.There isn't a class that doesn't motivate you,just you i mean yourself.If you don't motivate yourself nothing will.And yes ,here comes the wtf part,i too say that take out the shield although i am a true heavy.
    Just showing this to prove that i am not trolling https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428010917252911313/stats
  8. hostilechild

    Will give you this, because you play VS almost entirely it figures you think LMGS are fantastic cqc and good as SMG. VS HA have the best cqc LMG in my opinion. The Orion is like an smg with a larger mag. Just slightly less hipfire but not much with lasersight.
    Prenerf to the LMG hipfire the orion was unbelievable. NC has anchor but i much prefer the orion or sva-88, don't care for any TR HA LMGs. Out past 50m though i will take NC lmgs over VS so fair trade?? close.

    But since all HA can use SMGs, if you know you are fighting all cqc why bother with an LMG (why i say remove them from HA)
  9. Ballto21

    im not saying that there isnt pressure to get accurate, there is just less of it, since you can need up to 6 or more bullets to kill a full hp/shield HA with for example an smg, you have to hit a lot more shots, however the HA doesnt have to ever really worry about misses until his shield goes down, and even then he never worries about having a bad aim moment and completely clipping an enemy
  10. qiray12

    Who said lmgs are great in cqc?? Kinda lame to say becouse when i see cqc i see hipfiring and shotguns.
    Lmgs have the worst hipfire and many lmgs have a loong reload. Both are a disadvantage in cqc so ye a smg a shotgun or a carbine will outgun you, and shield wise just headshot heavies many run nanoweave cus it stacks with your andrinaline shield and nmg just shoot theyre heads and theyre dropping almost as fast as any other class, not to mention your moving slower with the shield up so its even rasier to pop those headshots.

    Every class has its strenghts en weakness deal with it and if you still cant agree play it yourself and see how fast you still get killed as heavy with shield.
  11. iller

    Wasn't EMP nades finally affecting them enough??
  12. miraculousmouse

    Nah, you're just a hacker. ;)
  13. Mazdam

    Pleople that wants to nerf HA, doesnt know how to play the game.

    They are guys that want HA to be punchingbags. Other classes have infinite more utility and still can beat easy a HA, u just have to aim better noobs.
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  14. qiray12

    LA's and Infiltrators just want no retaliation at all when killing infantry thats why they suggest a nerf.
    A heavy without a overshield is just a plain engineer without ammo and highly inaccurate lmgs.
    Why say no to the most straight forward class in the game?
    It makes no sense.
  15. Mazdam

    If they nerf HA, planetside 2 will be imbalanced.

    People wont play HA, HA is the most usefull class to deal with vehicles, vehicles will be spammed, aaaand welcome to Armorside 2 again :(
  16. Crowne

    The fact that they play primarily HA is the problem created by this poorly implemented mechanic. Not as many players would primarily play HA if the mechanic was brought back in line with every other class, as it should be.

    People who enjoyed shotguns on infils with no cloak delay and no warning sound were surely upset when that got taken away, but the changes made were a good move in the long run.

    Every class changes. Nothing about Heavy Assault would make it above such changes, even if so many people have become unable to compete without it.
  17. Crowne

    People aren't playing HA to take care of vehicles. Encounter many vehicles in a biolab? People who play just about exclusively HA aren't here to play Planetside 2. They're here for an Unreal Tournament where they can get kills and feel pro.
  18. Crowne

    Really? You're hot stuff because you need an overshield to take out the squishiest class in game?

    I'm beginning to believe the average mentality of primary HA is not conducive to productive compromise. The devs will eventually have to decide if they want to run their game, or if they want to hand it over to people who don't understand their game. Doesn't seem like both is very likely.

    Incidentally, you do realize how many times the infil cloak has been changed... but heaven forbid any changes should be made to the heavy shield. Sounds to me like people whined they couldn't see cloaked players easily enough and got it changed... but yeah, everyone not using an iWin button should "git gut," to speak idiotically.
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  19. Gutseen

    no, i need that overshield to counter his no skill Bettys/OHK sniper rifles/etc., and then at 10% base shield kill tha bastard, hunting him down like an animal, orienting by cloak sounds

    erry thing that's keeping HA alive is his 1. skill 2.reaction 3. shield, one without other 2 is worthless.
    Lmg's are basic A. rifles with less accuracy and a 2x mag size, so he's on equal terms of arms to all classes.

    simply put, HA without that shield is just a downgraded ver. of engi ( no ammo packs/ repairs/ AV turrets), he still has a RL, but u need a) time to lock on b) get close c) it can be couterd
  20. Mazdam

    What this guy said.
    I agree.