What to buy with Station Cash?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dictatorfish, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Dictatorfish

    There are many threads complaining about how the cert requirements for weapons are too high, forcing people to buy them with SC, making the game Pay2Win. I, on the other hand, honestly don't know what to do with my Station Cash.
    I bought 3k SC during the Christmas triple cash deal (I figured that I had gotten enough enjoyment out of the game for me to owe SOE some money by this point), I have since bought:
    a Nova shotgun,
    an unlimited use camo (DWG outfit uniform) and
    composite armour for the Medic

    I spend 90% of my time as a nigh fully equiped combat medic, I don't feel the need for certs nor exp. Resources are so plentiful I have never ever run out. There really isn't anything else I want nor need left.

    Side grades are great and all, but when a shotgun is king of CQC, the H-V45 is hands down the best close-mid range gun and the shotgun with slugs is only real long range option available for VS medics, that's just two guns and there's not a whole load left one needs to buy.

    Now, since I've always considered it a joke, I do understand and appreciate the irony when I say this: moar hats, please.

    PS. When will you (SOE) be adding hydraulics for the Sunderer? Spoilers? Sound system and subwoofers? Furry dice? I need my ride kitted out with racing stripes and the ****s.
  2. illgot

    SMG will be out soon, you may want to pick one of those up if the reviews are good.
  3. LameFox

    Yeah, wait a bit to see what happens with the upcoming changes, and in the mean time preview some weapons. Try to pick the ones that cost 1k certs. If you look at the prices you'll notice sometimes you can spend the same amount of SC for a more expensive (1000c) weapon as a somewhat cheaper one, for whatever reason.
  4. Tharrn

    Subwoofers.... now there's an idea. Stealth + subwoofers = win!

    "Do you hear that, too?"

    Unf unf unf unf unf...

    Edit: whoa, whoa, whoa... Glitter Sundy package: Subwoofers, Vanu digital camo, green bottom light and some flashy lights around the top rim. Add a mineguard and a forced dance emote.... OK, I'll stop here XD
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  5. datfluttershy

    Don't buy SMGs they will get nerfed after everyone spent there SC on them.

    Get a refund - buy premium hacks, those don't seem to get nerfed by SOE at all, so they are the best possible investment.
  6. Xasapis

    I buy nothing with SC that isn't cosmetic. Then the purchase feels like I've earned it, plus it doesn't bother me if they balance things up or down.

    Edit: [DGW] have a specific camo? I wasn't aware of it. It isn't giraffe, is it? hehe
  7. mooman1080

    There are gun reviews?
  8. exLupo

    This gun sucks.
    That gun is overpowered.

    The usual.
  9. illgot

    video reviews on youtube. They are really the only ones I use. Mute the sound and see if what the player is doing will match your play style.
  10. datfluttershy

    Which is also highly faction depandent. For NC, almost all new weapons suck. For VS it doesnt matter since they all dont care bout recoil, for TR it can only be a bad weapon if the ROF is low or the mag is to small.

    Considering regular SMG setups TR SMGs will have 40-50 rounds per clip, a movement modi of 0.75 and an acceptable ammount of recoil but no high damage output. So VS will have 30-40 rounds per clip, 0.75 movement, no recoil, low to medium damage output.
    NC SMGs will most likely have 30 rounds per clip, acceptable recoil, low damage and long reload times. The 0.75 movement modi should be the same though.
  11. Pikachu

    Rocket launcher that locks on vehicles I think is the thing most worth buying. If you're into flying fighters a lot then missiles might be a thing.
  12. Xasapis

    I very much doubt VS SMGs won't have recoil, when all other VS weapons do have recoil.
  13. datfluttershy

    Consider the recoil of your Assault Rifles, then lower that by arround 20-30% for the smaller caliber of an SMG, that is, compared to the other 2 Factions NO RECOIL.
  14. illgot

    we don't have recoil, we have FABULOUS!
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  15. exLupo

    News Flash! Less now equals None! Mathematicians everywhere stunned!

    @Datflutter: I'm betting SMGs will be like BRs and Shotguns, near on perfect clones between empires.
  16. RF404

    Things that are nice to have:
    Upgraded gun for lightning. HE, AT or HEAT don't matter, just something else than the default one will make your life a little less painful on those occasions when your outfit asks everyone to grab a tank and you happen to be at a frontline territory without connection to a techplant.

    Rocket pods or A2A missiles, might be worth it if you tend to find yourself in an ESF every now and then.

    Upgraded secondary gun for the MBT, just to show some love back to the guys that actually spend their precious game time with assisting and trying to help you out in tank battles.

    That's about all I can think of.
    Sure, the Lib belly guns are nice, but I don't mention them because unless you're already flying and enjoying to pilot Libs frequently that upgrade would probably just end up gathering dust in your depot.
  17. datfluttershy

    In relation of NC-TR-VS the ammount of recoil for VS weapons is so low that for an overall NC Player it is so little you won't even notice it and therefor do not realize it is supposed to be there.

    Visually, yes, the will all look pretty much the same. Variety isn't welcome in PS2.
  18. Xasapis

    Recoil by itself means jack ****. Recoil, no mater how severe, can be compensated, when uniform. It's when it is random that creates problems. NC weapons have the most severe recoil but also the most predictable.

    When your weapon climbs up and to the right in a steady way, no matter how severe, you can compensate easily.
    When your weapon however climbs up upwards and right but jiggling left and right doing so, it is tougher to compensate even if it does it in smaller steps.
  19. exLupo

    With how readily the forums heat, spark and burst into flames over the smallest, most inconsequential differences, it's no surprise that asymmetrical balance is something the devs touch on but don't make a lifestyle out of.
  20. Darth_MV

    To OP: I'm only few days in PS2. I liked it and I went premium to enjoy some MINOR advantages that being a subscriber gives you (and give support to the game developing, etc).

    BUT I don't think this game is Pay 2 Win, you can do enough good with default weapons you get and there isn't a great difference with cert gaining between free users and premium ones.

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