What is the point of Battle Rank?

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  1. johnway

    I believe you get customisable slots as you rank up. But you unlock the additional 2 at around br 20 and the rest you have to purchase. But tbh, you could live without them as you switch weapons during respawn times. I generally have my ones kitted out as default, anti air and secondary.
  2. Sooli

    Apart from Loadouts you unlock in the first few BRs as mentioned above, the problem with BR in this game is it's calculated by the amount of XP earned no matter how, so it means "nothing". IF this game would calculate your BR by "XP earned AS ... " , then it could be useful.

    explanation: you earn some XP while flying an ESF >>> you earned XP as an ESF pilot >>>> you are a BR 1 ESF pilot now.
    you earn some XP while gunning for a Maggie >>> you earned XP as a Tank gunner >>>> you are a BR 1 Tank Gunner now.

    so, If I want to tell you what my "real" BR is, (if the game calculated it like above) it would be like:
    BR90 ESF pilot - BR90 Lib Pilot - BR2 Lib gunner - BR80 Lightning Pilot - BR35 MBT Pilot - BR2 MBT gunner - BR20 Combat Medic etc etc etc. but with the current system, I'm BR93 in "everything", which I'm absolutely not in any way.

    IMO this system can be useful IN ADDITION with the current system, like this: you kill me when I'm gunning for a tank >> you see "you killed a BR93 Player - his Tank Gunning level was 2". now this info "CAN be useful", it means "something".

    I don't think they will ever implement the system I suggested into this game, so you can pretty much consider the BR as some random number that appears on the screen for now :).
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  3. TekFan

    The BR only gives you an estimate of how many cert-points a player has. I almost forgot: It unlocks small patches for your shoulder and a title to put in front of your name. [sarcasm]Those two options are essential in this game![/sarcasm]
    Otherwise BR is more like BS.

    The only point BR has is until 15 where you unlocked all loadout-slots you get from the BR.
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  4. Zotamedu

    It's included because a lot of gamers today get lost and confused if they are not given an increasing number to measure their self worth. If they are not given this slowly increasing number, they will complain about the game not having a point because they have forgot that playing the actual game is the point. They seem to have forgotten that games are supposed to be fun in themselves.
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  5. Paulus

    BR100 is a journey, not a destination. There's no pot of gold, no welcome party, no "endgame". This is war, not warcraft.
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