What is the point of Battle Rank?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by 60rockstar, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. 60rockstar

    Seriously, battle rank doesn't give access to any additional abilities or weapons, so why bother? It seems that certs or station cash is all that matters. Am I missing something?

    Look mom!! I reached level 100!!
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  3. Trudriban

    despite boosts being available to anybody as well as vehicle/aircraft cert farming being a thing, I like to think of it as a gague of how experienced the individual is. That being said though, I've been playing since launch and got out-BR'd by a friend who's been in game just a few months and has a heroic boost plus membership

    You can always think of it as ****** measurement if you want, I know I do
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  4. Dr Baralax

    A measure of a players "skill"/time spent playing, then maybe as a gauge for how certified they are likely to be.
  5. Planetdoge

    It gives you a rough estimate of how long another player has played the game.
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  6. Tommyp2006

    It's a display that gives a relative idea of amount of experience in game and amount of certs/things that could be unlocked, though IMO it should go past 100.
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  7. Phrygen

  8. Poacher

    The current administration uses direct statistical correlations that compare employment status to level 100's ......... ;)
    They get free Obamacare.
  9. SenEvason

    It's a decent way of gauging a person's experience in the game.
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  10. Simferion

    It's a way to add an achievement ;)
  11. Ultimatestormer

    Bragging rights, cool titles and decals, and at BR 5 and 15 (I think I have my numbers right) additional loadout slots.
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  12. NovaAustralis

    BR = XP gained.

    BR = "skill" is debatable.
    Is a BR100 who has only ever gunned in a Lib 'skilled' at ground vehicles?
    Is a BR100 Infiltrator specialist who's only done that, be considered 'skilled' at piloting?
    Is a BR100 tanker who's done nothing but drive their MBT going to be 'skilled' at playing Light Assault?

    So, no. BR purely shows how much XP you've gained.
    But not HOW you've gained it.

    Also, we need this:
  13. FateJH

    Do you really want to boast "I have 7.88212e6 experience playing this game" or do you want to say "I'm BR75?"

    (They don't do anything but give titles. And that's prefectly fine since they're not actually based on progression of any realistic sort.)
  14. Robes

    As said above, theres no actual point to it other than gauging a rough guess on how experienced (note, i did not say good) a person is and how well he'll be certed.
  15. Tuco

    Sounds like all you need is a button to push or a lever to pull, some flashing lights, some loud sounds, and you become completely content the way numbers are "progressing".

  16. NinjaTurtle

    Battle rank means nothing.

    I do however think you should gain access to exclusive camo and a helmet when you reach BR100.

    I also think it should go above 100
  17. Crackulous

    Bragging rights, titles, decals, nothing more. This is more than fair, because getting to 100 is far easier if you're a member/boost.
  18. St0mpy

    Its a way of telling how far from 100 you are.
  19. GoyoElGringo

    It's as pointless as ranks in every other shooter. It's only there to make people that don't understand the concept of "the experience being it's own reward" and need useless ranks and validation to feel like they are achieving something.

    I can understand rank being used for matchmaking purposes, but that's usually not the case in shooters, and especially not the case in PS2.
  20. Halcyon


    which gives SOE