What does ESP stand for?

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  1. redgroupclan

    Looked on the wiki and only saw ESF. Maybe the guy I was talking to made a typo?
  2. DJPenguin

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  3. Sen7rygun

    The acronym commonly used when describing "ESP hacks" stands for Extra Sensory Perception. Basically psychic perception or the ability to know things that are otherwise unknowable.

    In relation to the hack its basically a cheat overlay that lets you know the locations of, or see every player in the game whether there are walls or terrain in the way or whatever. Its not an aimbot but knowing where a player will be and when gives you a borderline supernatural edge in combat, thus calling it "ESP".
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  4. disgruntled newbie

    That....might explain a few things.
  5. furrywaffle

    Empire Specific Potato
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  6. Sen7rygun

    It's important to remember too that walking around a corner then instantly taking half a dozen rounds straight to the face doesn't instantly mean you're a victim of a hacker.

    If a player is working with a tight squad and he knows which angles are covered and slaps you the second you pop your head out, you weren't a victim of a cheater, you just got outplayed.

    There are also some players out there who play fast and take in information about their environment at a speed which is breakneck compared to the rest of us. They're quadrant checking every 1.5 seconds, know the positions of all friendly forces and are exceptionally quick to line up a headshot. They may seem like cheaters but after a while you'll learn who these guys are. Every server has a handful of these god tier nut jobs.
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  7. GhostAvatar

    Some context might be helpful. It could be in relation to ESP hacks or the upcoming empire specific pistols for all I know, or something totally different. Why not just ask the person who wrote it in the first place?
  8. FieldMarshall

    Empire Spesific Frustration?
  9. Teegeeack

    Any videos of one of these guys in action?
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  10. Sen7rygun

    This guy is a prime example of elite FPS gamers.

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  11. NachoFoot

    I believe a figure was reached on Battlefield 3 stats that around 1-2% of players are running a cheat program. When you have a F2P game, that number is higher. It may not seem like much but its significant.
  12. Flapatax

    I've seen two hackers, for sure, since June. If I ran into anyone else that was hacking, their settings were such that they were indistinguishable from a talented player, in which case my overall experience wasn't disproportionately worsened.
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  13. Sen7rygun

    By these numbers statistically speaking there are at least one or two hackers in every platoon v platoon battle. More so because this is an f2p game. Are you conceding that at least one or two players in every one of your outfit platoons are cheating?
  14. ironeddie

    I wonder how many cheaters I've killed/been killed by & never known they were cheating. I can count on one hand the number of blatant cheaters I've seen & half of them could be explained away but things such as lag.
  15. SinerAthin

    LvlCap is pretty good, but I wouldn't use that video to show it. The combat is vastly different with most of the players now being more experienced, and his aiming wasn't the best in that video.

    Not to mention he's not a twich headshot god. His aiming is just better than average.
    If I was going to give him a defining trait, then that would be a tactical mindset, and knowing how to get into favorable positions.
  16. Sen7rygun

    I know what you mean. I used this vid because it's a bit of a combination of good situational awareness and accuracy. I also grabbed it because it's not a montage, it's a nice solid piece of gameplay.

    I don't really that most montage videos are really representative of the subject players average gameplay. Every now and then I pull off a little bit of FPS magic and annihilate half a dozen guys in the space of 5 seconds with a combination of carbines, pistols, grenades and knives but those moments are few and far between. If I filmed all my gameplay and stuck the best bits together I could easily be mistaken for a YOLOSWAG420XXX69LIFTBRO fps gaming bogeyman but it's just not the case lol.

    There's heaps of stuff people can dig up on the tube if they're looking for some insanely lethal snapshot gameplay though.
  17. treeHamster

    Empire Specific Pen-is.

    The TR have a shrimping little boring one (why do you think they are soo whiny?)
    The NC have a big one that hurts on the first thrust
    The VS have one that uses technology (vibrating ring) for extra fun
  18. Xien

    Yes because going up against 1-2% exceptional players who ruin your day vs 10% players operating on the same level doesn't affect your gameplay at all.
  19. Zagareth

    Extremely Stupid Person :D
  20. DrPapaPenguin

    Elder Scrolls Plugin. They are the core files for elder scrolls games and their mods :p
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