What does ESP stand for?

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  1. JonboyX

    I would think it less likely you will run in to a higher BR player who is using cheats, they're just good. Generally speaking, the sort of people who resort to cheats are very average players, and generally not intelligent enough to be able to hide it when they're cheating. They all get caught eventually. It's not like a new hack variant is coming out every week that the devs need to keep on top of.
  2. p10k56

    According to wiki :
    Extrasensory perception, often read incorrectly as "Extrasensory precision" (ESP) in video games displays contextual information such as the health, name, equipment, position and/or orientation of other participants as navigation/directional markers, which would normally be hidden from game players. This may be performed by reading the programs memory with an external program, or intercepting and decoding packets as they travel between the client and the server, or else by reading the memory arrays containing player positions. This is difficult to detect and prove, but is definitely considered cheating.
  3. MadamTurtle

    I was curious about this. Killed FokkenPrawns who was running around a generator while cloaked and he instantly messaged me "ESP noob".

    Facepalm so hard, all the lol from squad.