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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NeverWas, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. NeverWas

    So i have came across an idea of adding Artillery to lightning's arsenal, seeing right now MBT is the spotlight of ground vehicle, i just thought there's a necessity to bring up the usefulness of lightning instead of just being an MBT substitution.

    So here's the dig.

    Artillery Cannon [Lightning Main Gun]

    Range of Fire: 150 ~ 600 m (150 minimum, 600 maximum, that means you cant hit objects within 150m range)
    Muzzle Velocity: 30 ms^-1
    Time to reach destination: 3.2s ~ 8.35s (very very rough math with gravity at 10 ms^-2)
    Arc of Fire: ranges between the above mention velocity x range degrees, too lazy to do math.
    Shells Type: HEAT shells
    Chamber Shells: 5 shells
    Reserve Shells: 15 shells
    Reload time: 30 seconds
    Spread: radius of 10 meters on destination

    Remarks: the map spans about 6000 meters from one corner to the other btw.

    How it Works

    When a player spawned a lightning with artillery cannon, an icon will show on map indicating where the shells will land ( imagine a mini crosshair on map menu ), so every time an artillery lightning wants to shoot something, he'll have to check on the map or else he's just wasting his time shooting at nothing.

    Add-ons for Infantry to Synergy with Artillery Squad

    Artillery Drop Request Beacon

    Available in squad leader certification tree, costs 400 certs.

    An indicator will show up in different color similar to artillery cannon's shell destination crosshair in map ( artillery lightning only ) , Artillery squad will then adjust their fire angle and provide artillery support from range.

    How can this be useful

    Seeing how MBT zerging dominates the game right now, i believe this will put a slight change into player tactics and encourage player to play more strategically.

    Possible Certification for Artillery Cannon

    Aside from increasing reserve ammo, the certification will mainly focus on its:

    1. Decrease Reload Time by 1/2/3/4/5 seconds.
    2. Decrease Spread Radius by 1/2/3/4/5 meters.
    3. Increase Muzzle Velocity by 2/3.5/5 ms^-1

    all in their respective ranks.

    Would be nice to provide some feedbacks :)

    Oh ..... and ..........


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  2. NeverWas

  3. Deathcapt

    Wont work.
    Render distance.
    We already have a liberator.
    Getting spawn capped by arttilery is worse than air.
  4. AccelPrime

    For now we should just hope that we get the january patch in february...
  5. Morpholine

    Pull the Shredder off a Liberator and stuff it into a Lightning turret, and SOE will have (even more of) my money in an instant.
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  6. NeverWas

    consider the render distance issue being fixed, plus it takes 3~10 seconds for the shells to reach in addition to 30s reload time, would it even be possible for this type of weapon to actually spawn cap a location ?

    i believe that'd be infinitely similar to skyguards.
  7. Morpholine

    If only the Skyguard were remotely similar to the Shredder. If only.
  8. Xaturas

    Shredder on lightning would make it super op, it would be like placing dalton or vanguard canon on it.
    All it needs is proper tracks traction, and maybe more turning power. Damage wise its already doesn't mater if you take front hit or side hit its same dmg.
    Then they could add turret stabilization and maybe just maybe slight buff to main turet to make it work with vanguard/prowler buff.
    Magrider shouldn't get gun upgrades and it doesn't but lightning is a tracked tank and should also get some SMALL (important) increase in either damage or bullet velocity.
  9. NeverWas

    close enough, only with ridiculous recoil.
  10. Morpholine

    And less damage.
  11. TheEvilBlight

    Infantryguard, used for farming infantry. Dakkadakka, gettin' it done!
  12. forkyar

  13. Morpholine

    We'd complain less about it than we do about the HE turrets.

    A quick-burst, high shot volume, (virtually) linear shooting, anti-everything machine gun turret would make a very fun option for the little tank.

    Shoot, give it half a Shredder, and I'll pony up cash.
  14. NeverWas

    would suggest a recoil to it though
  15. Unknown Squid

    I'd say make it an anti infantry minigun rather than an actual shredder or half shredder. So it would be unable or barely able to harm armour, but with a high magazine size, and spraying a medium CoF deadly storm of low calibre bullets. At medium range the spread and damage would be enough to suppress a large group, but not so easily kill them unless they stood in the open. At short range and CQB it would be a very rapid kill. Something like the anti infantry phalanx guns at Amp Stations. (But a little better, since those things still need a decent buff, despite being kinda cool.)

    The key thing, is that I'd want it to actually feel like a real gatling gun that can sustain fire for more than a second and a half, like every other rotary gun in PS2 seems to. I know there are processing and lag considerations that prevent the game from having literal 6000 RPM guns with 5000 round belts, spamming the air with physical CPU stomping projectiles, but there are ways round that other than 30 round mags. The chopper side miniguns in Battlefield for example, felt and looked perfect when firing.
  16. Deathcapt

    skyguard doesn't hurt tanks, and is mediocre against infantry.
  17. Autarkis

    How about we let the Lightning shoot... something weather related. Dammit, what could it shoot... snowflakes... no... God, I had something. WAIT! No.

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  18. NeverWas

    actually it does a decent damage to tanks with full load.

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