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  1. Psychophonic-RNX

    Squad experience sharing and coordination:

    Experience points needs to be shared within a squad,
    this is my suggestion how it could work:

    squad- and platoonmember: 1%
    causer: 100% - (47 x 1%) = 53%

    53% for yourself and 47% for your platoon!

    People should not be rewarded by not sticking with the platoon they get 0% sharing experience
    Them and empty spots are not going into the calculation.

    Within a vehicle equal to the numbers of persons inside (exception gal+sunderer)

    Like a full liberator: pilot 33.3 %, belly gunner 33.3%, tailgunner 33.3%

    Bring back the squad xp wp maybe as command tool:

    - set in the middle of the platoon
    - set on a specific person

    Overview of entire platoon:

    - show classes
    - show dead/health


    Passover pl needs to passover sl first otherwise the sl still sticks with the person that gives and the other only receives pl without sl

    Vehicle crew VoIP channel

    A VoIP channel just for the crew of a specific vehicle would be very helpfull for coordination.
    The proximity channel is not suitable for that especially in a column of tanks.

    HUD icons

    The minimap needs:
    1. a zoom factor function
    2. stretching image function
    3. moving it around on the HUD
    4. changing its visibility

    Showing friendly:

    The radius of the object's and friendly player's icons should be limited
    and changeable via an option (say 100m / 200m / 300m whatever).

    Everything above this distance should only show the icon when aimed at
    it (to prevent friendly fire). For spotted enemys it can stay as it is.

    For Squad/Platoon there should be a second option as I want to recognize those farther away.

    Auraxis time:

    It would be nice to have a command to show the ingame time combined with an alarm function.


    /time - auraxis time 6.35 earth time 22.37
    /alarm - set alarm clock at specific timepoint or in a specific time with and without reminder

    Showing distances:

    It would be helpfull to see the actual distance to an target you are aiming at.

    Balancing and miscellaneous:

    Anchored mode:

    The anchored mode make the prowler an easy target because of the simple fact it cant move anymore.
    Compared to the abilities the other empires got it is a joke!

    So this ability needs another advantage for example a recharging shield like it was suggested in the post
    that doesnt exist anymore at least got wiped with the beta forum wipe.

    An alternative certification for the prowler similiar to the overdrive the TR Max had in PS1 (but for the reload speed)
    would be much appreciated!

    After people complained for years because of the disadvantage of the lock down compared to the shield and the jetpack they finally
    gave us the overdrive. Dont let us complain for some other years about this topic untill you give us something like this!


    Is horrible in this game and absolutely over the top.
    I could understand screenshaking would happen if im close to an explosion.
    Actually it feels like entire buildings would shake from a single aircraft shooting on it.

    Alarm sound by nearly dead vehicles:

    I find this alarm signals quiet anoying please give me the option to dont play this sound.

    Jammer Granades:

    Jammer nades are in but not the way people expected them.
    Bring back the old eletronic magnetic impuls (emp) or short jammer granades.
    The standard item of the auraxis infantery soldier who is going out into the battlefield.

    Not only they are counter to vehicles (disables function to shoot for a few seconds),
    but also they make explosives explode! (C4, mines, claymores)

    Hacked terminals:

    Hacked terminals should be hacked for a specific time and not forever.
    The higher the hacking skill the longer it will be stay hacked.


    They are way too easy to camp and this because of the missing indoor structure of the bases.
    Especially the spawn of the outposts are soooo easy to camp.

    On amerish it became harder or nearly impossible for ground vehicles but not for aircrafts.

    At the moment this game is too focused on vehicle fighting actually for me there are very few moments im leaving my tank.
    The last few meters can be taken by some randoms once i destroyed the ams and start to camp the spawns.

    I really suggest you dev´s to take another look on this post and if you dont want to create thin places
    then use bigrooms (halls) to let some only infantery based fights happen!

    click me!
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  2. Ostbahn

    We really need indoor battles!
  3. Chambermade

    The HUD needs so much work still... And XP sharing is more than overdue.
    Thumbs up for your suggestions!
  4. forkyar

    no we do not,we need people to stop crying about nothing
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  5. Crashsplash

    I agree with all of these. I've played nearly six months now and fundamentalproblems are still present.
    The ui, the poor defensibility of bases, the lack of empire coordination tools, the dominance of vehicle over infantry fighting.
    It's not like all this hasn't been pointed out previouly and it's not like improvements haven't been suggested.
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  6. Arcanum

    Good thread. Hope SOE can listen to this. XP sharing is great, but may lead to people making specialized farming squads, maybe even with KD or BR requirements which is bound to upset some players and get me kicked out of them.

    About the prowler, they could make it so you can deploy in movement, basically so that you can start deploying at full speed, it would actually add some depth to prowler tactics(you'd have people specializing in sliding and landing just right) and allow for more aggressive fights if it's not too OP. Maybe nerf it or make the reload rate be a little less the lvl1 deployed reload rate when not fully stationary?

    Or make it work more similarly to the Vanguard shield with a light maneuverability/speed penalty and small duration.

    But there is a problem with this approach to tank balancing, it assumes the main purpose in the game of all the tanks isn't just shelling things but actually fighting other tanks. I don't know what it is for sure.
  7. DROP

    Great ideas! Changes like this would allow me to consider putting money into the game.
  8. Psychophonic-RNX

    And what about the 3 man tank is it coming?
    Wasn´t it promised?
  9. Psychophonic-RNX

    Assists kills:

    In addition to vehicle sharing assists needs also to be counted inside vehicles.
    Every assist you make should be counted. This rewards teamplay at least somehow.

    A liberator pilot for example doesnt get assists when his bomber does kills.
    A person that flies all the time will not even have a bad k/d even more he will
    have nothing that rewards him - exp is bad compared to the bomber and also
    you look like a rookie, please show the people that they made a good job.
    Count my bombers kill as my assist and when i had repaired a max and he makes
    a kill i assisted him by his fight against the enemy and this is important!
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  10. Big Cyz

    why? game is fine how it is. xpo sharing adoes nothing and is unneccesary
  11. DerUnf4ssbare

    "game is fine"? it is not. it is obvious that you have no clue.
    xp sharing benefits those who decide to work together and encourages teamplay.

    on topic:
    ammo sunderer needs to get xp from rearming empire vehicles.
    sometimes im the only guy around giving out ammo to the vehicle zerg, and all i get is 17 xp from my two squadmates.
    i dont even get xp for platoon rearming!
    that is ridiculous and very frustrating.
    after all the sunderer isnt cheap and has a huge target painted on it.
    pulling one and investing your time to support you empire, instead of soloing, should be rewarded.
    but right now i only do it if my squad has tanks rolling. i dont give a damn about my empire running dry atm.
  12. Psychophonic-RNX

    Agreed supporter roles needs to be rewarded better in this game.
    Lonewolfs are getting benefited too much already!
  13. quicKsanD

    Ok I agree with you on squad XP they to have some sort of shared XP. Where it takes from you're own XP is debatable, maybe they just get a 10% - 25% credit for your actions.

    Also I agree with you base design criticisms let keep posting about them so SOE will listen and redesign these indefensible bases.
  14. Psychophonic-RNX

    Showing equipment:

    The amount of already placed tankmines, claymores (antiperson-mines) and C4
    needs to be shown on the HUD. At the moment you never know if your mines
    are still there or if they are already gone.

    Also it would be nice to show friendly equipment on the map (toggle equipment)
    and show your own stuff in another color then the rest of your empire.
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  15. fdykn

    FULLY AGREED to the suggestions!

    Hate the screen shaking and those showing distances are ridiculous. I see platoon members who are on the other side of the map...
  16. Psychophonic-RNX

    Copy and paste:

    Inside the notifications there should be copy and paste available.
    The Killspam should also be shown in the notifications.

    Since the most cheaters are using names with small L´s and big i´s combined
    they have names like lllIIIllIIIIllIIIIooLLLiiiLLLUUUUuIIIIllll.

    Since it is only possible to report people by typing the correct name
    this function would be very helpfull.
  17. Psychophonic-RNX

    Errrmmm i mean there should be not only a short notification on the screen when you got killed.
    Please show the last few kills in a list and give us a copy and paste function in beta it was in
    so why did you removed it?
  18. JOups

    Agree to all of this stuff... And FOCUS ON BASE DESING AND INDOOR