[VS] Pulsar C Or Solstice SF?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kensharma, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Kensharma

    Which is better and at what?


    What about the VX6-7?
  2. dec3ptor

    Also wondering this, how are these compared to the stock gun also? i have cash to spend and want the best carbine i can get.
  3. Kensharma

    Yeah, I am in the air between:

    Solstice, VX6-7, Pulsar (already have it from alpha squad) and Solstice SF
  4. Witchkrapht

    Solstice kills me more than any other VS weapon...just saying
  5. Kensharma

    Thats because it's the default, most players can't buy better cause the game just came out.
  6. Patchwork

    Pulsar C is my personal choice because it's the closest VS come to the NC standard Mercenary LA weapon.

    And that weapon (NC default LA) is my favorite gun in the game currently aside from my snipers. Such a good feel and amazing TTK, hence my choice on Pulsar C.
  7. FFLaguna

    VX6-7 has amazing rate of fire. It's my current weapon of choice.
  8. NDroid

    I haven't tried the Pulsar C or the Solstice SF yet but the VX6-7 is my personal favorite for the LA. Its great for close to medium range combat- fast RoF and good damage makes you very effective. It's not great at longer ranges as it's not that accurate but you can make do with single fire. A thing to note though is that it burns through your ammo fast, so if you're not accurate enough you'll quickly find yourself with an empty mag before your enemy.
  9. Kensharma

    So Pulsar vs VX6-7?

    I can either use the pulsar I got from alpha and buy the 15ammo pistol or buy the VX6-7, can't do both.

    What do you recommend?
  10. Bogarth

    Buy the VX, the other pistol is worse than the default imo.
  11. grin

    The Pulsar C kills in 6 body or 3 head shots as opposed to the Solstice/VX6-7 7 body or 4 head shots. The solstice has better recoil and ADS spread characteristics over the pulsar C and VX6-7. The VX6-7 has much higher rate of fire giving it about 17% higher dps than the others.

    I personally prefer the VX6-7 with a laser dot and reflex sight. The recoil pattern on it is harder to work with in ADS, but with practice and the high ROF on it, it more than makes up for it in my opinion. It is also one of the few weapons that performs as well or better in hipfire(with laser sight). This lets you maintain a mobility advantage over opponents that must Aim down sight to accurately hit.

    bs dam5.75
    hs dam11.5
    dps bd66.3
    dps hd132.7

    Pulsar C:
    bs dam6.75
    hs dam13.5
    dps bd63.3
    dps hd126.6

    bs dam5.75
    hs dam11.5
    dps bd78.2
    dps hd156.4

    In short. Pulsar C has lowest shots to kill, Solstice is best recoil/ads accuracy, VX6-7 has best DPS(ttk) and hipfire accuracy.
  12. Scrangos


    Interesting, though how would you factor in the certification options into it. Since VX has soft point bullets, Pulsar high velocity and solstice has none.

    Solstice has reflex 2x, Vx has no reflex 2x, pulsar has reflex 2x and a 6x scope (velocity + 6x, poor mans sniper rifle?). Pulsar also has the option of doing compensator(only one with compensator) + grip for a lot more stability.

    In hindsight, velocity seems pointless for VS since our bullets shoudnt drop in the first place, maybe it helps with the damage degradation over distance.
  13. grin

    Afaik, velocity is meant to reduce the lead you have to have on moving targets at range. Bullet travels faster so you don't have to lead so much. From the description, I would think that the HV ammo also has less damage degradation at range.

    Personally I can't stand the 2x reflex. It , to me, takes longer to get the sight up, and I like to use reflex at very short range sometimes.

    Solstice is just default and has default stuff. It is a middle ground weapon between the two, and it's free.

    You seem to be spot on in terms of the Pulsar C. It does not have any better dps than the others but it would stand to reason that with the 6x and the compensator it would be a very good longer range weapon. It's damage and rof would indicate this too. It would be more useful for a long range weapon to have higher damage and lower rof than the reverse. Meaning you have to hit with less rounds to kill.

    The VX6-7 with soft point rounds would be even more devastating in close to medium range. The description of the soft point ammo is a bit odd though. It says it increases wounding ability at medium range. I'm not sure if this means point blank to medium range, or only at medium ranges while leaving short and long range the same. I would have to test this :D

    Each weapon has upgrades that suit it's apparent purposes. VX6-7 short/mid range damage dealer, Pulsar C long range. It's up to you what fits your playstyle
  14. Davinel

    VX is my preference. Because if you are shooting people from long distance with LA - you probably doing something wrong and better off with another class...
    Nova is good, but a bit too short range. And expensive. I trialed it and inside the base it was amazing, so I think i'll buy it in the future.

    But, if nonetheless you prefer long range then pulsar is the way to go.
  15. Lazaruz

    I've grown to like my Pulsar-C a lot. I currently have only 2x reflex sight, but I do pretty well with it.
    Less bullets to kill saves my ammo. That way I don't have to cert into ammo belt, and can use extra C4's or grenades instead.
    Currently contemplating about the other attachments, thinking about High velocity rounds and a compensator. I'm curious about that 2x forward grip, got no idea if it will have any effect. Common sense would suggest that it's there for a reason, but then again a bolt action sniper can also cert into it...
  16. Scrangos

    Well, grin posted the recoil/ads of each gun so you get an idea which ones benefit from horizontal and vertical reduction. He didnt explain it on this thread but the left side by the green line on the pic is simply holding down the button, the middle one is iron sights controlling recoil and the right one is hipfire controlling recoil.
  17. Undead Clown

    Shotguns are only close range until you unlock Slug Rounds, then you can 2 shot people 50m away, or 1 shot to the head.
  18. grin

    Thanks for filling in where I forgot to explain :D

    I did enjoy shotguns with slugs in beta. It ends up being like the scout rifle but with better TTK and better hipfire spread. I found that the slugs didn't damage degrade or drop over large range. This made the slugs actually better than scout rifle in a few ways. Only issue is that you get a max 4x scope, but that was plenty for me at the time. Slug shotty is a high risk, high reward weapon. If you can hit every time, it is amazingly powerful at nearly every range. If you miss even once, your chances of dieing increase dramatically.

    I'm now curious about the slugs with pandora(auto shotgun) :D
  19. Cosmir

    My biggest problem is running out of ammo and not being able to kill anybody else. The Pulsar Compact is the most efficient weapon in regards to Damage Per Bullet. (I like to use a grenade bandolier.)

    I'm avoiding the VX6-7 because even though it's the deadliest weapon, it has the potential to be very ammo-inefficient.

    Unfortunately they removed that one kickass carbine that was in the beta. I forget the name, but it had the highest Damage Per Bullet out of any carbine and a very low ROF. It was ideal for my method of mid-range killing from behind enemy lines. I don't really care about having an assortment of close range carbines with burst fire modes, I just want a slow firing, hard-hitting carbine, without having to play as the scummy NC. The Pulsar Compact is the best for that role at the moment.
  20. Perk-i

    VX6-7 is just beastly. Sure it eats ammo, and is useless beyond grenade throw range, but it's just so damn good at short to middling short range. LA just doesn't have anything else good enough at longer ranges to give up the short range advantage. Trying to fight at range with any carbine is just asking to be chewed up by heavier weapons. Instead of taking pot shots, use the terrain and close the gap.
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