[VS] Pulsar C Or Solstice SF?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kensharma, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Maeludir

    How do you justify the lack of underbarrel grenade launcher?
  2. Blitzkrieg

    By being able to shoot more dudes in the face with ease.
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  3. Phob8s

    I don´t know, i get my *** handed to myself against other LAs with stock carbines like the TR and NC ones, no matter if point blank or from mid range. I hit them and all, but they hurt more and i got lvl3 HP cert.
  4. Maeludir

    Patently untrue: grenade isn't just a 1hk on lights, it's AoE. One well placed GL shot will do more damage than a whole mag of VX.
  5. Grievance

    vx6-7 was my favorite gun of beta by far, but with how fast is spits lazors you will spend half your time with a pistol ;)
  6. Pantokrator

    I'm avoiding the VX6-7 specifically because of the ammo issue. I run out of ammo enough with the base Solstice carbine, I don't need it to be any worse! That, and the bloody cost of the thing. I think I'll be going with the Pulsar-C or Solstice SF with soft point ammo.
  7. Eyeklops

    In beta I ran the VX6-7 with lvl3 ammo belt and quickly sent 1000+ enemies to the respawn tube with it. Truly an amazing gun. The only thing the VX6 needs to be effective is lots of ammo.

    I also used the long range carbine, but found the under barrel grenade launcher to be underwhelming. Yes, theoretically you can kill 2~3 enemies in one shot, but after a long hard look at the bigger picture, I found that having a full time ADS accuracy increase (forward grip) netted me more kills per run. The only time the nade launcher got equipped was when I was being camped in a spawn and close to a terminal for quick nade resupplies. That being said, when equipped with a suppressor, forward grip, and 3.4x sight, the long range carbine was downright evil for medium range stealth ops.

    I'll also add that nano-weave can be a crutch. If your constantly running out of ammo, and actually getting kills, using nano-weave instead of the ammo belt is probably reducing your overall effectiveness.
  8. Wallonthefloor

    What confused the **** out of me as an alpha squad member is that the Pulsar C was the default weapon in the beta, and I assumed the Solstice was better because you had to buy it with certs, but upon the full game release I got both guns for free and I assumed the Pulsar C was still the starting wep, but its not, and I thought the solstice was still better and I bought my upgrades for that :/
  9. Flarestar

    Solstice SF. It's got absurd accuracy during sustained fire, and in this game that counts for a lot more than hitting harder, since every hit completely borks their aim.

    Also, underbarrel smoke/grenade launcher.
  10. Davinel

    Solstice SF has the same bloom-per-shoot COF as Solstice and VX6-7 and almost the same recoil. So they has identical accuracy.

    Actually it's something like that:
    Pulsar-c - much higher vertical recoil, than other carabines, higher bloom-per-shot, than others(so - less accurate), and lowest rof(570rpm), but highest damage-per-shot(167). So it's like NC weapon. Actually I quite like it. Recoil - not a problem, I can easily control it. COF - bad, but I can deal with it with some triger discipline. But with higher damage-per-shot I spen less bullets and can kill much more enemies without running out of ammo.
    Solstice SF has "normal" recoil, "normal" bloom-per-shot and slighrly higher rof(645rpm), than pulsar-c(but slightly lower, than Solstice) and "normal" damage-per-shot(143). So it's descent weapon as is, and shines with upgrades.
    VX6-7 - normal recoil, bloom-per-shot and damage. Much higher rof(800 rpm). Lowest bullet velocite and for VS it means, that not only you will have difficult times shooting moving target, but your long-range damage will be lower.

    Some math.
    VX6-7 has TTK 0.525(100% accuracy). Lower the better.
    Pulsar-c has TTK 0.630
    Soltice SF has TTK 0.651

    TTK for 33% accuracy(more real)
    VX6-7 - 1.57
    Pulsar-c - 1.89
    Soltice SF - 1.95

    If we count in COF.
    WIth ADS
    VX6-7 and Soltice has the same COF. standing still starting COF is 0.1
    Pulsar-c has lower COF(lower - better) - 0.03.
    But VX6-7 bloom-per-shot 0.05 and pulsar-c - 0.06
    So, if we assume 33% accuracy VX need 21 bullet to kill target and pulsar-c - 18.
    Ending COF for VX will be
    0.05*21+0.1 = 1.15
    Ending COF for pulsar-c will be
    0.06*18+0.03 = 1.11
    So pulsar-c is actually MORE accurate with ADS than VX/Soltice despite higher bloom-per-shot, because it needs less bullets to kill and rof doesnt really mean anything at mid-long range, cause you cant go full-auto on them anyway.
    But VX is much more deadly at close range, cause starting COF for hip fire is identical, VX has lvl2 laser sight, VX has soft-point ammo and it's harder to miss at point-blank.

    So to sum it up.
    Pulsar-c is good all-around gun with very good mid-long range and descent close range(with LS).
    VX is deadly at close range, ok at mid range and garbage at long range.
    Soltice is worst of them for everything but has best versatility with different ammo choices and underbarrels.

    So it is entirely depends on your playstyle. I run out of ammo to quickly with VX and I dont really like underbarrels(LS ftw) so for now I'm using pulsar-c.
    Maybe if they add ammo-scavenging I will switch to VX.
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  11. Maeludir

    Great post Davinel, really appreciate the depth of it.

    Having been convinced to try the VX6 by this thread, I've found myself gravitating back towards the SF, and here's why: the VX6 is the superior killer, no doubt about it. But it's the wrong kind of killing for a LA: it's effectively an SMG and we rely on range. Same as the shotguns, it forces us to give up our advantage in order to kill.

    So I'll stick with the SF & Underslung Nade Launcher. Moreover I'll wait til High Velocity turns into a damage buff and pick that up too. The longer effective range an LA has, the greater survivability he has, the more able he is to perform his role.
  12. Velron

    That really depends on what you consider the LA role. I personally do not engage long range almost ever, I feel the opposite to you. I think our role IS up close and personal... No one else is better at flanking and putting bullets into someone's back from the window 2 feet away.

    I've finished all the upgrades I wanted for my VX6-7. Gonna work on pulsar c next probably (thanks for the detailed post Davinel)
  13. TehPik

    I got the SF with 2x reflex, compensator, hv ammo and underslung GL. Its great but kinda buggy:

    1. Sometimes the GL doesnt reload from ammopacks
    2. Sometimes you cant switch from GL to Mainweapon directly. You have to equip the pistol and then switch to the carbine.
    3. Sometimes when strafing the reflexsight goes off the center in the direction in which you strafe. As soon as you hit fire the sight jerks back into the center. Can be fixed by changing to pistol/gl a few times.

    Couldnt find out why these 3 problems occure only sometimes.

    and the biggest problem i have:

    4. Changing weapons or resupplying on a sunderer/terminal always resets the firemode to full auto.

    Sounds kinda broken, but other than those problems its a great gun. ;)
    I like that you can build the SF to completly different playstyles without having to change to another gun.
    You can slap a lasersight(or underslung shotgun)+softpoint on it for CQ, equip a smoke grenade launcher for c4 runs, etc. etc.
  14. Winterspawn

    As soon as I got the Pulsar C I immedeatly got a much better K/D ratio than with my slightly upgraded Solstice. On long and medium ranges it's a LOT better and on short ranges it seems to be a bit more powerfull as well. The slower rate of fire also makes you reload a bit less.
  15. Pat22

    As a Light Assault, I need to use my mobility to flank and outmaneuver enemy forces in order to get the jump on them and deal as much chaos as I can to their lines before they realize where I'm shooting them from, allowing my other ground-locked allies to proceed.
    To this effect, I believe carrying the maximum amount of explosives with you is the better idea, allowing you to devastate enemy lines in seconds.
    The Solstice SF's underbarrel grenade launcher, accompanied with grenades, grenade belt and C4 pretty much fit that description.

    Plus I did once get a pentakill with a single grenade from the grenade launcher. It's quite useful.

    However I do find myself wanting to try out the Pulsar C as well, for the higher damage and lower fire rate. That means the recoil should be easier to control since you have more time between each shot to adjust, and your magazines will last longer.
    If it had a grenade launcher available for it, I'd definitely get the Pulsar C.