[Video] Testing Rank 5 Aegis Shield damage absorption in-combat

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Spadar, May 22, 2013.

  1. Spadar

    It actually holds up decently well against small arms, but any explosive will drop it extremely quickly. A Decimator does something like 40% of the shield's health.

    Also damage seems to leak through for some reason.

    And this video is not meant to be l33t gameplay or showing off tactics, it's just me sticking myself in front of enemy gunfire and seeing how the shield handles it.
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  2. Dethfield

    Thats wierd, because i have had great success with it. The enemy seems to have a very hard time taking my shield down in general. Infact, i managed to pretty much nullify LA C4 multiple times, with plenty of shield energy to spare.

    As for the "damage leak", a little testing revealed that the "hitbox" of the shield is pretty much the same as visible model, so very small section like your right foot can still be hit because there just barely out of the shield protection. No surprise a few rounds manage to find their way there.
  3. Spadar

    I really find that whenever my opponents primarily use small arms the shield lasts for quite a while, but throw a HA with a deci, MAX with Fractures, or other explosive source in the mix and it'll last as little as a second or two.
  4. TorigomaSET

    Can you link the URL, for some reason my Browser is blocking all embeded Vids
  5. Ganjis

    If you hit "Reply" under a post it shows the URL for you..
    <quote="Spadar, post: 1760421, member: 40771"><media=youtube>tav3kyXPjEc</media>

    Edit, you need to put in YouTube.com/ in front of the alphanumeric blurb
  6. TorigomaSET

    Thanks for the tip.
  7. Kireles

    Wonder if it's leaking damage because the shield isn't rendering to some of your opponents...
  8. TorigomaSET

  9. Ev3ntHorizon

    I have been Using my shied (rank4) for senf and vehicular defense, trying my best to get in the line of fire between damaged sunders and lolpodders, no aircraft has managed to take my shield down yet and many sunders have been saved and many lolpodders vety very annoyed with me. Ive deflected Dalton fire like it was a rubber ball. I cant say that i have seen the decimation make 40% damage to the shield yet and i have been it by a lot of them
  10. illgot

    does crouching and moving block more?
  11. Ev3ntHorizon

    From my use of it it seems to block more, including more to the left and right as the shield is turned on its side and clips in to the floor
  12. illgot

    I'm interested in this. But I am more of a solo player and have not invested anything into the max.
  13. Ev3ntHorizon

    I find it excellent for lone wolf. Out in the open and come up against a tank, pop the shield take the hit, drop it and fire, pop the shied take the next hit, your onyl vulnerability is to being rammed. attacked by lol podders in the open? as long as you have good timing they will run out of ammo before you run out of shield (recharge whilst they turn for next attack run). Infantry more of a problem depends on your load out, but the survivability it grants allows you to be more adventurous in weapon choice (mixing types). mixed weapon typed will of course drop your damage output through the floor but the extra survivability seems to off set it just well enough to be viable
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  14. Swordlord

    Although often fun, lone-wolfing in a MAX isn't the best tactic as they are too dependent on Engineers for repairs and ammunition. But if you're alone defending a small outpost or a section of a larger base, Ev3ntHorizon's suggestions are very helpful.
  15. Spadar

    40% might be a bit high, but it's at least 1/3rd of the shields health.
  16. Dethfield

    I think you need to remember that the decimator is one of the powerful weapons in the game damage-wise (2000 dmg i believe), so yes, its going to take alot more HP off your shield than small arms. But still, it is definitely not 40% at level 5. Also, we all know the shield is not indestructible and can be taken down with enough focus fire, which is fine. That means the enemy is concentrating all of their fire/resources on your easily rechargable shield while your teammates can shoot them back without interruption.

    The recharge rate is another thing to consider. At level 5, it takes what, 10 seconds or so recharge from 0-100%? Hell, you dont have to wait for it to get that low, you can recharge it at any time. The shield appears to be a rather simply ability at first glance, but after using it for 2 days now, i can tell you it is way more complex both stat and tactics wise.

    The Aegis shield is great, but you still need to play it smart, it wont, nor should it, make you invincible.
  17. Spadar

    You're acting like I'm complaining about something. I'm just reporting it as I see it. The Decimator quite obviously does deal at least a third of the shield's health at rank 5, see the video above. 40% was not that far off considering it was an eyeballed guess.

    Either the shield has resistance against small arms, or explosives deal bonus damage in a manner similar to how an AV turret can kill a Sunderer in less rockets than it takes to kill a MBT.

    Realize that I care little about the balance implications of these facts, you won't often find me on the ground. I just figured I'd spend some time figuring out how the shield behaves when taking damage.
  18. Dethfield

    Im sorry, didnt mean to come off like i thought you were complaining. You are correct in that the decimator does do a fair amount of damage to the shield. I would actually l like to know some of the actual stats of the shield (hint hint someone!), but i heard somewhere that at rank 5, the shield has 10000 hitpoints. If this is true, then a decimator hit takes 20% off, which is still a fair amount. Im also curious as to what the exact timer is on the "recharge activation" and actual recharge time.
  19. Bape

    All I saw is everything I hate about the shield? Don't know if you were just testing how much damage it can take but all I saw was just taking damage didn't show how useful it can be or anything which is hard with how quick that shield goes down you basicallty won't even make it to CQC range. They need to increase the dam HP back to the original so there can actually be strategy rather "Take one for the team"
  20. Spadar

    20% doesn't match the observational damage taken from a Decimator with a rank 5 shield. The shield I used in that video is at max rank.

    As for the recharge activation timer and the recharge time:

    I got these numbers through video editing, from the first frame the shield breaks to the first frame you get one pip of shield health back and so on.

    Recharge Activation: 5 seconds
    Time after Activation to full recharge: 9 seconds