[VIDEO]Liberator Update: Is It Any Good

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  1. eldarfalcongravtank

    great vid and i gotta agree. this wasn't really a good update. no new weapon or gimmick really sounds interesting to me. and i'll most likely stick to my autorep+dalton/zepher+bulldog setup for my ac-130 ground bombardment liberator

    the way i see it:
    spur = worse vector
    duster = worse zepher
    hyena = solid against aircraft but useless against ground
    new comp armor = autorepair is still superior, especially when escaping
    new afterburner = firesuppression is still superior in combat
    new racer airframe = could be an option but high-g is still the best allround choice

    in fact, the best thing regarding this update is the angle increase on the second gunner seat. but even that is pretty useless when you don't have a second gunner most times anyway. that said, i seriously question SoE's ability to add anything useful other than more cosmetics to this game
  2. iMartyr

    Me and my gunners have thoroughly enjoyed this update. Hyena, afterburner, shared XP, and adjustments to the tail gun have increased the level of fun and feeling of contribution to a fight.
  3. IamnotAmazing

    has sasha emotionally recovered from his depression yet? :p

    apparently you can go as fast as a reaver now, that's kind ridiculous
  4. FaLI3N

    Everyone keeps saying great video but I would like to point out that the in-game volume is a bit too loud and it is hard to hear you, particularly during the shredder part because that thing is dam loud and the flak hitting you doesn't help :p

    Between the amount of bugs this update has introduced and the sheer amount of liberators/ESF in the skies at the moment though it really sucks to be a tanker. It is becoming harder and harder to find decent tank battles let alone flank on them as every time armor starts to mass air comes in and wipes the floor with them. :)
  5. AgentSpades

    There is no doubt that the new guns need some minor adjusting, but some of you guys are going way overboard on how "terrible" this update is. Just like how some of you guys went overboard on the death board as well, saying **** like "It's the death of planetside", give me a break. Chill out, there are 3/3 gunships now, crew experience all around, increased speed, better afterburner, the list goes on. It's not a bad update, definitely not the "best" update, but whenever they do a balance round on all the weapons we'll see how it pans out. I enjoy flying my gunship more often now then I did before by far.
  6. CptFirelord


    You asked if it's worth it to fly in the tail gunner seat? Absolutely. Even if you get the majority of the damage on a Liberator now with the new assist experience mechanics in your ESF, you're still only getting roughly 100exp for the assist, while the Belly / Tail / Pilot of the Lib are chuckling, each sharing 300 exp for just sitting there, or 600 for killing the lib + the crew.

    The one complaint I've heard about this is that it doesn't promote team oriented gameplay. "If you're not going to be getting any notable experience from the kill, why bother" is what I've heard over and over again from people who I would consider very dedicated pilots.

    TL;DR Why pull a mossie when you can get twice as much exp from the tailgun.


    @WycliffSlim and @Excidium

    I feel like SOE is just half-assing the majority of their updates when it regards to vehicles or anything that requires skill / knowledge to use effectively, and to use properly.

    The most recent of these, obviously the Liberator update, brought around the nerf of the Dalton v. Liberators. If you were good enough to land 2 shots on a liberator while skywhaling, you DESERVED that kill. Now with the new changes.. it just defeats the purpose of using a Dalton for anything. The one thing the Dalton was great at, the Shredder is now better at.
  7. Volccis

    I got also those feelings after the ESF patch which I waited for about 5-6 months. Especially I was looking for the Mass Drivers (the railgun secondary gun) but at the end we got:

    -Coyotes (meh/too good)
    -Hornets (meh)
    -"Locusts" (meh)
    So all new weapons werent that good. Just like yours, 1 of them is good and surprise its heat-seeking easy to use weapon.
    -Change to lock-on missiles (good)
    -Change to Extra AB Pods (good)
    -Change to Fire Suppression (good/maybe too powerful)
    -Engagement Radar (nice idea but the range is too low to give up Flares/Fire SPRN)

    There was of course more other changes in ESF patch and overall it felt bigger patch than Liberator patch. However the ESF patch was also a big disappointment too but after couple of months now I wouldnt want to go back. The game is better with the patch than without it and my reaction was similar to yours, I expected more what I got.

    Get your heads up and look at the good changes :)
  8. Pikachu

    Oh you'll get your lovely quad cannon. :) While NC are hitting you harder than ever with almost hitscan.

    About class&vehicle updates in general. I think raven is the only good new weapon added so far. The others are either useless (s12 renegade) or nobody uses them (lancer) or they were/are overpowered (striker). Raven is the only one that is useful, popular and no one complains about.
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  9. WycliffSlim

    Well, it still doesn't last anywhere near as long. And I was having so much fun in Indary canyons last night.
    1: Hide in Canyone.
    2: Wait for ESF to fly over.
    3: AB underneath ESF upside down.
    4: Tankbuster
    5: Avoid burning wreckage while feeling slightly dirty about killing that clueless BR20.

    I figured out the reason for this. It has to do with my headphones and the levels on it. That's why some people are having a problem and some aren't. Should be fixed in the next video.
  10. WycliffSlim

    The problem most of us have is the fact that we got nothing real out of the update that couldn't have been done at any point.

    You're absolutely right, crew XP, Afterburners, Increased speed. Those were all GOOD things. BUT, they could have been changed at any point with some numbers. What we were looking forward to were the new weapons and potentially ideas that were only possible during Liberator Update time and we really didn't get much from that.
  11. AgentSpades

    Ya I understand, you guys sights were super high. I've come crappier supported indie games where any change is a great change. So the change we got, I was moderately satisfied with, knowing full well the next patch will most likely revamp the weapons we got some what.
  12. FaLI3N

    No worries just thought I would let you know as the rest were just giving positive feedback on the information.
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  13. IamnotAmazing

    I fixed it for you :)
  14. Excidium

    Afterburner was better in combat (both air and ground) before the patch, now its light years ahead of FS. Gotta learn how to manage the fuel and when to use it. Helps avoid getting jumped by tank busters/daltons and to close he gap after high speed turns. I dump on FS libs all day every day.
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  15. dstock

    If there is more than one, you're still screwed without backup/better having an ESF escort than tail-gunner.
    Velocity on Hyenas is 150m/s, compared to Dalton's 250m/s. Try leading even more. They aren't great, they just represent a different useable option, unlike the other two new weapons. Also, in contrast to what someone said above, they are basically laser-accurate in dumbfire mode, and are solid for mopping up lonely meatbags or assisting on armor kills with the belly gun.
    I'm curious how many Libs you were killing with Dalton double taps? Now, of that number how many were good enough that you could feel you accomplished something (videogame standards) by killing them?

    Dalton is still the best option for medium/long-range AV work. As long as the Shredder keeps it's absurd damage dropoff, that will not change.

    The Shredder has a real niche now. What a shame.
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  16. CptFirelord


    Quite a few actually, and when I would get my second crunch on a member of QRY, NNG, sometimes TGWW or DA.. it would feel amazing. Shredder's 'niche' is the all-rounder the Dalton used to be.
  17. IamnotAmazing

    a stock reaver goes 215, then 349 with afterburner
    a racer reaver goes 260 with 370 afterburner

    a racer lib goes 241 ( granted the acceleration sucks) and 270 with afterburner

    that's ridiculous

    a lib goes faster than a reaver, what on earth is going on here

    there's a reply button
  18. dstock

    The Shredder was always the all-rounder >_<

    That the Dalton was, is a design flaw, IMO.

    Just read my bit on the first page about giving scrubs a chance. The irony is, if we weren't so good at killing our fellow Lib players, some less effective Libs might make it to the front lines, and prove to the whiners just how 'invincible' they really are. My point is, ****** newbies hurts all sides.

    That said, I'm still having fun killing new FOTM-ers with my TB/Hyena 1/3. Oh, the lols...

    Also, I'm not trying to be rude, but it's a good general practice to actually quote someone when you reply, so they can see your response. Not quoting people implies you don't actually want them to see the response. Just my two cents :)
  19. Rhaegal

    I might have been with ability to survive one more Dalton shot at best. But that was over nerfing. IMO, that was also so not helpful for newer pilots. Newer pilots now get one-clip more than ever.
  20. WycliffSlim

    Racer is still a pretty big tradeoff frame wise. That being said... I might have to start running it when I fight NC. NO ESCAPE FROM THE TANKBUSTER! :D
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