[VIDEO]Liberator Update: Is It Any Good

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WycliffSlim, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. IamnotAmazing

    well the mossie isn't that fast either, and it's really not viable to run anything other than hover, so it might be viable against mossies, though I'd have to check
  2. CptFirelord


    I'd quote but most of this is from a funky laptop.. I try not to forumside while I'm actually playing the game :p

    If I could use the Reply button I would.. but all it does is blank out in the reply dialogue box..
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  3. dstock

    It's a big trade-off performance wise, but with the new audio, nothing cracks me up like sitting in the warp-gate, lifting up a tiny bit, throwing the pitch all the way back and pretending I'm a space shuttle taking off, lol. The climbing ability of this combo is truly insane now.
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  4. WycliffSlim

    YES!!! I do that EVERY time I take off!!!! :D
    I used to do it before too, but it's so much better now!
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  5. Dead soldier

    you never mentioned the new vektor. I love it and it can actually allow me to fight at longer range but lacks at AV work.
  6. WycliffSlim

    I didn't feel enough was different about the Vektor. I played with it a bit and my conclusion was basically the same as it was pre-patch. I didn't really feel the change made any real difference.
  7. Dead soldier

    i felt like it had a damage but but it might be placebo. I feel like I can unload 1/3-1/2 clip into a lib and finish it with the dalton. Before, I just liked it for the sound but it feels somewhat effective now.
  8. dstock

    It has a higher min damage value at max range now. I always thought it was decent for AA at long range, but it lacked the punch/dps for AV work. It is better now, IMO, but it still isn't worth using, sadly, besides dedicated AA loadouts.
  9. Krinsee

    I actually Like the New Update as a mostly dedicated Tailgunner I get a much more effective arc of fire and if used correctly the Rocket pods for the tail gun are great for close in dog fighting and light ground targets. Due to their slow rate of travel though they do become inneffective past 100m or so.