[Video] "Goodbye" - AC-X11 LA CQC Montage

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Skiptrace

    I noticed the Hipfire COF with Laser on the AC-X11 was pretty small, was it hard to control in CQC without ADS? was the first shot bloom and overall bloom hard to control for CQC, or did things just melt so fast that it didn't matter?
  2. Iridar51

    Well, even if a bit heavy, AC-X11 is still a carbine, after all. So it does enjoy better hip fire, and as far as 200 damage weapons go - the best, though it's still worse than for most ARs.

    There's no such thing as "first shoot bloom", there's only first shot recoil multiplier, which affects only recoil. For most weapons, recoil doesn't really matter within effective hip fire range. The only exception to this are SMGs, which have unusually long effective hip fire range and wild recoil.

    Things definitely don't melt that fast. AC-X11 has medium DPS of 1667, which is good, but not particularly awesome for CQC, and 200 damage weapons have a specific issue of being hard countered by Nanoweave 5, which increases bullets-to-kill from 5 to 7 (40% increase).

    Bloom is well balanced for 143-167-200 damage weapons. Higher damage weapons bloom more, lower damage bloom less. Overall, they bloom almost the same per point of damage done. Only time when bloom is an issue is for 125 damage weapons, which have the same bloom as 143 damage weapons.

    What makes AC-X11 bad when hip firing and in CQC in general is bullet damage / rate of fire ratio.

    With a high rate of fire weapon that sprays a shower of bullets in enemy's direction, you're guaranteed that you'll constantly be doing at least some damage to the enemy. You have no such guarantee with AC-X11. Hits will be doing a huge amount of damage, but if you miss - you'll be waiting through the long refire time to get another chance at a hit.

    When you hip fire, it's rarely possible to achieve 100% accuracy. Some bullets will be naturally missing, be it user's bad aim, or just randomness caused by cone of fire. So AC-X11's time-to-kill when hip firing will be wildly inconsistent.
  3. CrimsonEpsilon

    Iridar........................................................................................................................................ I love you.... For introducing me to this song. This exactly the kind of music I like and what I feel should be montage music. I really am not a fan of all the rap being used for montages and the WUBZ are getting old. You should really join OM3N for some NC action, we would love to have you and I feel that you would get some great killstreaks with us and lose your voice having so much fun. Trust me, I don't like being wrong.

    If you really like this song I would recommend these.

    Kamelot - Ashes to Ashes
    Kamelot - Memento Mori
    Offspring - Half Truism

    These are just three of many songs I could recommend, send me a pm if you like any. Keep it up pal.
  4. Naelyan

    laser sight AC-X11 is the loadout i've used the most and i love it, there is just something about it i was not able to feel with an other carbine and attachment combination (though i've decided to finish my carbines auraxium recently and enjoyed the burst carbine enough to do some extra kills with it...well around 2700 extra kills for now)
  5. Iridar51

    Thanks :) I myself find a lot of music I like in other people's montages, like Sabaton.
    Well thanks for the invitation, but I can't play on US servers due to ping.

    I've listened them, seemed like nothing special to me. I guess we look for different things in our music :)
  6. Skiptrace

    Now that I re-watch the video again (purely for the awesomeness and the song) why was someone's name on the board wiped out? I saw that, and was trying to figure it out... Some long story? or just someone wanting their name omitted in shame of being killed by you?
  7. Iridar51

    Pretty much that. I have no idea why, but I had no reason to not grant his request.
  8. TheKhopesh

    I LOVED using a silenced, laser sight Reaper DMR for CQC, and I auraxed it back before the Reaper and ACX got the stat buff in accuracy and the extra 4 rounds per mag.

    Only 225ish kill to go on my NS-11A Gold before I can for the 4th time in my character's life claim that I have auraxed every AR that an NC can unlock (including reskins, variants, and the directive AR).

    Then I think I'll go back to using the Reaper and the Gauss Rifle (Actually, I still haven't used the Gauss Prime since I auraxed it, and it's since gotten some greatly needed accuracy tweaks, so I might try that instead of the standard NC1).
  9. omfgweeee

    I loved ac11 and any other NC carabine i used but Razor. I hate Razor.

    Still i feel like NS11C is mo choise to go. I still havent found a situation which this wep cant handle. 0 recoil, perfectly accurate in all ranges, i do well even in CQC with it.

    As much i love my NC stuff i find NS11C best for well rounded carabine, better than Merc or its auraxed version (jeez i keep forget this weapon name)

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