[Video] "Goodbye" - AC-X11 LA CQC Montage

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Iridar51

    Enjoying a rather non-popular loadout with laser sight and no barrel attachment instead of mainstream adv. forward grip + compensator combo.

    The reasoning behind this is to knowingly sacrifice ranged ability for being at least somewhat competitive in CQC. It's not better or worse, it's just different. I don't recommend actually using this loadout, a Mercenary with laser would be a much better all-rounder.

    That said, the video itself is more about the song rather than the gun. I tried my best to synchronize the footage to music, but naturally the continuity and overall sense of what's going on had to be sacrificed.

    Watch in 1080p!

    If video has been blocked for your country, you can watch it on dailymotion instead.

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  2. Nehlis

    I might try this loadout, although its only 200 kills until i aruaxium the damn thing, then I'll put it away and never use it again....
  3. Iridar51

    If only for fun. AC-X11 has the best hip fire accuracy among 200 damage weapons, but it's not that good.
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  4. Nehlis

    Didn't know that. Now I really have to try it.
  5. CorporalClegg

    I rolled out with a laser sight on the ACX as well, but why no compensator? I think it only effects minimap detection distance. Am I missing somethin here, does it affect hipfire?
  6. Iridar51


    From my Gunplay Guide:
    Reduces directional (vertical) recoil at the cost of increasing starting hip fire cone of fire. Increases minimap detection range by 35m, by default it is 50m for LMGs and 40m for all other unsuppressed weapons.
    -15% Vertical Recoil (Exceptions: AC-X11 (20%) Reaper DMR + SABR-13 (25%))
    +20% Hipfire Cone of Fire


    Normally I recommend against using the Compensator, and 200 damage weapons are the only exceptions where I would maybe consider using.

    For ranges where I was fighting at without advanced forward grip, I didn't need the compensator, but for a ranged setup it can be worthwhile considering this gun is only good when scoring multiple headshots, and the hip fire accuracy even with the laser sight is not something to write home about.
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  7. VXMorte

    I dislike you right now Iridar.
    Not because I know you or have faced you in game, but simply because of how easy you make playing a LA seem;)

    On a more serious note, great vids and the music is awesome, will have to look that band up now.
    Thanks for the vids!
  8. DramaticExit

    The ACX-11 is the next carbine on my list to auraxium, once I'm done wth the NS11C. I kinda like trying unorthodox stuff, so this might be a fun way to do it.
  9. Nehlis

    I take back the part about never using it again. As soon as I auraxium the Razor, I'm switching back to the good old one-one. It was a bucking bronco to learn, but by comparison the Razor just feels so damn weak and unreliable. Being a whopping 2 damage tiers lower on average really hurts, the higher velocity doesn't do much in it's effective range, and the ACX benefits much more from higher accuracy at all ranges.
    I'm starting to wish I got the bandit instead of the razor now...
  10. kassad

    So you are using laser sight ? did you forgot to turn it on in video ?
  11. Iridar51

    No, I explicitly turned it off.

    In PS2, unlike BF, laser sight provides benefits regardless of whether it's turned on or off. So there is no upside to running around with turned on laser, it just gets in the way.

    Also, enemies aren't supposed to see your laser sight if you have it turned off, but there are bugs / unclear things about that particular mechanic, so just assume enemies will see the laser sight anyway.

    However, it becomes visible to enemies only when they're close to you.
  12. lilleAllan

    That's just crazy talk
  13. Nehlis

    Razor trades RoF to gain some velocity on the stock mercenary. If anything it makes it feel slightly weaker overall since neither drop nor leading is too noticeably different. Bandit has a higher RoF and magical .75 ADS, for worse cof and lower velocity.
    All in all I miss my AC X11. Straight up recoil, Monster damage (3 headshot kill up to 65ish meters with HVA), perfect standing accuracy, and all you give up is a lot of RoF and six bullets in a mag.
    The only reason I'm not using it is because I need to auraxium the Razor.
  14. lilleAllan

    With HVA Razor has 650 velocity - that's 150 over Mercenary and 100 over AC-X11 (HVA). Also, quickest NC carbine reload.

    Compared to mercenary, Bandit does not just have worse cof and velocity, but also 3 sec reload and 3 tiers of dmg drop off. It's the worst NC carbine imo.
  15. Nehlis

    The extra bullet velocity doesn't make a noticeable difference most of the time. Drop only becomes a factor at around 80ish meters, which is frankly the upper limit for any carbine. The difference for leading moving targets is also relatively unnoticeable until around 50 meters, in which case the 1-2 extra bullets needed more than the AC-X11 become significantly more noticable. At close ranges its easily outperformed by every other NC carbine except for maybe the AC. Bandit outperforms it within 45-50 meters, which is the most common carbine engagement range.
    Razor has more general versatility than either Bandit or AC-X11, but generally feels weaker as a short range or mid to longrange gun respectively.
  16. Iridar51

    I don't have any concrete research to back this up, but I've noticed something while using different guns:
    With some guns I notice the terribad velocity, that forces me to lead even at targets as close as 20m. With other guns I don't notice bad velocity.
    The thing is - this doesn't seem to correlate with the actual velocity of the weapon. NS-11C and AC-X11 have 550 m/s with HVA, yet I feel they have bad velocity. Merc has 500, Jaguar with SPA has ~420, yet I don't remember any issues with their velocity.

    Not sure what this is caused by, maybe I imagine it. But it surely isn't "I use weapons with factually worse velocity at closer range hence I don't notice it". I use weapons at all kinds of ranges, and like I said, with weapons with perceived bad velocity leading is required even at close range.
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  17. breeje

    yes i have noted this to
    and when i play with a weapon that i did not use fore a while it feels sometimes worse ore better
  18. Akfourtys

    Every time i watch someone's video or twitch stream i think to myself 'wtf'. I have this carbine auraxiumed and i took pain using it, because it was like shooting some kind of water pistol. And in this video gun is like twice powerful. I suspect something is wrong with my hitreg, because only guns that i can kill fast with are sgs and smgs, other guns are just like 'need to shoot the hole mag dude'. And ive tried this laser setup, tried compensator/grip/hv ammo setup. It was much better to land headshots with second one.
  19. DHT#

    This is basically me on a nightly basis. It's extremely frustrating to go back through captured video and see you landed 6 headshots with an AC-X11 on a guy and he didn't die. I don't think the devs have any idea the hit reg is as bad as it is for some people.
  20. _Kettenblatt_

    The AC-X11 is currently in use too. It makes fun! But the short clip and the low rpm take it badly when some shots miss the opponent and you die.

    Video editing looks/sounds good :)

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