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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Undead Clown, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Undead Clown

    What are the best anti-infantry weapons for the Vanu MAX? I only ever played the NC MAX during beta and loved the scattercannons, but the Vanu don't seem to have a shotgun variant.
  2. water fowl

    I use the default weapon, and a blue shift in the other hand. I melt most infantry pretty fast.
  3. ghnurbles

    I find dual Blueshift is the way to go. The increased accuracy is well worth having 10 less ammo per magazine.
  4. Cryptek

    dual blueshift is very very nice, means you can kill anyone dumb enough not to take cover at medium range. 10 less ammo isn't that big a deal considering how quickly the gun actually reloads.

    Also shotguns are purely a NC thing, just enjoy the fact that you can kill stuff more than 5 meters away ;p
  5. Blitzkrieg

    I love the Nebulas. Increased rate of fire for increased face melting.
  6. FrontTowardEnemy

    I tried testing the Blueshift vs the regular AI gun and the spread didn't look any different to me. I fired it at a wall at a controlled distance/target. Thoughts?
  7. Lazaruz

    I'm actually watching this thread very closely, since I haven't decided yet what I'm going to use.
    Just by looking at the possibly meaningless stats and descriptions in the store, I feel drawn to the Nebula. With Blueshift coming in as a close second, decisions decisions... Maybe I'll go for one of each :D
  8. LameFox

    I unlocked the blueshift because the standard gun was awful at anything beyond grappling distance, and... I feel as though nothing changed. The only reason it beats infantry up close is because it has more HP - I'd carry a normal weapon with it if I could.
  9. kukuman

    1 nebula 1 comet is the right deal for quick ttk : dual AI wont serve you on vanu as you cannot count on spray and pray or even aiming (shots will NEVER go at the crosshair center)

    1 comet will be an exellent and precise ranged weapon , and ends up in an exellent opener ( full shield+ half life ) or finisher ( OSHK ) when enemy shields are down .. nebula is here to pewpew the one receiving the bullet .... you can then have nearly 1 second ttk on a heavy with that combo , but dual ai for vs is really bad exept maybe extreme close range where you already have the fisting capabilities.
  10. Kail

    My experience has been different - I find using AI + AV combo indoors just fighting infantry as a fast way to rack up grief and self damage. And at ranged the best I have seen the Comet do is scare whatever infantry I hit back into cover until their shields come back. I can wreck groups of enemies with dual AI though, especially if they're kind enough to mostly stand in a line so I can just keep walking through them :)

    Edit: To answer the OP

    I'm currently using the Quasar-L and Blueshift-R. Trialed the faster fire rate one (I forget whether its the cosmos or nebula), but I wasn't too impressed with it. Gonna trial the last one soon, but I've been enjoying this setup so far.
  11. Sostratos

    I went with dual Cosmos and have never regretted my decision. My biggest problem with the Quasar was always how fast it burned through a magazine and left me in a lengthy reload, and the Cosmos provides excellent sustained fire capabilities.
  12. JackKellar

    So what do you guys would use as AI Max? Cosmo, Nebula or Blueshift? I'd like to know the characteristics from all three on performance, not on paper :)
  13. Deschain

    Blueshift for the cone of fire. 40 rounds per clip 720 stored in the tank, takes out HA's in about 10rounds its just a thing of purple beauty.
  14. Stromberg

    umm am I doing sth wrong? I was just comparing blue shift and cosmos shooting a wall and blue shift is less accurate ...
  15. Jonny

    I have no experience with blueshift, even though I wanted more accuracy as the spread is terrible on Vanu MAX AI. I was put off by the description saying blueshift was more accurate than quasar, while the accuracy bar showed the opposite.

    So I went for a nebula and the ROF increase is nice.
  16. Deathrus

    i went dual cosmos and love it. NEVER EVER RUN OUT OF AMMO and always lucky enough a engineer keeps me going.

    I've mowed down entire squads with a engy behind me.
  17. Deathrus

    I want tot ry the other ones now, since everyone has posted good feedback on them all. The cosmos is really good for solo as well, like the description says, you never go OOA and has a faster TTK than stock Q
  18. kukuman

    nebula > all other variants
  19. Grotpar

    I'm using Quasar + Blueshift.. Works well enough for me.

    I'm still less effective than a HA, but I guess the inherent tankiness makes up for that.
    I used dual blueshift as well, and it actually gave a lot of range(relative range, mind you), but you still can't expect any kind of precision shooting, trying to hit a HA who's poking his head out of cover is still completely pointless.

    I wish the MAX sucked less and costs more resources(balance), because this dual AI thing is fun.
    But going on a rampage with any other class is considerably easier, and doesn't require an engineer on your back.
  20. Deschain

    Yup the requirement that you need engineers to babysit you is an annoyance, i just get the AI Max out in biodome fights where yoou can get some good repair support. Resourse cost of such a highly depenedant class is beyond stupid in my opinion, it would be acceptable if the max was actually any damn good but its mediocre at best.
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