TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. KlyptoK

    I could understand them needing a buff if the TR max was the least used and was underperforming.

    The logic that a most used & slightly underperforming = needs a buff is totally beyond my comprehension.

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  2. Bape

    You gotta be ****** kidding me really? Seriously if he does not give NC max a medium range gun when they release the ****** flamethrower im never ever pulling a ****** NC max again and probably just go to VS since they now have a CQC/medium range option with ****** speed the ****.
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  3. Kevorkian

    Interesting and confusing at the same time.

    Mattocks are still highly effective post-GU11. NC max's main weakness isn't so much the range, as it is the ammo capacity. I can kill 3-4 times as many infantry on a VS and TR max before needing to replenish my ammo.
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  4. Bape

    So you are saying if there 3 infantry you can kill them faster then a Zoe vs max with blueshift in 15-20m range? What bothering me is TR/VS will have a CQC weapon option while NC get another CQC weapon.

    I agree with the sentiment that the TR MAX is just fine where it is right now. If at all Fractures need to be toned down against infantry considering the accuracy and velocity of those projectiles. Though to be frank, lockdown slightly sucks in my opinion. It absolutely wrecks w/ bursters and fractures, otherwise it's rather useless. I'd rather if it was toned further for bursters/ fractures, in exchange give us a small amount of small arms fire/ explosive resistance when in lock down mode. Or let us resist 1 brick of C4 with a sliver of health left by default when locked down. That'd at least make people consider using lock down coupled with AI weaponry in infantry heavy areas
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  6. Rayden78

    Its probably cause noone looks at the large picture anymore ... each class is only compared by K/D within itself.
  7. TimeyWimey

    Tr max definitely doesn't need a buff imo...
  8. CaptainRobust

    The only thing that the TR MAX really needs is to make Lockdown more useful. Other than that, I haven't noticed it underperforming at all.
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  9. vincent-

    No you won't hell these changes need some fixing here & there but quitting over a free to play game? You don't know what is a real nerf or real game change pain.
  10. Xasapis

    You're wasting your certs if VS is not your main. My guess is that part of the reason for the different usage between the abilities is because you get all there is to zoe from tier 1, plus you get a mini travel mode, which is not available to the other empires yet.

    The AI NC max still mops the floor vs a AI VS max (and in case you missed it, the k/d between NC & VS maxes is equal). I do have more success coming on top against NC maxes when going after them with AV weapons (comet). This AV tactic vs maxes is also successful against TR, although due to fractures being a lot more widespread, it regularly backfires on my face :).
  11. Shoza Nakh

    This days I don't pull NC AI MAX anywhere except air towers, all other places have to much open space for them now. I want pair of Mutilators for my big good robot, I don't want useless shotguns, take them away already.
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  12. Kevorkian

    I didn't say I could kill them faster, its not a discussion on TTK. I can kill them though. NC maxes should have at least double the ammo capacity they have now.

    But yes, some type of Dual Gauss rifle weaponry for the NC max would be much appreciated.
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  13. Kaesarr

    They don't need to buff TR maxes, just nerf the other two.

    Maxes don't need to be buffed.
  14. Bape

    lol the nc max already got nerfed and will get another nerf once the flamethrowers come out lol.
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  15. LonelyTerran

    Sounds extremely overpowered :eek:
  16. Frankdark

    I´m Running a TR Max
    It´s a nice Killer maschine but it has to major Problems way some work maybee buff would be goot.
    And also It´s not nesseserly a buff it can be a recread.

    VS and NC have Perfect anti TR Max Weapons.
    Overpowerd if Max is in Lockdown.

    That´s a big point why TR Max´s have Problems.

    Striker can´t hit maxes

    Next thing Lockdown with AI is stupid,
    outside a Biodome it´s stupid to Lockdown with AI weapons.
    ( total diffrent is the frakture; its outside perfect and incredibl with Lockdown )

    An option for Lockdown would be to make it more usefull;
    instead of 40% ( it is not more ) ROF and Speed Incress;
    make it
    add 30% ROF, Speed and Accuracy

    THis would be a Frakture nerf, ( like the most babys cry for )
    but a buff for AI Lockdown use.
  17. Goretzu

    This is totally bizarre.

    Tweet 1 - suggests the Aegis Shield is the worst.

    Tweet 2 - suggests TR MAX are the most used (significantly I'd guess otherwise why mention it) which speaks for itself.

    Tweet 3 - then suggests TR MAX buffs for no apparent reason. o_O

    Tweet 4 - then suggest VS MAXs are ahead and NC and TR are the same.

    Tweet 5 - then suggest that he has no understand of statistics a it is very unlikely that 0.9 vs 1.05 is statistically significant (i.e. they are effectively the same).

    All of which suggests the Devs don't seem to know what they mean.......... but are going to buff TR MAXs for some reason. :eek:
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  18. KanoHe

    I honestly can't find any words about how OP ZOE + Flamefrowers will be ...
    I'm not talking about DMG of Flamefrower while using Zoe ... It's mobility scale with cqc oriented weapon...
    Like charge + NC shotguns :D But that combo is balanced by cooldown and low Ammo Mag on NC shotguns...

    They should Remove ZOE and give VS Jumpjets :(
  19. Fumblewatt

    Imagine the "Nerf TR max" threads and the endless spam in-game. There is a reason VS max got their weapons buffed in GU07-08-09 and NC max/Mercies getting nerfed in the past, but now here we are with Higby contradicting himself and tells us that VS max always been better. Since fractures AI damage been untouched it still remains one of the most versatile weapons in the game, just like saron/enforcer except the elevation angle on the saron/enforcer. So go ahead Higs break your game further and look forward to the endless flaming.

    Edit: Oh forgot too mention about Higby's statement on too versatile weapons.
  20. LoneMaverick

    Undo the Mercy nerf and I'd be fine with TR MAXes, ATM the only range any of our chainguns have a decent TTK is well within hackmax range, I got a better TTK with pistols at +10m than with Mercies. Its the main reason you actually see some of our MAXes try to AI with fractures, because we have **** for range, no matter how many bullets you put downrange, if 10% of them hit you're still not killing anything.

    If you 1v1'd a TR max as a NC/VS MAX and lost, you might want to look into another game...
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