TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Goretzu

    Well more people cert Lockdown than Ageis Shield.
    Lockdown is certainly situational, but powerful when it is useful.
  2. Dragonblood

    Nah, it's useless.........I also thought it would have it purpose, but in the end all you get is a much higher vulnerability.
  3. Goretzu

    In a 1on1 sense it is largely so (unless your facing people that don't know what they are doing I guess), with support though it's a lot better, it also comes into its own when you have a firepower advantage already (which probably isn't how an ability should work tbh - an ability that gets more powerful the more powerful your side already is...... isn't a great idea).

    So far I've seen it and used it well for AA, massed AV, AI at spawn shields (cheezey certainly, though) and AI hardpoints (with support - it really needs the support there though).

    I think the big issue with it is just in comparrison to ZOE, moblity is a MAXs biggest drawback, ZOE still largely negates that, neither the shield nor lockdown will ever compete with that without being so powerful they'd be very OP'd.
  4. Dragonblood

    hmm great, lockdown id useful when your faction has already got enough firepower or retreated behind spawnshields.....that's not really useful, is it?
  5. Takoita

    While I'm all for making Pounders more useful and Lockdown less situational, I'm not sure what could be changed about AI guns. Differentiate different ranges more? But that should be a blanket MAX change, not faction-specific.
  6. Goretzu

    I wouldn't (and didn't) say that's the only place it is useful. :confused:
  7. Naithe

    My experience is infact currently that TR maxes in general loose out in the AI department. But not by any major amount so that it is a huge problem. I assume the number reflect that overall the TR max, performance, where in most situations the TR max is even.

    Lockdown I see bigger problems with, which is why I hope they focus their efforts on that. It works when it works, but is way to limited. And I'm honestly not seing how to make it more desirable/good, without making it OP when it works. (Loss of mobility is just that huge a penalty, but chances of us getting a different ability are properly close to nill sadly)

    I actually thought, AEGIS shield was worse. But I've already used AEGIS shield significantly more on my NC then I ever have on TR. Mostly because the amount of times where it's uses actually gives a better result then not using it, WHILE not being suicide to use it is that rare.

    Aegis shield cool surely use an improvement in its "coolness" factor tho' (gief bash!!!).

    Oh well I suppose i'm going off topic now.
  8. Village

    I would be perfectly happy with that if we got shotguns also.
  9. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    max buff? i hope they dont forget the pounders.
    old vid but the only change until now are the 2 additional bullets.
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  10. FieldMarshall

    Now: TR MAXes 1KD behind VS NC.
    Next month: TR MAXes needs a nerf cause they got buffed too much.

    Stop over nerf/buffing. Its been over 10 years SoE and you are still doing it
  11. XDDante

    i barely die to a NC Max when play VS/TR Max,i probably die more to C4,Rockets,Small Fire Arms,good organization from enemy team,bad team mates,etc,even if i lose on 1v1 its because damage has been done to me,also TR Max is fine to be honest i do fine with dual Mutilator don't see why they need a buff,only thing i would like to see changed is Lockdown ability,so far is the most useless ability of the 3,but im sure i will be astonished when i see more SOE non-sense in the near future...
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  12. non7top

    The only thing TR MAX needs is to improve lockdown - add more armour (+20-40%), more turn angle, faster lockdown. When max is deployed it is not able mitigate damage, more armour should compensate that.
    Compare this to zoe - it removes armor, but adds movement to compensate. Add instant activation here.
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  13. Liewec123

    if i had to choose between my haxmax and my engineer (not using turret or even mines) to face a TR/VS max i'd pick the engineer.
    (and my max is heavily certed)
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  14. Longman

    I tried out a TR AI Max today. I just bought me the second Ai rotary weapon (can't remember the name) for 250 certs and tried a little. Who calls for a buff? This thing is a beast. sure you don't onhit infantry in front of you but a sec should do at ranges a NC max couldn't damage anything. Infantry dies so quick and I havn't certed anything except the second weapon. A NC max need at least 1000 certs more (both magazine upgrades).
    But one really hard thing is there that makes TR maxes weak. I was fighting inside a tower and even there were many other players arround me no engi repaired me even when i shouted for help. So most of the time i was standing inside spawnroom trying to find an engi repairing me so i could join battle again. Maybe the random TRs are not used to fight with maxes. As NC there is allways an engi arround farming certs while repairing me....
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  15. Shiaari

    Yes, he understands quite well what "ratio" means. I will ask you: Do you understand what Standard Normal Distribution means?

    Average KDR is distributed across the sample. SOE is curving their metrics. Whatever the average may be, on a bell curve (standard normal distribution) with a greater sample size (more TR MAXes being used) a greater portion of the sample resides below the average compared to other populations.

    SOE is likely not even using a standard normal distribution. For a non-uniform sample I would assume binomial distribution, which means the average is skewed for the sample population.
  16. sauna

  17. Singed

    When lockdown came out I bought it to complement my bursters. Since the nerf it sits there rarely used. A lot of TR probably own lockdown for this reason. More TR have certed into lockdown, but I bet more NC actually use the ability.

    The problem is that currently lockdown is too niche to justify using it over charge. Charge is basically a get out of jail free card while lockdown is an ability that I might not even use because it'll get me killed.

    The only version of lockdown I would use is one where I can lockdown quickly when I see enemies and pack up quickly when I kill them. So basically a reactive and not a defensive tool.
  18. TheRealMetalstorm

    god someone probably already replied to this, but i cannot stand the amount of stup*d in this comment
    i won't even bother, is probably a textbook example of the average product of the american education system
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  19. Tedd

    NC, V max easily takes out an TR max with basic guns hands down.