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  1. Frozn


    Hey, you! Yes, you over there. Looks like you have decided to side with the Terran Republic, a choice well made recruit! However, it's now up to you to pick an outfit that you feel safe with, an outfit that will good take good care of you. Well guess what? We're not that outfit! We're looking for relentless, battle hardened, killing-machines that crave for one thing and one thing only, Victory. We will guide you, we will teach you and we will groom you into being the smurf eating, barney stomping GOON that will stand beside you. We're not your typical grunts, we're Goon Brigade. Welcome to the pack.


    Goon Brigade is a European based Terran Republic outfit that is recruiting team oriented players for a highly organized and skilled outfit. Goon Brigade revolves around the infantry way of fighting, where we use the element of surprise, well practiced tactics and rapid movement to achieve our goals. We operate with a hierarchy where we understand that life goes first. However, we do encourage and expect active participation within the game and community.

    - We are an adult-only outfit. Ages 18+, no exceptions.
    - We prefer European-based players, others are welcome, but you need to keep the time differences into account.
    - Teamspeak. We only use TS to communicate, so you are required to be on teamspeak when playing with the outfit.
    - Microphone for voice communication purposes. Not a must, however, you'll need to be able to listen in. For officer roles, a microphone is required.
    - Active participation and team play.
    - Ability to follow orders.
    - A sense of humor.
    - Willingness to reign havoc and act cruel among our foes.

    During the start up of Goon Brigade, we primarily focused on initiating small team operations as a means to support the main force. Think of rapid deployment, galaxy assaults, ambush attacks, sabotage. As time has gotten on, we have grown in numbers and experience. We are still true to our roots, and continue being a mainly infantry-based outfit. We make use of more advanced and complex tactics than your typical outfit do, which means that we require our members to be well disciplined and able to act upon orders instantly.
    As a member you will be put on a 3 week trial, during which you will be taught the way of the goon style of playing, and become good enough to be a accepted as a Goon.
    Goon Brigade provides its members with enough opportunities for promotion within the ranks of operatives, Specialists, Sergeants, Officers, Community managers, Recruitment officials and many others that fit our needs.


    To enlist with Goon Brigade, visit here for details regarding our recruitment process! Signing up on forums is fast and easy, but a necessary step to enable better organization. We are currently over 390 members strong with a high activity percentage!

    Are you still unsure whether or not this is the outfit for you?

    Feel free to join us on our teamspeak (ts.knoc.org:9988), and play a few hours with us. Satisfaction is 99% guaranteed.

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  2. Frozn

    This is our new recruitment thread, not much has been changed, it was just made so we can continue to manage it. Why? Because one of our acting Executive officers yAwnn has left the outfit after not seeing eye to eye with the rest of the outfit and therefor can no longer manage the outfit recruitment thread.
  3. Ulysees

    Shame that Yawnn made that choice but I am sure you guys will cope without him. You were sure still kicking a ss yesterday on Amerish. I do love to see combined arms in operation in this game so if you are TR and looking for a home GOON are an obvious and outstanding choice to play planetside with.
  4. MrK

    Ah, so we can expect less vocalize and concentrate more on the fight? :)
  5. Yawnn

    Only noobs can't handle multitasking tsk tsk
  6. Frozn

  7. MajorZbug

    Hi-fives and manly love to our best terran bros. Keep being awesome guys.
  8. Frozn

    No intention of stopping anywhere soon, and you don't have permission to stop being awesome either :D
  9. Frozn

  10. Emitz Devil

    So will your recruitment thread keep being spammed with Yawnn whining? Because I really hope not, looking forward to some good banter going on here :p
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  11. AdennTM

    A shame that Yawnn is gone :(

    He along with Ninjah were the 2 goon officers I always coordinated with in beta, to bad you managed to drive them away. (I don't actually know what happened but I really enjoyed those 2 guys, and now both are gone).

    You GOONs will never be the same without him :(
  12. Frozn

    Ninjah had his own issues and decided to leave. As goes for yAwnn we wanted to cut the trolling and yell chat stuff, he didn't care for the friendly rivalry etc. idea and decided to leave. That was about it, just didn't see eye to eye with us on that subject and spoke out his opinions on, well everything on the spot. I don't think anyone really thought it was that big of a thing for yAwnn, but apparently it was. What comes to the outfit, nothing much will change really, we lost a great platoon leader sure, but we still have Bargus and the likes so we'll be fine.Yes you will see a lot less Goons spamming the yell chat, but that was mostly yAwnn anyway. I will continue managing the forums for the most part, Bargus will continue to be the front man of the outfit and Goons will thrive!
  13. Frozn

    Well i can't speak for the man himself, but from Goons you should be seeing a different attitude, or well the attitude most of us have had for a long time, but has been shadowed by the image of the vocal minority :)
  14. AdennTM

    But...your GOONs. Isn't spamming and ******** on the yell chat kind of what you're supposed to do. And yeah I know why Ninjah left (he temporarily join us in FU) but yeah, now I don't really know any of you're officers that are also Beta Veterans.
  15. Frozn

    Not really, i mean were not Goonswarm. We do our own thing. As much as we may have liked to do it in the past, at this point majority of the outfit felt like it was time to cut back on it, and what more reason do you need really? Also Bargus joined at the same time as Ninjah did and i joined the same day yAwnn did. That's actually rather odd come to think of it o_O Anyway point beeing, we still have beta blood running within us ;) Most of our officers are from beta days come to think of it :D
  16. Yawnn

    What are you? A 12 year old girl?
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  17. AdennTM

    Hey I'm not saying you didn't have good reasons :)

    But yeah, none of you other officers ever seemed to get on the command channel (now we have CR6 which is better) so I never realized there were more of you. I guess I think of GOONs and Yawn comes to mind. Ah well, will still be a pleasure to see you guys around.
  18. allelujah

    Sorry about any internal strife GOONS, though nice to read that you are working on trolling in /y and other positives.

    GOONS bring a good fight... dam your striker nests!

    Maybe Yawnn, can be what Tastly (<3) is to us... Free forums bumps dude!
  19. PeaSum

    So, i guess i have to aim my friendly bickering to Frozen now? :D

    On an unrelated note, isn't it impressive that the outfits of Miller are all pretty mature? We are kind of the anti-Battlefield community!

    Also: Awesome TR outfit needs a bump!
  20. Frozn

    Thanks guys, and you can still argue with yAwnn i suppose, he seems to drop by here every now and then, but i will bring my A game aswell, so bring it on.