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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by karlooo, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. Pelojian

    tradition changes over time, mutliple people have stated the usefulness of prowler's design, yet you keep ignoring them because it doesn't fit your personal agenda of removing it.

    tanks don't suddenly get outdated just because armies get basically cut off from the 'mainland'.

    also the very fact people have whined and complained all through the game about prowler, anchor mode and it's weapons completely invalidates your argument that the prowler is outdated, if it was ineffective the usage statics from way back would show it getting destoryed by other MBTs, except it's pretty much stayed as the first or second best tank throughout the game's life.
  2. karlooo

    You can say the same for Construction in PS2. List out all the useful things it can do, create a really big list but in reality it is the worst, trash role in Planetside 2. I've done it for a long time, I know most of the issues and it can be fixed but off topic, I don't understand the devs obsession with the Orbital Strike and Routers.

    Specifically I want the Prowler to get reworked into the TR's new Sunderer - Hybrid Sunderer.

    The statistics comparing kills per tank life show nothing important in this type of game.
    Most Vanguard users don't take their tank seriously and just take it out to have fun.
    Magriders are hard to destroy cause of their ability to strafe and turbo.
    Prowlers deal more damage only with perfect accuracy.
  3. That_One_Kane_Guy

    CQC and fast shooting...doesn't match TR's traits? I feel like you're confusing them with someone else.
    Your words, not mine.
    The Vanguard is built around high alpha-damage, much like most of the other weapons in the NC arsenal. It fits perfectly into their faction's niche. Claiming that it would be better suited to another faction based solely on its physical appearance underlines a failure to grasp the function over the form.
    It wouldn't. For reasons that have already been mentioned.
    This makes it stupid?
    The NC use an armed tractor as their MBT and the VS use improvised alien tech they don't fully understand. How exactly does this render the Prowler obsolete? That would be like saying that Assad's T-72s are outclassed by the home-built APCs the rebels are making simply because they're 'newer'.

    What changes in warfare? 'Completely new' works both ways. It's abundantly clear that all three sides are equally incompetent.
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  4. Zoopshab

    The prowler is a fine concept, its just that the main gun is ****tier than the other 2 in subtle ways.
    Fire rate: 120
    Muzzle Speed: 200 (300 deployed)
    Damage: 475 (950 both shots)
    Reload: 2.5

    Fire rate: 120
    Muzzle Speed: 225
    Damage: 600
    Reload: 2.5

    Fire rate: 120
    Muzzle Speed: 200
    Damage: 550
    Reload: 2.25

    Vanguard and magrider are easier to use with their single shot and the second you fire the gun begins to reload and during that time your thinking about where the shot landed and where to aim next.

    Its that split second between shots that makes it a nuisance. It takes longer between starting the firing cycles than the vanguard. Also the first shot might not land, and if you only fire one youre stuck with half-shot, but with the full penalty of reloading (and less damage)... You need to hit both shots to really get the advantage out of it. But odds are your target and that delay between shots is actually a big nuisance. For a tank that's more stationary than the other two is just doesn't work.

    If they buffed the reload speed, the fire rate, or REALLY what would be best is to somehow have the two chambers to reload independently so that if you fire the first shot it begins reloading and you still have the second shot ready to go while the first is reloading. That would probably make it feel good to use.
  5. karlooo

    I don't know. Like it is true that if you give big buffs to MBTs then what would be the point of choosing any other combat vehicle?

    I think that vehicle combat, in general completely needs a revamp. Maybe I can come up with something later but I still don't understand why there are some ppl disagreeing with my suggestion of reworking the Prowler into a hybrid Sunderer/Tank....
    I believe the vehicle revamp should be something similar to my suggestion above, making no combat vehicle be placed strictly on top of the food chain.
  6. Blam320

    And we're flabbergasted why the feth you want to turn a main battle tank that's in a good spot balance and gameplay-wise into something completely different, for absolutely no reason. If you want a more heavily armed and armored transport vehicle, then we'd need an IFV or APC. Both of which follow different design conventions from Tanks.
  7. karlooo

    It's in a good spot balance/gameplay-wise because it's a nothing tank.

  8. Johannes Kaiser

    Reference is appreciated. :)
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