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  1. Cochise15

    I love using it for anti vehicle and anti air purposes, it feel about right, not too strong but not too weak.

    The anti infantry guns though feel too weak. I don't know if it's the damage or the cone of fire, but they just don't seem to have the same dps as the other two.

    Anyone else feel the same or am I just not using my tin can properly? I do alright with infantry as a whole, so it's not like I can't shoot straight.
  2. rsonny

    TR max good.Look like VS. But we dont have Shotguns. TR and VS need ScatterCannons for big love.
  3. Wadelma

    Are we playing the same game? Shotty max is fun indoors yes, but I'd trade all that for the guns TR has. I'm very often mowed down from 40m away in a second or two which is something that makes the TR max viable outdoors. It ain't weak, speaking from the receiving end here. Don't know how they feel to play but they're certainly deadly as hell.

    You NC right? Let me explain. TR and VS maxes also only usable indoors, NC shotties deadly up to what? Let's say 15meters, so TR then is useful up to 30m, VS blueshifts a bit more accurate so they can effectivISH reach targets at ~40m. Can you understand what spread is just to high for all 3 max types?

    Mercy as most accurate TR max AI have 125dmg = 10 shots vs nanoweave, targets also can pop few medkits while you try to kill them, multilators have even worse spread (1.75 mercy, 2.5 multilator) Almost noone uses heavy cycler because it's been buffed just "recently", and you losing to much reserve ammo and mag capacity just for the 0.25 CoF difference

    Blueshift have 1.65 CoF, 143dmg model and slightly less RPM - 366. As alternative you can try quasars with their 2.0 CoF (still better than TR) and same as TR DPS (quasars have 167dmg model, pretty handy especially at long range)

    This makes NC max even after nerf still the best in the game, just avoid mattocks (scatter - oneshot, hacksaw - damage burst output, grinder - damage burst capacity), cause it is the best max for indoors fight and you almost always use them indoors anyway. I never run across the field with AI guns, i am doing it with gorgons, just to be prepared for everything, or even pounders/bursters and you can do the same as NC or VS, both factions have acess to gorgons/bursters and have supreme AV weaponary.

    So whats the point of having slightly extended range while NC can dominate in max vs max duel indoors (primary playground for AI maxes anyway) and they don't need to equip specialised weapons. You can easely wreck gorgon and even have high chances against pounder/comet ones if act cocky. With multilators you cannot reliably kill something across banana bulding's bridges (for example - we have such structure in every biolab, one side of it is B point), just the same as NC. Shotguns with their TTK makes NC max the perfect farm combine, while TR maxes shine in AV/AA situations due to its empire specific ability - anchor mode.
  5. AbsinthSvK

    NC best Max in game? wtf. Its only shotgun what is good. Dont blame NC for close combat tanky specification its FACTION perk lol. Its like blaming TR for firerate...
  6. Skraggz

    I'd take mercy and blueshift anyday of the week over scatter. Scatter has 1 role and that's CQC, and LA's love some CQC maxes.
  7. Liewec123

    NC player reading this...

    TR max AI compared to NC max AI have:
    similar CQC TTK.
    VASTLY superior damage beyond 10m. (NC have 60% damage drop off by 20m...)
    far more sustained fire. (literally DOUBLE on some weapons)
    far greater accuracy. (no pellet spread, gg.)
    shorter reloads.
    more reserve ammo.

    so other than having a similar CQC TTK your max AI weapons are better in LITERALLY EVERY OTHER WAY.
  8. pnkdth

    Pre-nerf the NC had the best MAX but holy hecking hell did they get overnerfed. Lost both alpha in CQC and got more limited at range (reduced effectiveness of buckshot and slugs being removed outright). One of the biggest design blunders in the game's history and they still cannot summon up the courage and integrity to admit they screwed up on this one.
  9. rsonny

    Why then is it all against when I propose giving shotguns for TR and Vs MAXes?
  10. pnkdth

    Speaking for myself, I want more faction diversity and not just faction red, blue, and purple facing each other. Asymmetrical balance is a large part of what makes each faction interesting. The greats of MMOPVP games like DAoC had different factions since if all three factions have different tools we have to deal with each threat differently. Granted PS2 is fairly streamlined these days but even so I do not want them to make each faction into copy/pasta.

    It would have been interesting to see a total free for all server though where we still have three factions but everything is available to everyone. Pick whatever in whichever combination you want. Would have been funny to see a Magrider with lockdown. We could even call the loadout "the Fridge Magnet."
  11. Liewec123

    because removing faction flavour is always a horrible move for the game.

    all i want is for the NC max to be superior in CQC and then terrible outside of 10m.
    instead it is merely "similar" in CQC and still terrible outside of 10m.

    but no, TR and VS shouldn't get max shoutguns, and NC shouldn't get longer range automatic weapons.
    homogenisation is the death of faction flavour.
  12. rsonny

    Why then everyone has shotguns and sniper rifes? Maybe we will give all the shotguns NC, all sniper rifes VS etc ?
    In my opinion you are just protecting best MAX in game. You must admit that MAX Shotguns for one faction is a mistake in the game design made by the Higby team.
    I play for all fractions and feel NC MAX the strongest.
  13. Trebb

    I think it's better at AI than the NSO max for sure. Mine is decent at helping pushes (shield) and clearing chokepoints around corners though for sure. And if I get to hit people from an elevated position it feels a little OP ;)
  14. Skraggz

    Clearly not everyone else has shotguns otherwise you wouldn't be asking for the other maxes to get shotguns. While on the subject no one was even talking about infantry grade shotties or rifles, you derailed in your favor. They simply said some faction uniqueness is valued rather then a generalization all factions.

    Going off your arguement every faction would be 100 identical and the only breaking factor being the color of their camo.

    Also... opinions don't equal facts.
  15. rsonny

    Standard phrase. But it is not. I think the defenders are simply afraid of losing an advantage.
    You do not ask to remove all machine guns from River, leaving only shotguns. For uniqueness of fractions (c)
    Infantry not unique, tanks not unique, aviation not unique, but maxes must be unique! Its shame!
  16. Skraggz

    But tanks are unique, aviation is unique, and infantry has uniqueness.... sooooo
  17. Skraggz

    PPA, banshee, AH, phaseshift, gatekeeper, saron, canister, Phoenix, striker, lancer, mcg, jackhammer.... just to name a few ways you are wrong.
  18. adamts01

    What's the big deal about fire rate when dps/damage per magazine is mostly equalized? The single argument in favor of a higher fire rate is more consistent rng.
  19. rsonny

    You do not understand. All this has an alternative. The canister has an alternative in the form of a machine guns or cannons. Maxes have no alternative. Imagine that only canisters could be placed on tanks. On rivers only an airhammer. NC heavy could use only jackhammer + phoenix.
    AI MAX are the only ones in the game who use only one type of weapon. And at the same time you are talking about some kind of factional features.
  20. Skraggz

    You do understand that NC are a great disadvantage with there maxes having different variations of a shotgun and not machine guns right? Sounds to me like you are arguing the wrong side and just gave NC a reason to have a Machine Gun so they may have some resemblance of what the other 2 have. If you're all for homogenization it needs to go to the NC max before anything.

    Homogenization btw will only make this game another Battlefield, the games faction flavor is kinda a lore thing for the game and has been around long before PS2.

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