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  1. Liewec123

    so you took something that is FACTUALLY STATISTICALLY inferior and had a killstreak with it, great!
    you get a medal but that still doesn't change the facts that they are inferior in almost every statistic.
    your personal experience doesn't matter, the STATISTICS are what matter.

    i could be the best player ever and get a 100 killstreak with candygun,
    it wont change the facts that gauss saw is superior to candygun.

    every stat besides CQC TTK (which is virtually THE SAME for TR and NC) is in TRs favour, every single stat,
    damage drop off,, Headshot mult, accuracy, sustained fire, reload speed, all of it.

    statistics don't lie, and there is no point in arguing against them.
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  2. AbsinthSvK

    balancing fundamentaly different faction perks to Dps? Dps from what range? Same ammo clip? Stop making suggestions about all factions are the same. From mine experience NC max should get buff not nerf , that low range and slow weapons are pain. And you suggest taking one good thing (10m shotguns) away? hell no.
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  3. rsonny

    Nobody offers to nerf. I, on the contrary, favor a general decrease in the TTK and I do not like that all balance problems are solved by nerfs, not buffs.
    I suggest giving everyone shotguns and machine guns. I believe that someday among the developers there will be a judicious person who will not listen to such defenders "One faction shotgun Max".
  4. Terrince

    I think every faction should have at lest, one type/style of gun for their MAX with their own faction flare.
    (Shotguns for VS and TR, machine guns for NC)

    On a more personal note:
    I also think if one faction can one shot infantry (Scatter cannon, Comet) so should the others.
    Can't stand flanking 6 guys only to take one down (no matter what weapon!) while (Sorry but is true) NC scatters can clear a room of 8 players in nothing flat! (If their aim is true)
    It takes 4 pounder rounds to kill any class, all headshots! Two from the VS' Comet and two from the NC scatter... Buff pounders please.
  5. AbsinthSvK

    if every max have each type of weapon, still there should be empire specific shotgun, minigun (when not, it will break whole philosophy of diversity ). So there will be another cry forum about why NC still have best shotgun in game! Because ITS FACTION SPECIFIC WEAPON !

    Good luck with NC scatters cleaning room with 8 players, players usually fight back and you die faster then you can kill 2-3 of them and only when: you are brutality close <10m, you have reloaded guns, rush in right moment. Of course you can kill 10 players in one room when nobody care, but it can be done with any other class. NC shotguns are for highly specific situation for really really close range usually range of thrown c4.
  6. Liewec123

    Firstly, no.
    Even aiming directly at a guy at 10m you're unlikely to oneshot with ticklecannons, no matter your aim.
    This is due to a little thing called pellet spread that TR and VS don't need to deal with.
    To oneshot you must be within 10m, and you must hit with 9 of the 10 widely spread pellets.
    If you're within 8m you can oneshot with 8/10 pellets, but you're still praying to RNGesus.
    If your target is running nanoweave then the 20% damage decrease makes oneshot even less likely.
    Throw in Auxiliary Shield and oneshot becomes even less likely...
    So let's forget this silly "clear a room if 8 people" nonsense, k?

    It's infinitely more likely that you'll clear a room with Mutilator and their never ending stream of bullets.

    Secondly your comparison is hilarious,
    Scattercannon is an AI weapon and you're comparing it to Pounders, an AV weapon.
    You're also asking that the only max weapon that can MELT people around corners
    in less than half a second with splash be given oneshots...
    I nuke people and vehicles from 50m away with pounders, they're easily my favourite and most effective max weapon.
    Yep that weapon needs a buff...

    Did you think before typing this?
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  7. TR5L4Y3R

    i´m still for NC getting a slug mattock and grinder to be default autocannons than shotguns ..
    that should stay within NC lore for hardhitting weapons, still all AI weapons need their old stats back, at the very least they need a severe ammobuff the downtime between reloads and dumping entire mags is just way to big .. half the time i find myself reloading than shooting/hiting fools ..

    TR and VS feel okay

    AV weapons ... i think they could use a slight buff maybe but at the very least maxxes in general need more surviveability when outside ....
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  8. pnkdth

    +1. I hecking miss my slugger grinder loadout.
  9. Terrince

    I said "with their faction flare" Meaning, they still have their empire specific shotgun, miningun.
    We said the same thing bud.

    Too the both of you.
    I did not want to sit here and type a wall of the MANY experiences I've had in dealing with Comet, Scatter, and Falcon MAXes that one shot (they are duel wielding, incase you are confused.) TR does not have a MAX weapon that can do that.
    One will never forget one max clearing a room of 8 players (That are shooting it! You weren't there. I was. I wouldn't post things that didn't happen, what a waste of time that'd be!) it is indeed, nonsense.

    It doesn't matter if it's AV, if it can kill infantry in one shot (One gun per arm), players will use it to take out infantry.

    Pounders can not kill infantry in less than half a second around corners, unless they are very low on hp.
    You would see much more of them if they did.

    "It's infinitely more likely that you'll clear a room with Mutilator and their never ending stream of bullets."
    Right... If they don't care.
    Every MAX alert I swap between Pounders and Mutilators. You can take out about 3 players before you die in a room full, playing tactfully of course.

    We all have different experiences, to tell me, no, my experiences didn't happen is... Very odd, unless you were there o_O
    Yes I did think before I typed. Tho I did forget to start my last post with, in my experience or from what I've encountered, so that is my bad.
    (I don't think it would've changed anything though. :( )

    Enjoy your day!
  10. Liewec123

    half a second might be a tad bit of exaggeration but a lockdown max sitting on an ammo pack with dual pounders will absolutely melt infantry from splash alone.
    there are many bases with doorways at the bottom of staircases,
    if you sit at the top of the staircase spamming dual pounders then infantry are dead before they can even enter the room.

    you say that TR are the only ones without oneshot, sure, but TR are also the only ones with deadly splash.
    and as i pointed out, for NC this "oneshot" has so many requirements that it is an extremely rare occurrence
    unless you're in literal melee range.

    give grinders splash and we can talk about making pounders 400% slower,
    removing their splash and giving them a 20% chance to oneshot within 10m.
    (like scatter cannons)
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  11. LodeTria

    I don't think the VS comets could 1hko even in the past, you needed 3 orbs I think.
    Now they take 4, 6 with flak armour.

    The NC falcons used to be able to 1hko, but I don't think they do anymore?
  12. Terrince

    It has been a few months since I've tested those out on live. Have on the test server but it's not live so kinda pointless.
    With a Zoe MAX it is two orbs. Unless it's changed since. (again, it has been a while since I've tested.)
  13. Cochise15

    No one is going to be trying to use a Max past 50m though. Even across a clear corridor of that distance, a Mercy Max is still going to need a horrendous amount of time to kill a target that is standing still.

    It still seems brutal that a Shotgun wielding metal suit can peak a corner, kill me with a shot and get back in in the time a TR Max takes to get their target to half health. The exposure time to the NC Max is much lower so less risk and a better survival chance.

    On that note, if we are calling the Shotguns faction specific then gift the other Maxes with the Shield. The utility of that thing is amazing when used by organised squads.

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