To The Devs.

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  1. xGreedFuSioN

    Oh god this stupid argument again.

    All three continents are supposed to provide something different.

    INDAR: Infantry
    ESAMIR: Tanks
    AMERISH: Aircraft

    also the alerts are rotated, I'm pretty sure no continent has an alert more than another.

    Or you could just not be an XP ***** and keep fighting where you were fighting pre alert?
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  2. DaNDeStRoYeR

    I am anything but an XP ***** I spend most my time on Esamir rather than sit at the crown whoring XP.

    And no they are not rotated, Yesterday on Cobalt there was 3 Amerish alerts and 1 Esamir alert.

    So yeah learn facts before you post please.
  3. LordMondando

    Amerish is awesome i'm loving the fact there are ques to get into it in the middle of a working day because of the alerts.