To all you dedicated light assault's come on and join the thread!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Redwave, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. Redwave

    Hello all of you Planetside 2 Flying Ninja serial killers (if that is a harsh name then go with Fairy). This thread is to ask you why do you like playing Light Assault so much. You are also welcome to share stories as to how you got to play LA in the first place, and also tell me those epic moments that has made you lose your nuts. Here's my share: When I started playing this game I enjoyed the infiltrator class so much, popped some heads, got my first SMG and made the fun even better. But I needed more excitement so I chose the Light Assault class. Made my road to 1000 certs and completed it, bought a suppressor, forward grip for my Mercenary and my two sticjs of C4. What fun! Auraxiumed my carbine and got the AC-X11, Reazor GD-23 and Gauss Compact S with all my custom attachments. Those guns are the bomb! With the X11's 200 bullet dmg and the Compact S' smoke 'nade launcher. It makes me feel like a true Assasin. THE END.
  2. Redwave

    Share your favortie guns and stories we will be reading.
  3. KirthGersen

    Shotgun cuz enemies don't need a chance to survive. It's a true NC way also:)
  4. DHT#

    I've been using the Razor lately, and holy crap it's awesome.
  5. cruczi

    The shotgun from the quiz (Mauler) was the first NC weapon I auraxed. Had great fun with it, starting from a zero cert drifter light assault and upgrading it as I went along. The extended mag is pretty much mandatory, 6 rounds often aren't enough in tight spots.
  6. Redwave

    Not really a fan of shotguns because they force me to get into a distance and I don't like that because they are only effective CQC and I can't add a suppressor which is my all-time favorite attachment to add on a weapon.
  7. Redwave

    Dude the Razer is amazing! I have not used it much because I am using my AC-X11 which I would recommend for you after you Auraxium your Razer, at first I would recommend a 2x reflex sight, suppressor and adv. forward grip. Then after you get the recoil down put a laser sight and you'll be beast in CQC. And how do you get 40 kills and 5 deaths I struggle with getting a KD of 1.25, seriously. Something I kill one person then at the second I get killed, its stupid and frustrating sometimes.
  8. cruczi

    Get into a defensive position where you don't get caught off guard or forced into a fight with your shield down. As a light assault, that means maintaining elevation advantage.
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  9. Redwave

    Very good advise, makes a lot of sense.
  10. DHT#

    Well it's actually 40 to 8, but the ratio is 5, which isn't bad for anyone.

    I was largely on offense, as well, although a good 20 of those kills came from a small team offense and then defense of a base against a squad of 5-6 vanu. Probably 14 of those were me defending the point as they kept coming in from the spawn without changing strategy. The rest of it was assaulting 2 TR bases, one of which was a tower where I would kill someone and immediately go to another level. You can't see it, but my last death was actually near the top of the tower where all I had left was my underboss.
  11. Redwave

    I want that pistol
  12. DHT#

    I definitely recommend it over the Commissioner. I got it when it was on part of a package deal on steam for like $1 along with some other weapons.
  13. Redwave

    Is it still there? That sounds really good!
  14. Gleerok

    (on field) Because of the mobility. I can get people from weird angles, place C4 from weird angles, cause trouble with smoke grenade and then blow stuff up (you guessed, from weird angles). Get up and down from bridges and silently silence Snipers / Turret sitters.

    And my favorite: Flank around the enemy line and C4 that lone Skyguard. Proceed to tell him thats a gift in behalf of all auraxiam pilots (I wish we had the present box C4 skin still :()

    (as pilot) Because its the only actual useful class for piloting. Being chased by +4 lock on Rockets and carrying no flares? Nope!. Found a dead end on a base filled with active AA turrets? Jump and C4 teach them!! Got bored of flying around in a A2A loadout when no enemy ESFs are nearby? Jump and finish the lives of all those enemy infiltrators by the mountain or C4 some lone MBT/Skyguard
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  15. Redwave

    My favorite thing is killing those infiltrators (un suppressed weapons hurt you) I come from behind and knife them or shoot with my pistol (its not worth it to shoot them with my primary). Also, C4ing the crap out of that annoying Prowler/Lightning/Magrider is just too good! I use drifter jump jets to do this. Go to warpgate, spawn a Reaver, ditch it, drift my way to the tank, C4....BOOM! Money! Some guy from the TR said "Nice hack floating at aircraft level dropping C4 on our Sundys). Hahaha what?
  16. DaveyJ


    But seriously I just started light and never looked at another class (exept for engie xp farming)
  17. Redwave

    My XP farming class is Medic and havent played it in months because I found the light assault class and never looked back
  18. Canaris

    I gotz a jetpack!!...... :D
  19. stalkish

    Its taken him nearly an hour to get the 40 kills and 5 deaths. Id say he (or she) was playing very cautiously, or sitting in a zerg poping strays. I could be wrong but on average thats a kill every 1:30 (rounded estimate - b4 the maths police linch me), in a heated fight you could have killed 10 and died 5 times in that period.
  20. Redwave

    Yep and it should be a lvl 6 for maximum flight.