This game is supposed to be unique and it kind of isn't

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  1. GantryPengy380

    I know that COD/Battlefield are two successful game series, BUT you seriously need to take risks in order to make PS2 truly unique like it's claimed to be! SOE, if you want to make everybody happier and possibly gain more profit, you MUST make this game the unique MMOFPS it's claimed to be and STOP putting in things that are similiar to COD/Battlefield! Some of the profits SOE have gained so far may be lost things that shouldn't be in this game, but if this game becomes truly unique like it should be, SOE will gain more profit in the long run, and make us (the players) happy because we finally have a unique MMOFPS like we were promised at launch of this game! Support this thread, and let's get SOE to see it and make us happier!!
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  2. Paragon Exile

    Stopped reading; Planetside 2 is nothing like either of those two games.

    3/10 OP got me to click the thread
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  3. Scr1nRusher

    So PS2 isn't a Successful FPS?
  4. Paragon Exile

    /r nocontext
  5. KnightCole

    Oh, Planetside is unique, and quite frankly, I wish more games would follow the open world endless combat scene of PS2. I am over the 15 minute isolated death matches like Wot....WoT ruined my faith in teamwork, playerbases and overall skill of players in general. I like the openness of PS2, where the only thing affecting me is me.....where if I do well, it shows, if I suck it shows. Unlike WoT...I rock the house and lose.....

    MWO, id love it if it had followed PS2 openness and maybe been a series of randomly generated Coop battles vs PVE and some PVP or something.

    It follows the general Battlefield feel, and that I like, BF2 was and is one of my favorite shooters, but its still unique in its openness and overall gameplay.
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  6. DatVanuMan

    This game is the best. No matter what you claim or state, I will never stop playing. Sure, the factions need more variety, but otherwise, it's above good where it currently is.
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  7. DK22

    sorry sport, its the only MMOFPS there is. you need to play more, its a long road...... I'm a year into it.
    I'm really a GTA, RTS, Simulation type, but I like this FPS, an open world, lots of play options, I'm happy with it.
    I may suck at some things and may not get kills, but other things I do very well. I get my points and stuff.
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  8. Rogueghost

    I see what he's getting at, COD/Battlefield have guns, we need to remove guns, replace them with energy axes (because swords are overdone) and turn all vehicles into armored dinosaurs, equipped with laser eyes.
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  9. Vertabrae

    Yes it's not unique. Because in EVERY other shooter, you fight inside a huge world with 24/7 real time battles and 1999 other players.

    Oh wait.....this is NO other game out there where you can do that.

    Guess that makes it UNIQUE.
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  10. TTex11

    I call dibs on Triceratops.
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  11. Rogueghost

    Strap a jetpack the size of a small car to one and it will make an excellent reaver.
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  12. TTex11

    I could ram enemy ESFs ALL DAY LONG!
  13. WyrdHarper

    I would subscribe to this game.
  14. Nerovox

    The Bulldog is OP!!.................. Oh My bad I thought I was on good games forum. :)

    In theory PS2 should have been the best Online FPS shooter, but in reality its just not. So many things such as spawn room camping, people not realizing this is a multi vehicle game with 3 factions. Its sad here we are almost what 2 years later and it still feels like Beta,,, Well i guess it was beta for the play station crowd, but yeah I don't know if it's the MMO community or the FPS community, but whoever it is the forum side has sure been poison to this game!
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  15. Eyeklops

    If there were only 1999 players.....
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  16. Grayson

    Because in EVERY other shooter, you fight inside the smallest building in the world with 24/7 real time battles and 200-500 other players.
    Here you go dear Sir, i corrected that for you.
  17. stalkish

    Im not gona say everything is a direct copy but, most of the gameplay elements are copy paste from a wide variety of other games.

    Just look at the implants, changed basicaly into perks from cod.
    Directives huh, thats original and unique.
    Weapon acheivements, awesome ive never earned these in other games.
    C4 insta ***** a tank, what a briliant concept, never seen that b4.
    Warpgates dont work, no ancient tech vehicles, just the normal ATV, buggy, tank + a fighter and a bomber. Wow....original....even the hover tank isnt original. Transport vehicles also arn't original
    Sit on a point to cap it automatically, i guess higgles came up with this 1 on his own.
    Hold [action] button to arm gen, disarm gen, change light bridge, hack terminal, no originality here same thing to do all of those.
    O look a class system, how inventive....
    Shotguns for close range, LMGs for long range, this is a planetside only thing right? Not to mention all the guns look the same, and alot of them look like existing weapons IRL, what happened to sci-fi?
    Carbines, assault rifles, lmgs, very unique way of catergorising your weapons.
    Conc grenades, flashbangs, emp frags that remove the hud........
    Lock-on, lock-on, lock-on, lock-on, lock-on, lock-on.

    Of course planetside has some unique features, but they are slowly being degraded to the point where this game is loosing its identity. It is certainly a shadow of its former self when it come to uniqueness.
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  18. Tuco

    You're over the 15 minute isolated team death matches huh...
  19. Hoek

    The ONLY truly UNIQUE part in PS2 is that the battles are practically always very lopsided. It seems that Mr Higby and Mr Smedley are the only ones in the entire gaming industry who actually believe that it is a good idea to build a game around such an impractical/game killing idea. No other game is based on such madness.
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  20. JesNC

    That's a bit generic, don't you think?

    If you could specify your critique a bit (i.e. what do you think should be changed?) we could have a bit of a discussion, otherwise this is just Generic Forumside Complaint Thread #(insert 6 digit number here).
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