[Suggestion] The Ultimate Thread Dedicated to Refurbishing TR as a Faction

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  1. EliteEskimo

    This does not have to deal with TR struggling, it has to do with certain weapon's/abilities being very situational/boring and the TR weapons not following their faction traits. That was basically the entire point of the thread. Also please don't quote people like that, it's annoying as heck to respond to in comparison to regular quoting.

    1. A mini Gatling dumbfire launcher was already brought up, so you're asking for similar stuff.

    2. Vulcan is worse than it ever has been and for AV purposes you're better off with the Basilisk.

    3. Short range weapons on tanks are garbage, since to use them you have to get close to infantry which can instagib you with C4. There is a difference between assymetrical balance and downright stupid design concepts such as a tank mounted short range shotgun, or a Grenade Launcher that requires you to get super close to infantry to use.

    4. Don't remind me of the Art department's repeated incompetence, the player Studio comes up with better stuff on a consistent basis and the fact they couldn't be bothered to make the Prowler look cool and futuristic, like what was originally proposed, and instead went with a piece of crap box design with an ugly off centered turret says a lot. That and having TR's default look be a 1970's motorcycle Helmet, or nerfing our traditionally black and red armor to red and gray, and then making the Vanu super dark purple. It's a mess....

    5. I didn't say Anchormode couldn't be strong, but it's a very boring ability that is really only useful for artillery and farming from afar which is very limited and makes the overall ability very lack luster in my opinion.
  2. Ogop0go

    On the note of the Vulcan, I think they should just stop trying to make it a AV weapon, because it's not really possible to make it balanced and enjoyable. If you make it deal good damage out to long ranges (and accurate) you have to balance it against short ranges and not being too powerful. Since it shoots bullets rather than slower missiles, there is not much of a skill floor or ceiling to using it.

    I personally like the idea of switching around the AI and AV weapons. The vulcan could be a fairly accurate gun (up the rate of fire please even if damage has to be lowered) meant for short to mid range AI duties. Meanwhile, the maurader could basically be a vehicle mounted pounder, obviously with higher muzzle velocity and modified damage (just in case).
  3. EliteEskimo

    I do not agree with your assumptions about the Vulcan !:eek: The Vulcan was almost balanced and enjoyable but the developers made a stupid mistake and Nerfed the Prowler's Vulcan based on how well it was doing on the Harasser. The following videos make my case... You lessen the damage at close range to balance it out, increase the projectile velocity, tighten the crap COF, make the competitive range 200 meters, then make the damage taper off untill 300 meters at which point the damage then becomes 0. Balanced, fun, and effective....:cool:

    Old Vulcan in its prime at 150 meters

    Old Vulcan in its prime at 30 meters

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  4. PlatoonLeaderG

    I was just gunning the vulcan and its just awful,its really hard to hit a lighting even at 60+ meter without bursting.The dmg is really low on how risky it is.

    I m keeping my halbert on me at all times + fire suppression and its really fun + good results!

    Vulcan is bad!Anchored is very situational and i dont like! Avoid our ES is fun!
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  5. Ketadine

    Don't worry guys, with the new tank changes, the fighting range will decrease and the (shotgun) Vulcan will be a viable option ...
  6. Kunavi

    Doubt that, nobody will close in. They'll adjust aim and keep shelling. Vulcan and MCG both need to completely change, they need a Heat system and other things just to begin making sense, let alone being fun or viable.
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  7. Heyitsrobbie1984

    bump. got to keep this thread going. wake up SOE and smell the coffee. look at this thread and learn from your community

    thank you
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  8. Paragon Exile

    I'm not bumping this thread or anything, I'm just saying that it needs to be on the front page more.
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  9. Whatupwidat

    All I know is that the fact the TR don't have the fastest firing gun in the game is MENTAL
  10. EliteEskimo

    Lol thanks, it's just my hope that one day the points myself and basically most of the forumside community brought up in this thread and Zorro's Ultimate Thread to refurbish the VS are actually taken seriously by SOE to make the factions more fun and interesting to play as.
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  11. Paragon Exile

    Hey man, one can hope right?
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  12. z1967

    Uh, Lynx. And soon(tm) we will have the AMP too (at 937 rpm).
  13. Whatupwidat

    I thought the GD-7F was had the highest ROF?
  14. z1967

    Nope, GD-7F/Serpent clocks in at 845 RPM whilst the Lynx clocks in at ~907 (I don't remember the exact). The current iteration of the AMP will be the absolute fastest firing at 937 RPM (but only 100 dmg per bullet).
  15. Heyitsrobbie1984