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  1. CutieG

    Quite frankly, I'm disturbed by the whining about the cloaking implant.
    Anyone with a functional brain would be aware that this thing is completely situational and almost entirely useless. Especially when you consider the opportunity cost of wasting a slot on "do something after eight seconds of standing still, then wait some more because you cannot move" when there's stuff like "regenerate health outside of combat" and "reduce fall damage", which have much more apparent uses and are on the low end of the power of these implants.
    And yeah, the crouch thing sounds broken in multiple ways. In addition to it being overpowered, I'm wondering if there's even an option for crouch toggles. Otherwise you'll wear out your pinky with that ****.

    Anyway, what I hope is that we get more class implants and that the cloak maybe gets an implementation that is a bit less silly. I can only see it used for ambushes from stealth caps. Anywhere else the wait time would just make you the worst player on your team.
    Also, we already have self-regeneration and ammo regeneration. Which are also class features.

    These are some random ideas that I would have for other class-based implants, with their main idea being that they do not require additional hotkeys and that they only encroach on a single feature of a class:
    - Double jump/Terrain traversal. The former is self-explanatory, the latter would allow you to go up steeper inclines. Both replicate the ability of Light Assaults to ignore terrain, without edging into all of the other uses of the jetpack like drifting, being a C4 fairy and scaling buildings.
    - Ablative shield. A defensive implant that blocks a single shot, no matter how weak, then takes a moment to regenerate. Does not block headshots and does not work against attacks that do more than 200 damage.
    - "Help me up" implant. Allows you to revive people at touch range, with the "use" button, similar to hacking or interacting with generators.
    - Scan pulse. Sends out a detection pulse whenever you spot a new enemy or die.
    - Armor piercing. Allows your secondary and melee weapon to damage armored vehicles.
    - Turret mode. Like the cloak implant, except that it increases your damage after eight seconds of standing still.

    Half of these are very wonky and/or useless, but some would make for really interesting squad play. The "Help me up" implant could allow you to run a tighter squad without a Medic, or to allow an engineer to revive the Max that they are working fulltime with. (Note: It would obviously be crappier than a proper Medic revive in all regards)
    Same goes for things like Scan pulse. Useless if you have someone who can send our recon darts or motion spotters, useful if you want to run without an infiltrator.
    Terrain traversal is mostly an upgrade to people like me, who have major issues with navigating mountainsides in this game. Sometimes I feel like everyone else has goat mode engaged.
  2. Exitus Acta Probat

    I had like 400 chargers, what happens to them?
  3. LordKrelas

    If I recall:
    Converted into the new upgrade material.
  4. Forrest8Gump

    and that is the main thing in that update which one i wonder too!
  5. OldCuban

    My brain hurts after reading the OP's post.


    oh look a grammarnazi wants to rage about a german speaking human beeing...

    I speak 3.5 languages and i sometimes make
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  7. OldCuban

    Aaaaaah......the pain......the pain.......
  8. PzGr

    So. This further increase the advantage of an veteran players have vs a newer player.

    before, a reasonably competent beginner can sustain a single battle harden 1. Now, veterans have TWO high level implants, with the combined effects 4-5 implants pre patch. And things like crouching tiger strafing that significantly alters gun play

    All the mean time, they now cost significant amount of certs. These things are important enough to be performance boosting, yet the boost are often not big enough for a newer player to justify rolling the dice on.

    So what is the plan? Is the plan now to simply milk the existing player base and outright give up on attracting new players?
  9. CutieG

    They may cost certs, but at least you aren't relying on random drops and energy anymore. The latter was a random resource that just threw off newbies. And the crafting process was quite unintuitive.
    Actually, how are higher level implants unlocked now? I know that there's a universal resource for that now, but it's not exactly specific.

    All in all I'd call it moderately better.
  10. BrbImAFK

    Obviously I can't say with absolute certainty without getting onto the servers (WHICH ARE STILL F'C LOCKED HOURS AND HOURS AFTER THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE UP, CURSE YOU DBG!!!!!!!) *ahem*.....

    However, in the PTS design, all chargers were converted to ISO-4 at varying rates (based on how many implants it took to make them), so a small charger was like 5 ISO, a medium one was the same as a L1 + L2 implant and an uber one was the same as a L2 + L3 implant.
  11. BrbImAFK

    Actually, the last version I saw said that they changed it to "removes 75% of the move speed penalty for crouching". That's VERY different from 75%. In fact, if you do the math, removing 75% of the penalty means that, while crouched, you move at 87.5% of normal movement speed.

    Which is still ********, given that you've got half the hitbox (maybe less if you legs are taking up more), better CoF etc. etc. Crouchspamming is now a thing. Hope you all like the new meta!
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  12. Rhello

    I mean, it's not like we have warned the developers about catlike being broken, right ?
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  13. blindsniper1

    Im sick of the game introducing dumb ideas. Every time something is changed the game just gets worse. I have a better idea. Just cloak every single continent. I know that sounds daft but when you think about it it is a great idea. You log on and you cannot find fuxx all, so you log off and return your important life. Things get done around the house and the game ends. This would stop all hackers and cheaters because they would not be able to locate anywhere to cheat at. The game becomes much more of an even playing field as everyone is fuxxing blind and cant find shix. All armour is equal as it all looks the same. The annoying players with small weeners that only use esf can no longer shoot you down whilst running around in a base. I could go on and on but as you can see the benefits of cloaking the entire continent would be more greater than any change ever made to this game!!

    Please consider my idea and introduce it into the next patch. This could be a big turning point. I am very excited....
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  14. Pelojian

    developers need to realize gimmicky **** is bad for the game, catlike and crouch spamming are bad for the game just as much as medkit spam was, someone crouch spamming is not more skilled then anyone else, they are just cheap skill-less players who can't win using normal gameplay.
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  15. DIGGSAN0

    what happens when a tr heavy has got the PTS butcher and ammo printer?
  16. Demigan


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