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    The Planetside 2 PC servers will be coming down at 8am (Pacific) / 17:00 (UTC) for a game update. Estimated downtime is 3 hours.

    Orbital Strike
    Attention all units planetside, incoming Orbital Strike to your Live servers. Players can unlock the Orbital Strike Uplink from the Depot and spawn it with the Construction System. Once charged, players can grab the targeting device from the Uplink and call in a devastating Orbital Strike on the target location.

    New and Improved Implants System
    The Implants System has been completely overhauled to be more engaging and rewarding, while also alleviating the frustrations caused by the old system.
    Energy has been removed, and a new currency called ISO-4 will now upgrade implants directly.
    Old implants have been converted into ISO-4, and duplicate implants can be broken down into additional ISO-4.
    All players receive Tier 1 Safeguard and Tier 1 Target Focus implants for free.
    Additional implant bundles can be purchased for Certs or Daybreak Cash in the Depot.
    New Implants Available
    Target Focus - Reveals spotted targets' health bars and increases how long you can hold your breath.
    Safeguard - Upon being revived, reduces damage taken for a short duration.
    Ammo Printer - Periodically restocks ammunition for you and your vehicle.
    Assimilate - Headshot kills restore shield health.
    Battle Hardened - Reduces screen shake and flinch caused from damage and explosives.
    Vampire - Restores health upon killing an enemy with a melee weapon.
    Catlike - Reduces the movement speed penalty for crouching.
    Sweeper HUD - Relays target distance information, and automatically spots nearby explosives.
    Safe Fall - Reduces damage from falling.
    Regeneration - Restores health while out of combat.
    Counter-Intelligence - Automatically spots targets who damage you, and provides HUD notifications when spotted by an enemy.
    Minor Cloak - Remaining stationary for a time will cloak you.
    Hardlight Barrier
    Engineers can now unlock and equip a Hardlight Barrier which, once deployed, provides chest-high cover from incoming attacks.
    “Draw Fire” experience and ribbons have been added; triggering when targets who damage your Hardlight Barrier are killed.
    A Draw Fire directive has also been added to the Engineer’s Directive Tree.
    Spartan Armor
    New Player Studio NC armor bundle available in the marketplace. Created by fuzzbuket. Check it out.
    Faction continent population imbalance threshold from 15% to 10%.
    Made adjustments to the Reinforcements Needed system to select more ideal spawn locations, and increased the maximum number of available spawns from 2 to 3.
    Eastern and Western AV Turrets at The Crown are now Anti-Infantry Turrets
    A lattice link from Rime Analytics to Eisa Mountain Pass has been added.

    Additional sockets have been added to Construction items to reduce exploitable placements.
    Bunkers now contain an Infantry terminal within them, and are powered by an active Silo.
    Deployable Decon Tool renamed "Deconstruction Tool"
    Various string adjustments.
    Added Faction Banners to the Decorations tab of the Construction screen.
    AI Phalanx Turret
    Dev Note: AI controlled anti-infantry turret effectiveness is being toned down; these changes only affect the turret while it is unmanned and automated.
    Cone of Fire from 1.45 to 2
    Damage from 200@10m-167@85m to 125@10m-75@50m
    Knives have received new wield animations.
    TRAP M1
    Dev Note: These adjustments should increase the range and accuracy on the 2x burst, and further separate it from the 3x burst.
    Tooltip no longer mentions single-fire mode.
    2x burst horizontal tolerance from 0.4375 to 0.15
    2x burst ADS bloom from 0.07 to 0.06
    2x burst Hipfire bloom from 0.14 to 0.12
    Misc. Adjustments

    C-4 can now be deconstructed by Engineer Repair Tools
    AVA armor may now be purchased per class, in addition to the armor bundle.
    Removed all weapon cert lines from the certs list page. Dev Note: The overhead to maintain this list had left it in an undesirable state. We can look at returning the feature once we find a better way to maintain it.
    Bug Fixes
    Polish to NSX Kabuto.
    Explosive damage should once again award assist experience.
    Various fixes to exploitable Construction areas.
    Made solid some base banners that were acting like one-way shields.
    Fixes to broken decals.
    Fix for VS Munitions Pouch rank 1 not providing ammo
    Repairing Harassers no longer connects the repair beam to the sky.
    Air Pads at the Indar Northern Warp Gate should now resupply ammo.
    Fixed skinning on Female Darkstar shoulders.
    Adjustments to VS HA arms in first person.
    Fixed broken UI strings for remote vehicle spawning.
    Known Issues

    We plan on fixing these issues in the next hotfix.
    Designator tools for the orbital strike and Glaive ION cannon aren’t playing nicely with each other. If you have one in your loadout, then go pick up the other one, you’ll be unable to fire that new designator successfully. There is a quick workaround for this if you run into it - if you cycle to any other tool or weapon in your loadout, then back to the problem designator, it should function properly from there out.
    Minor cloak activate timer can fire shortly after beginning to fire your weapon, you will cease firing and be unable to continue firing until you disengage minor cloak.\
    Infantry terminals inside the updated constructed bunkers display only VS graphics/color no matter what faction you are.
    These terminal will work correctly despite the fact they are showing VS graphics/color.

    So the Minor Cloak goes live.....and i am asking why.....why does Daybreak not listen to us?

    To be specific....why doesn't Wrel listen to us?

    On reddit and on the Forum NOBODY wanted that stupid inplantat...there was a Strawpoll that showed us 90% didn't want it and Wrel decides to keep it in.... I just can't believe how biased a Person can be :(

    The other Implantats where allright (just to be clear)

    Why should i play Stalker when i can EZ have Cloak on all other Classes? Why should i pick a class which has 900 HP instead of 1000 when the other classes can have the Ability?

    Where is the Adrenaline Shield implant or the Jumpjet Implant?

    I hope it is just a bad April Fool...i really hope so...

    I kinda hate Wrel for this.
  2. BartasRS

    Money, only that. They think they will make big bucks out of it and if I know playerbase everyone and their dogs will want that implant (and have it maxed) just because everyone thinks it's OP as hell.
  3. Kristan

    As they said this Minor Cloak implant would be too rare to really bother about it. At least I do always have flashlight on my pistols.
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  4. SixNineFour

    I don't care much about minor cloak. May find its way into my G2G AV Heavy loadout, but otherwise I would just play infiltrator instead.

    I wonder what implants MAXes can use. My main use for it if possible would be to use it MAX with NAR and Ammo Printer to be more sustainable in open outdoor areas.
  5. Citizen H

    What a waste with the Orbital Strike.
    Range maxes out around 900m?, takes like 15 minutes to charge, can't be fired on bases (just player made trashpiles). What's the point?
  6. Stopper

    I hope the new system still allows us to run two implants at the same time like what was said in the PTS 25/1.

    The update said nothing about it...
  7. Citizen H

    My mistake. The strike has a max range of 800m and takes 40(!) minutes to charge.
  8. BartasRS

    If anything it says that we will be getting 2 implants for free so this may be a hint that 2 implant slots will be available. Also, I think they would clearly state in patch notes that only 1 slot is available.
  9. Liewec123

    yeah i'm not too happy that Cat-like and minor cloak have made it to live,
    i was one of the people who took the time to hop on PTS and test it out and leave my feedback and recommendation that they both need to be redesigned, catlike only recied a small nerf, it still lets you move at 75% speed,
    i recommended cloak be removed and had confidence that it'd never make it to live,
    it does leave you wondering what the point of the test server is when we test things and leave unanimous feedback
    which is simply ignored.

    however, in its current iteration minor cloak has a huge window once you've uncloaked were you cannot fire your weapon,
    its 1.25 seconds so enough time for any weapon in the game to kill you twice over.
    i'm hoping that'll be enough to balance the fact that heavies and their LMGs will now have permanent stalker cloak.

    also i made a thread the other day about the damaging faction queue stopping people from playing,
    and now i see they've gone and made it much worse, oh DBG! :p

    brilliant changes for the rest of it however!
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  10. Demigan

    Because players are whiny and don't have any idea how Minor cloak will actually change the game. There's people out there who believe that LA's perching on roofs will now "sit still and toss C4 down safely", which is a completely idiotic technique as anyone will be able to shoot you from your perch for 8 seconds. There's others who think that Engineers will now camp vehicle pads and throw down mines when a vehicle comes off, which is just as stupid as any vehicle spawning would be off the mines before they activate and it's a lot of wasted time for the engineer. Minor cloak has too many downsides, and is an extreme niche implant that will see fairly little use.

    Now Catlike, if that still has a high crouch-speed, that's going to be a game-breaker and much more so than Minor Cloak. Catlike is going to be applicable in just about any fight, in halves your hitbox, puts your head on a different height than pre-aim people expect, gives you crouching-COF. Just the 50% hitbox size is a game-breaker, the rest are massive bonuses that push it even farther into OPness. But that kind of thing? Almost no one notices! Noooo people have to complain about one of the most niche abilities in the arsenal. Which, if I am correct, already has had a reduction of the cloak states so you are more visible.

    Yeah me neither, how can anyone think that Wrel had this much say in the matter? Wrel used to come up with tons of idea's that everyone liked, that's why people wanted him to be a developer. Now he's learning to be a developer, he pushes idea's to the devs and seems more of a glorified community manager than anything else. And you know what? He enjoyed his status up until the first patch, and then everything was Wrel's fault. It didn't matter what part of the game was changed, if someone disagreed with it, it was Wrel's fault.

    It's like watching a massive community do a tantrum contest.

    Yes let's ignore Catlike...

    Because Stalker can stay cloaked indefinitely while moving, normal infiltrator can stay invisible and on the move at will, and an Minor Cloaker can only cloak after standing still for 8 seconds and movement breaks the stealth instantly. That's a huge difference. That's comparable to giving all classes a 100% jump increase and then complaining that the LA is useless.

    Because you can move while stealthed and be stealthed instantly when useful, rather than be constantly on the defense and pray you don't get shot in the ludicrous 8 second time you need to start stealthing?
    Small edit: I just read Liewecs post, apparently they nerfed Minor Cloak to have a 1,25 second uncloak time in which you can't fire. That pretty much destroys the surprise attack as anyone will be looking for you and possible even firing at you in that time. Also if someone happens to walk in your direction and might discover you, you are instantly at a disadvantage as your opponents would have 1,25 seconds of free "murder that guy" time, and if you sit still and get discovered there really is no way to escape. A Stalker with a pistol would have a bigger chance of survival.

    How about this for a comparison: We give one class the ability to recharge shields instantly all the time, and all other classes still have to wait 8 seconds (Engineer) or 10 seconds (other classes) before they start recharging shields. but the Engineer and other classes have to stand still for that time to recharge, while the other class doesn't have to stand still.
    The class with the ability to instantly recharge and is able to move is pretty much better than anyone else. The same for all stealth versions vs Minor Cloak.

    They are coming, and they are going to be just as debilitated as the current Minor Cloak. For example the Jumpjet Implant could work as follows: Stand still for 8 seconds to recharge, be able to go up at Drifter speeds and reach a maximum of 1 floor. That's a huuuge difference between the LA's capabilities, and you sacrifice a valuable implant slot for it. You are much better off most of the time with implants that will boost your direct combat capabilities. Catlike for example.

    I kinda hate you right now for being so short-sighted. But I can't blame you, I would have to blame 90% of the community for this.
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  11. Rhello

    I'm genuinely wondering if they listened to us about catlike. Guess I'll see how broken it is in a few mins.
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  12. DeadAlive99

    I was on PTS two days ago and they have two implant slots on the loadout screen. I didn't try them out, but I assumed that they were moving to a dual slot system.
  13. BrbImAFK

    I noticed..... I've been calling ******** on Catlike since it was first announced. I'm SOOOOO looking forward to all the "I told you so" I'm gonna be due over the next few weeks! :D
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  14. JobiWan

    I don't get all the hating on Wrel. I don't know his official position but I imagine he's quite junior as regards making big decisions. Not everything that happens that you don't like is because of Wrel.
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  15. Eternaloptimist

    Gonna blow some certs on implant packs tonight! - been saving up ever since those things were launched on PTS :).

    The thing I'm hanging on to is that everything works both ways so, if people are harder to hit because catlike then so am I if I can get my hands on it.

    Can't say I like the idea of the visual impact of everyone suddenly scuttling around like crabs but - whatever.
  16. BartasRS

    It's more like he is the most visible representant (at least on Reddit) and is supposed to be responsible (to some degree) for balance issues hence all the blame and flaming goes to him. Personally, I'm far from accusing him of anything. I doubt his position in DBG is so strong that he can force anything.
  17. DIGGSAN0

    Actually Wrel had designed exactly this Idea...

    Yes he brought the Idea and he didn't want to remove it... that's why i call HIM biased and an Egoist because that's what he did.

    So... he deserves that.
  18. Liewec123

    they nerfed it to 75% move speed while crouched instead of 100%,
    but it still feels way to fast for a much smaller target to be moving, I think its gonna be pretty OP.
    i can imagine indoor fights already, everyone hunched over like golem, ADAD their butts off :p
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  19. Rhello

    A picture is worth a thousands words. (from CzerwonyKolorNicku on redditside)

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  20. Exitus Acta Probat

    Yea a crouch implant is pretty stupid.

    Imagine a 96+ v.s. 96+ fight where everyone is zipping along crouch walking, that's just going to look Benny Hill'ish, might as well play the accompanying music too.

    Not to mention all the other crap its going to screw up:rolleyes:
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