Testing Request - Amerish Revamp

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  1. Xoda1609

    Amersesh looks awesome and the more people it can pull off Indar the better.

    My ONE issue: the water under the bridges shouldn't kill imo, when an infiltrator hacks the bridge controls anyone not of its faction falls to their death. the water should imo do damage like proximity to enemy spawn rooms, so the enemy have a chance to get out instead of insta death...?? otherwise great change, look forward to the finished product :D
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  2. Dead soldier

    I like the lack of people on Amerish because It taught me how to fly and it isn't zerg vs zerg or ice and no cover land.
  3. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Damn, another continent is turned into a series of close Quarters CoD bases.
    As much as a longed for those when there were none, I hope I'll live to see the day when vehicles and Infantry will actually fight together, instead of either being completely segregated or one side using one and the other side using the other.
    Though I suppose the metrics are louder than me. :p
    The visual changes are neat, in any case.
    Though as much as I'd like spending time there, I think I prefer spending that time in the old Biolabs Amerish still has.

    "Add walls here, add walls there" is basically what you're saying. Vehicles need a place in this game, and that place is obviously going to be Amerish and partially Indar. Some small tank barriers at certain places would be nice to prevent vehicles coming directly to the point, but vehicles still need to be able to defend the point. I don't want Amerish to become a second Esamir, with walls around every base.

    Also, vehicles (mainly Vanguards) are NC's only choice when they're getting hammered by the ridiculous VS overpop.
  5. Giggily

    Vehicles can defend the point by killing enemy Sunderers and MBTs attempting to attack a base. Vehicles should not be defending a point by sitting on top of it, and should not be attacking a point by killing everyone who attempts to spawn at a base the second they step out of the spawn room. I don't care that the vehicles can even enter a base, I care that vehicles can kill infantry attempting to defend a capture point by safely shelling it and the nearby spawn room from a distance without putting themselves at risk by pushing forward into a base. It requires no skill on the part of the attacking vehicle, it's unfun and frustrating for the defenders, and it actually makes defending against overpops more difficult because a higher pop faction will usually bring more tanks, which in turn means even more spam hitting spawn rooms and capture points.
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    I see your point, but in most bases (actually I think all of them, excluding major ones) where vehicles can get near the point or the spawn room, there's a building which C4 light assaults can drop from, so it's actually kinda easier to destroy vehicles.

    Also, I agree that they should put some tank barriers, but not huge walls like on Esamir.
  7. Solaries

    § Stone Ridge Reserve:

    The border to the northwest is unnaturally restrictive as it's very close to the base and will hinder the ability for vehicles to move on the north side. Though there is a lot of obstruction from terrain elevation changes, there is very little cover or concealment from objects, creating very open lanes for firing. That may be intentional, but a couple of the lanes are very long. Tanks can very easily bombard the point, making holding it all but impossible in a large battle. Compared to other bases, like the Ascent, this one appears unfinished, both in terms of design and polish. The point here would be very difficult to hold by either side, due to the lack of ability to take cover in the very small cap point building.

    Suggestions: add a bit more cover to the lanes. Expand on the king of the hill theme and improve the base by placing a larger building on the top.

    § North Grove Post:

    The point is very far from the spawn room/teleport room, with lots of objects and open space between those and the point. The space between the point building and obvious sunderer spots is relatively well covered. Combine these with how close to the cap point is to these sunderer spots and I believe this base will be exceedingly difficult to defend. Total lack of plant cover. This base seems like an uninspired few buildings with a lot of trees; exploit the idea of the theme by bringing it to its fullest.

    Suggestions: Swap the current point location and building with the building between the current point and the spawn, past the stream. Replace the other swapped building with carefully crafted rock cover. This will create interesting pushes across the stream between the two buildings to get to the build. Remove all other buildings and replace with carefully constructed rock outcroppings that can be "climbed", to create verticality; this would normally be an issue but the trees create concealment, which makes this interesting.

    § Crux Headquarters

    Large improvement over the old tower I believe. The "courtyard" in the center is interesting. The placement of turrets is strange. There is no clear channel for defenders to get to point A, way out there. Couple floating plants. One tree clipped into the cliff overlooking the spawnroom that essentially makes it easier to camp the spawnroom.

    § The Ascent

    Epic. Whoever designed the lifts and jumps made them very interesting and intelligent, especially the one to C, which has a double jump with two different lifts, making it more difficult to camp and interesting to take. Attacking from lithcorp may be very difficult as there are limited avenues. Attacking A essentially means making it through that one narrow cave enterence, and attacking C means running by the tower or using that one lift system. There are absolutely no good ways to attack from Raven Landing; an additional avenue is required.

    § Jagged Lance Mine

    The hex boundry to the norrth is still very close, limiting vehicle movement unnaturally; and the point is very open to vehicle spam, especially from the air.

    Suggestion: place a simple roof over the point.

    § Deepcore Geolab

    Very limited placement for attackers' AMSes.

    § Silver Valley Arsenal

    Very little cover to attack from the south. Only one avenue of attack from the north.

    Suggestion: open up the ridge to the north more to bring it into play and improve sunderer placement from the south.
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  8. Master

    I would love to hear SOE's thoughts on why they should make MORE bases.
  9. Torok

    Really good how you sum up probably the one and biggest flaw in Planetside 2 fight for defending an Hex, I support and always thought the same, also I've spotted another of these bad boys on Amerish and can't wait for them to come ingame.
    People might think they are for excluding AIR only from the fights but they don't see how this will affect Ground vehicles aswell, take the Octagon for example, a base designed entirely for the Dome shield, currently Vehicles can easily set themselves high on the nearby hills and shell the defenders inside, AIR too have a deep impact on it, and that is just one base, I can see dome shields helping the quality of fights throughout all continents, altough Indar is really really old again. It'll need another revamp soon, maybe throw in an Interlink facility too while at it hah?

    I can't wait for domeshields but this is their status so far.

  10. reydelchicken

    That would be good, but even better you should be able to swim in water.

    Not be able to fire your weapon while swimming, and move at crouch speed or walking speed if you hit sprint.

    Also take damage if you go underwater and stay there too long.

    Having the water be a block of cement textured like water is not fun, especially when you go for a nice dip and find your legs broken.
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  11. Plyte

    I don't think this is a problem Giggily.

    See the difference between NS abandoned office and the new ascent is that the spawn is far away from the capture point, and there is enough space to spread out up there to take down attacker's armor. Tanks cannot directly shell spawn rooms at the ascent. Also that spot you can shell C from: its in dead sight of the air pads from the towers. Heavies will easily be able to lock on and destroy any armor at that spot.

    I don't think the issue is tanks bombarding points. I think the issue is tanks directly bombarding spawn rooms. I have no problems tanks cutting off an approach lane, say crossing that road in Palisade, but I hate how easy it is for tanks to directly shell that spawn point with little to no risk. Liberators can do this as well there, going belly up and dipping below the ridge line if they start to get focused.

    I'll have to second this Solaires. I think the Raven's Landing attack path is one of the best for low to mid-pop fights. The problem is that theres only 1 good location for a sunderer, and if you want a second, you'll have to cross over the base to place it. Theres also a grav lift that ends too short (theres a series of 2 grav lifts followed by a 1-way jump pad, its the 2nd grav lift). I'd have to say that I'm a bit confused on how you're supposed to capture the ascent from rockslide. Access to the ascent from rockslide is solely from grav lifts and jump pads meaning you cannot bring in additional sunderers. This causes a problem when trying to reach A point. Seems like the best solution would be to hack a vehicle terminal and pull a sunderer directly from the Ascent and place it in the Raven's landing nook.
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  12. VHobel

    Holy... you nailed it. Who needs Hossin? Amerish just got the new most wanted continent.
  13. Icemanthemyope2

    Second that.

  14. Giggily

    Tanks bombarding points is still a huge problem, though. It makes defending bases against vehicle zergs almost impossible, even if you can get to the capture point, because the moment you actually make it in every single unblocked window is basically constant one hit kill death. Tanks spamming towers is also a pretty hugely obnoxious problem that I don't think has been addressed anywhere, but there aren't really any towers on Amerish anymore.
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  15. Flapatax

    I don't mind splitting Biolab outpost spawns in the lattice assuming they are connected without the biolab itself. Biolab fights where the attackers can only capture one teleporter are incredibly boring.

    Also, seconded on everything Giggily said. There are two places you should never take damage from vehicles, spawn rooms and points. Anyone whining about ruining combined arms clearly wants to pad their stats--DA has been using vehicles more and more and there are plenty of opportunities to be effective beyond cheesing infantry.
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  16. Santondouah

    My outfit and a few other ones plan on getting on Amerish @ PTS this saturday at 21PM CET if you guys wish to join us.
  17. PurpleOtter

    Stupid question, but where is the actual lattice? It IS mentioned in the original post....
  18. Giggily

    Spawn options for new Amerish bases could still use some work. For example, here's Khwatee South:


    On the left is the entrance from the spawn room, which requires running out of the room, through the open, down an elevator, through a cooridor, and then you finally emerge out the doorway to the left. Or, alternatively, you can just take the teleporter inside the spawnroom and instantly arrive in the room to the right, which is protected by a spawn shield.

    So... why walk when the teleporter is significantly faster, safer, and gets you to effectively the exact same place? I could see it if the teleporter was placed further inside of the base, with difficult access to the point room if attackers are present, but this just seems a bit pointless at the moment.

    Other bases have similar issues of somewhat pointless/useless teleporters that don't seem to really have a purpose or advantage. The teleporter at The Auger, which teleports you further away from the base, right behind the spawn room. What's the point of that? Similarly, North Grove Post has a terrible spawn location, it's on the other side of a hill from the rest of the base, while the teleporter is significantly closer yet similarly exposed to all manner of vehicle spam, but people have already brought that location up.

    Many of the spawn and teleporter locations have not been very well thought out at all and should seriously be looked at again before launch. I flew through Amerish with some other members of DA today, and we all have had basically the same exact reactions - either the bases are absolutely perfectly designed, or they seem completely unfinished, either being just a few buildings strewn together like an old Indar base (or, in some cases, worse) or are simply have no safe routes for infantry.
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  19. Skyrik

    So the first thing I'm noticing is that the map needs updated to include the new bases, new layouts, and the lattice.

    Second thing, while not a bug or major problem, but something that would be nice. Some more believability in the placement of features... for example, the creeks at moss ravine. LOVE this feature, seriously I really want to see more inclusion of water features in this game, but why is it there? Where does it come from? Where is it going? Right now they just stretch from one pile of rocks to another. Give us some flow, give us a source and a real terminus like a river or into the ocean. This will definitely help with immersion.

    Speaking of Moss Ravine, the water is a bit off. By this I mean that when standing near the Eastern most creek at the Northern most end between the rocks and the tree on the Western bank looking towards the building across the stream the water slopes upward out of the creek and above the land. From the other side looking back this doesn't happen.

    Also, there are a lot of rocks and grass inside that same building on the ground floor. If this is intended, throw in some dirt to make it look more rugged, otherwise it just looks a bit silly.

    Some more small foliage would be nice too.

    I'll give you more as I explore more.
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  20. Psychophonic-RNX