Testing Request - Amerish Revamp

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  1. Flapatax


    There's a base in the Northeast that's mostly covered by rocky overhangs with moss all over them. While this is presumably to cut down on air spam, there is a long trek from the spawn to the point that is just going to be obliterated by the multitude of snipers that are going to be all up on those rocks.

    Needs more trees to obscure the view down into the actual base corridor.
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  2. Gleerok

    *The Ascent

    Already reported that there are some rocks you can get on top of with a light assault and fire through because they lack a "ceiling", inside A point's cave.
  3. H4YW1R3

    Why does Amerish have to get the lattice system? There are plenty of players like the old design. I play on Amerish a good 75%-80% of the time. I can see where the lattice system has it's strong points, and I wouldn't wan't to see it done away with despite my preferring the old design, so why can't those of us who like the old design have the one continent with the design we prefer?

    All the other changes are great, but **** the lattice.
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  4. Rasman

    Well, because the lattice makes sure that continent locking will make sense, otherwise it will be one huge mess. Without the lattice it would be pretty darn impossible to direct big fights across the maps. Its already a hassle to lead squadrons on amarish right now, let alone lead them on an even larger scale.
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  5. Schwak

    One of the grav lifts going to bridge that goes into A point north of the tower at The Ascent does not make you fly upwards enough.
  6. H4YW1R3

    Again, we have two continents with the lattice system for all of you who don't like to fight on Amerish. But there are plenty of us who prefer Amerish. Familiar names because they prefer the Amerish style map over the latice and play there primarily. And most of the squads I've played on Amerish know what they're doing and how to allocate resources. We prefer the challenge of locking down Amerish. We like the freedom Amerish offers over being herded down particular lanes. And as to ghost capping, it's far easier with the lattice due the the redeploy lanes.

    With three continents, why can't each have his own? Lattice lovers have two continents already. Just because you may not like the Amerish layout, doesn't mean everyone else hates, or should hate it, as well.

    For those of you who like the lattice, imagine if they took away the lattice on Indar and Esamir in favor of Amerish's hex based system. You wouldn't like the change any more than those of us being forced to play the other way do. All I'm saying is, why can't we keep the choice we do now?
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  7. Famif

    I checked out a video highlighting the major changes on 5 bases. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Keep up the work! These bases are fantastic! I cannot wait to see them go live and I do plan on hitting up the test server to explore!
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  8. Zakum

    Alright I've been running around trough Amerish in the new bases and just found lots of work to do,I gonna list the facilities and the bug down in this coment.
    1- Starting of with Kwahtee South Pass:you can actually capture the point from the ground above it
    2-Then we have Barrick Electrical Station with the same error and one bonus,two A points and one of then is inside the spawn room
    3-Wokuk Storage Yard being non existent
    4-The Scarfield Reliquary having its point A indicator up in the skies (4 thousands meters)
    5-The same for Arauxicom Network HUB
    6-And here comes the winner of the most derpiest place on Amerish right now Eastshore Training Camp,here is why:The point A indicator above the map is an "@" and it marker on your HUD waaaaay up on the skies and it has a bonus,the spawn room shields are completely out of place,like floating in the air away from the walls
    These were the bugs that I encountered,go ahead and check it out your self.I hope I have helped the Devs with this bug report,and by the way Amerish looks really really cool right now,good job designers you guys are going to the right direction.
  9. DeadliestMoon

    The Hex system was on Indar and Esamir, remember? It was generally hated. But anyway, having lattice plays into their continental lattice plan, we have to have lattice on Amerish, there's nothing stopping it. Also, there is no ghost capping on the lattice system, just poor defense.
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  10. Ash87

    Are there going to be more tests this weekend?
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  11. Rasman

    I understand your concerns, really I do. But it is what it is. You can't have 2 capture systems since it wouldnt work on a larger scale. Maybe when there are 10 continents, we can have a few with different mechanics.

    However for the continental lattice to work you need at least 4 maps (1 for each faction and a neutral one) for it to work properly.
  12. Runegrace

    Are you familiar with the eventual plans to introduce continent locking? Each continent will have a single Warp Gate, then 3 connections to other continents. Indar, Esamir, and Amerish will all connect to each other via a 'Battle Isle' with the 4th continent, Hossin, as one big battle ground between all three.

    So Lattice is needed EVERYWHERE for this whole linking thing to work correctly. Because once this system is in place, it's not a 'choice'; one faction's home WG is in Amerish. Now, imagine if your faction is the one stuck on the fastest-capping continent. How often do you think the other two factions are going to zerg your home, leaving you with NO resources or any place to go?

    My biggest issue with Lattice is that it's one half of a good idea. The other half is continent locking. Lattice will play MUCH differently once this is in place, but we need all continents running Lattice for the whole thing to work.
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  13. Hasteras

    It's not reasonable of you to request that every base be designed in such a way so that your outfit can always win.

    If DA doesn't want to engage in vehicular combat, that's your choice. But there are going to be times where that means you simply aren't going to be able to carry the field. Get over it.
  14. Giggily

    There's a difference between vehicle combat and vehicle farming. I do both, but I will readily admit that latter isn't good for the game.
  15. BULLET010

    Devs, on the implementation of Amerish lattice system I think you should wait. Personally I play Amerish alot and am kind of on the fence about the lattice system on Amerish. But some people like Amerish the way it is; so why not leave it until Hossin comes into effect??? I mean my thought is that Hossin and Indar will receive the most attention when Hossin is implemented. So it may pull the noob zergs away from Amerish (on Connery); but then again they may stay for the easy certs. Anyway, my thought is just leave Amerish the way it is and see what happens down the road.
    As for zergs, I think the attention should be placed here. I've been on both sides of a zerg; it's frustrating being the underdog and boring sitting in a sundy with 50+ people waiting for the clock to run down. So my thought is why not create a formula that evens out populations on continents? Now you might have that already but if you do its not that great. Now I realize that at certain times some factions may an overall server high pop. Nothing you can do about that, but at least spread them out across continents. I mean honestly lets get some quality/more strategic gameplay going. Although I understand 'Power in Numbers' is a strategy I think most people who play this game would agree that its frowned on. Definitely a strategy for unskilled players.
  16. Lakora

    Zerging is nothing they can do anything about there's currently a player cap of 333 players on a single continent from each faction, problem being that Power in Numbers isn't just a strategy, specially not when Zerging it's a group mentality. One person moves, next one moves n so on so on, eventually people will be following just so they don't stand out of the group. There's no way to prevent this behaviour without actually rewiring humans themselves. On the other hand this game isn't 32v32 or 64v64 not to even mention that the spawn rooms are too easily camped, the day they actually manage to fix spawn rooms is the day zerging won't be as effective as it currently is.
  17. 5hadow 1

    This is exactly how a lot of my people in our Platoon/Clan feel. We like Amerish cause you have the ability to move around and you are not locked into tunnel mentality and always have to fight a TR or NC Zurg fest. Two of the Three planets have lattice lines. Let one planet keep the Hex it to keep the players who like it happy.

    And as to locking down a continent for a greater plan , it a lot easier to lock down lattice lines than Amerish. Any regional commander will tell you when he see's a rear base changing hands he winches and exhale some curse words cause now he has to send troops back to put out a fire that can mess up his forward momentum. On Indar and Esimire there is no worry of this happening with the lattice lines. Just split up your Zurgs and blunt the other side before they blunt you. Commander manage a Wall of death - not tactics need. A true commander should be able to deal with lattice lines and hex. If not then who need a commander. All one has to do is just join a ZURG go to your known Camping point, **** cage the other side and go to next point in the line. Rinse and Repeat. Doesn't take much brains for this. But on Amerish you have to think and react. A small force can wreak havoc on your plans and can break a Zerg fast.

    Just like it has been said many times above. If they take hex's away from Amerish I will most likely cancel my subscription and not play no more. It not my play style and TSOE Tent's and Canteens will be no more on Amerish. No biggy - I'm just one Sub Account of thousands. So it will no loss to SOE. The Need of $$ from the many out weigh the needs of the few. It's always like that for all time.
  18. 5hadow 1

    First off you have done amazing work with The Accent. I like the added content and how the base must be taken. But now we go to Raven Landing - As I don't know the intent of Raven Landing redo was but you just make it so easy to take. Before one had to use Air Mobility or Take the accent to get tank Zurg their. Or come by ground. It was true tactics

    Now we have this:



    And then to top it off you move the flag room to this:


    That flag room can not be can not be defended. You just made it perfect for - Tank with splash - Libs with slash - constant fighter with rockets with splash damage. And it right next to the new road you made EASY for Zurgs to access the flag room

    And this is what you give for defence:


    The flag room on the Right and a little sub transport room on the left. Once the Zurg get in its all open ground for the defender to get farmed. Again you just Made Raven landing So easy to take you have taken the Tactics away from it to take and hold it. Epic fight have been had their. You should not have change the Flag room. Also you have made it easy for attaining the High Ground for the Attacker with this:


    And if you look at right side of the picture of the above picture you can see the EASY ROAD ACCESS for TANK ZERGs to gain access to Raven' Landing

    Now it just see Zurg coming - just let them have it for the defender is just screwed. You al might want to change the name. It no longer a Raven Landing. It now Interstate Zerg Plateau.