[Suggestion] Super ES MBT's

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  1. Shiaari

    On an ordinary day I'd be like: Hell no. But now that the ANT is going to be a thing--as well as resource gathering--I'm warming up to the idea.

    The ANT has all kinds of potential.

    Just no BFRs. Ok? Giant tanks good. Giant robots bad.
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  2. Ronin Oni

    If the giant robot required a crew, I don't see much difference besides movement and height really....

    one man BFR's, I absolutely agree, but if the pilot only walked it around (maybe with a pintel mounted Kobalt or something) and each arm had a dedicated gunner (maybe something like double barreled lightning canons)... how much different would that be from a Colossus tank of similar armarment?

    the 2 arms even makes 2 dedicated gunners kinda work better, IMO.
  3. Demigan

    BTW, that Galaxy Gunship is exactly how you could do it.
    You are assuming that the Galaxy Gunship will have the same armor and health ratings as the current Galaxy. You are already saying that the superweapons should be slow and healthy, so if you change a metric like speed and give it the capability of flight, naturally the health and armor of the vehicle will be reduced.

    The key to any super vehicle or super weapon is the WOW factor. When you are driving/flying it, every occupant must be thinking it. If you are fighting it you also need to be thinking it, especially when you destroy it.

    One of the ways to do it would be to add weakspots. Adding weakspots and extra hitboxes is resource heavy of course, but it's not like these vehicles could be spammed, and with 5+ people in them it would probably be more resource intensive if they got out and ran around rather than fired that ship. I would imagine that the current Valkyrie with all rumble seats active (each having a head, torso and leg hitbox) would be more resource intensive than adding weakspots to one of these things.
    Imagine that the Galaxy Gunship is 4x tougher than a normal Galaxy. Yes this is the exact opposite of what I said above but hear me out, you also allow players to destroy the wings or the wing-mounted thrusters which have a lot less health and resistances, causing the Galaxy Gunship to spiral out of control and ram the ground... If it survives, the wreckage will be neutral and capturable by anyone, if they bring the ANT farmed resources required to repair those thrusters. This adds another risk/reward, both for the people flying it as for the people trying to destroy/capture it. Of course, you still need to hit those thrusters first. Other weak spots could include the Cockpit, the weapons mounted on the vehicle so you can disable them and weaken the vehicle until it lands for repairs and the wing flaps to reduce his agility.

    Anyway, whatever you do the vehicle must have some kind of counter, even if it is tough to pull off. Or a disadvantage. For instance, that Galaxy Gunship's side-mounted canons could have a very limited elevation. That means that to attack anything on the ground the Galaxy Gunship must either fly very very low or keep angling the armed side of the Galaxy to the ground.
  4. Savadrin

  5. Reclaimer77

    The Galaxy Gunship is the most broken thing is this game. Thank god Planetside is full of lone-wolfs who can barely manage the coordination to fully crew one of these monsters, or else the game would be GalaxySide2....
  6. Savadrin

    You! :D
  7. Shiaari

  8. Demigan

    It's like talking to walls here... I throw twenty ways against the idea on how to balance it or even make it almost useless if you wanted to, and people still see only "Galaxy with heavy weapons" and add "It's going to be spammed and supa dupa OP".

    Is it all invisible to all of you? I could say "it has 1 hitpoint and is vulnerable to small-arms weapons" and still people would say the idea is OP! How many times haven't I've said "just start with 1 hp and move up the scale until it has enough health without being OP" or similar idea's?
  9. Reclaimer77

    Not going to work because the people who use it will claim it's too weak, and the people fighting it will say it's too strong.

    Vehicle users in this game have the "expectation" that they will be overpowered. MBT's are in a really good place right now imo, but notice how they all cry about them being weak?
  10. Demigan

    Look, that was just one of the idea's, read the other twenty! Take your pick! There's plenty of ways to make it a fun vehicle to both fly and fight where the users feel it's powerful and the people fighting it think it's weak enough to take down.