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  1. Anonymous Qwop

    I sort of got the idea from this thread
    -> https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/super-vehicles-and-ants.237964/

    Instead of 1 NS Super Vehicle, we should have 3 ES SUPER MBTs. These Super MBTs should be designed as direct upgrades from the current MBTs. However, these Super MBTs can only be spawned through ANTs resource gathering.

    Ideas for Super MBT's:

    Swagrider (Magrider):
    Passive Abilities
    - Can move in all directions at top speed
    - Flatter and Smaller Model (Bigger than a Harraser but Smaller than a Magrider)
    - Buff in armor/hp from Magrider (not sure about the amount)
    Actual Abilities
    - Magburner refuel time decreased from 20 seconds to 10-15 seconds

    Colossus (Prowler):
    Passive Abilities
    - Optional Double Shot (Shoots both rounds instead of just one)
    NOTE: Prowlers would still be able to shoot one round at a time.
    - Buff in armor/hp from Prowler (not sure about the amount)
    - Increases the vertical angle to look up higher.
    Actual Abilities
    - Small Deploy Shield (Prevents C4 fairies like me and allows 1-2 extra main gun shots)

    MeatShield (Vanguard):
    Passive Abilities
    - Reloads the same way the Enforcer does (allows for faster follow up shots but slower reload)
    - Larger and Bigger Model (Bigger than a Vanguard but Smaller than a Liberator)
    - Buff in armor/hp from Vanguard
    Actual Abilities
    - Further increases Shield HP
    - Adrenaline Shield (Killing someone recovers shield by 16.67%)

    Suggest ideas for these absurdly OP Super ES MBTs
  2. FateJH

    Suggestion the first: make them not absurdly OP?
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  3. Reclaimer77

    The second I read "super" and "MBT" in the same line, I knew this would be a bad idea.

    Although I'm sure the usual World of Tanks rejects who post here will love it.
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  4. SpartanPsycho

    Boy, you're a real piece of humanity aren't you? I have a recommendation.
  5. Reclaimer77

    So you take the high road and post profanity as a response?

    You have an amazingly inflated self image I must say. A troll who doesn't know what he is....
  6. Liewec123

    i'd like NC's "super vehicle" to pretty much be a sloooow moving fortress with a permanent shield and small weak spots, enemies getting onboard could destroy it easy from a vulnerable core within (kinda like killing scarabs in halo lol)
  7. Reclaimer77

    Reminds me of BFR's...

    "Hey they'll be balanced because they are big and slow and require some teamwork..."

    Yeah...umm. No.
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  8. Gundem

    PS1 didn't die because BFR's required teamwork.

    BFR's decimated PS1 because they required no teamwork. They were light and fast, by no means the toughest critters on Araxius(A Galaxy Gunship could take 6 on at once and live), but the issue was that BFR's only needed a single guy.

    And the funny thing is, we still have BFR's. They are called MBT's, and they require only a single person to spawn and operate at at approx. 60% efficiency(Your secondary accounting for around 40%).

    EDIT: Unnecessary start was unnecessary.
  9. Reclaimer77

    On this we fully agree.

    I must admit I whored the hell out of the "jumper" BFR Anti-Aircraft variant. I hated air so much I became pretty notorious. It felt so good to FINALLY be a hard counter to those groundspammers. It's all I did every day, sit in my BFR and hunt air.

    I remember Buzzcut organizing Enclave air zergs to hunt me down. Man, that's when you know you're making a difference haha.
  10. FateJH

    It's not as if the players didn't ask this time. SOE just didn't want to create a tank that was to be crewed by multiple people - driver and gunner separate - when they should have back in formal Beta.
  11. orangejedi829

    You forgot: The Swagrider needs flashing neon ground effects and externally-facing subwoofers that play dubstep every time the main cannon is fired.

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  12. AlterEgo


    Seems okay to me.
  13. Hammerlock



    and VSD get something alien
  14. sebastian oscar post

    Are you serious?!
  15. Haquim

    I think superweapons are generally a great Idea that can add some strategy into the game.

    That being said, it can be done wrong too.
    If I understood you right, those super MBTs you propose are still 2 man vehicles and have no big differcences to the original outside those you posted.
    A smaller and even more mobile Magrider with more health would just infuriate literally everybody, since it would be impossible to kill.
    A Prowler with more HP and a deploy shield AND more firepower could sit on a mountain all day and be almost impossible to get rid of.
    The Vanguard would propably singlehandedly vanquish a whole tank company.
    Too much power for two people at literally no drawbacks.

    A superweapon should take at least half a squad to operate efficiently. It should be big, dangerous and sturdy. Propably slow too.
    Like the Baneblade superheavy tank from WH40k.
    Constructing it needs to be an effort, getting rid of it too.
    Constructing could be done with the ANTs and their construction system.
    First build a superweapon platform, then pour Resources and Nanites into it. The construction takes 10 minutes for example, but does not wait for the resources to be full to start (if you have only 50% it constructs for 5 minutes and consumes those resources before waiting at that point)
    Everybody - friend or foe - who comes as close as 2km to the superweapon or the place that constructs it gets a marker on the map indicating its presence.
    Do you construct it close to the front, accepting the risk that it might be destroyed before it is ever finished?
    Or do you construct it in the back, having to haul resources to that remote place and having to drive it to the front for tedious minutes?
    If it is an enemy, will you try to prevent its construction? Or prepare a defense/attack for when it comes to the front?

    I would like to see our zergfits scrambling to mount a coordinated attack on a superweapon.
    A swarm of VS Liberators homing in on a TR "Dominator" airfortress.
    A pack of TR Prowlers struggling to overcome the shielding of a NC "Capital" superheavy tank.
    A horder of NC MAXes trying to topple a VS "Illuminate" bipedal walker mech.
    Or a deathmatch between superweapons....

    But that won't happen for several reasons.
    One being that I don't see the amount of resources that were promised when SOE became DGB actually being used for the game. And this would take a lot to implement.
    Another because both SOE/DGB are damned cowards who would never dare implement such a revolutionary thing because it could fail.

    By the way, I looked at that thread OP posted.
    That Galaxy gunship is a fine example of what NOT do do.
    A superweapon that is extremely durable, is armed to the teeth, highly mobile AND has limited ways of being attacked at all is an outright horrible idea. Superweapons are supposed to be overpowered, not invincible.
    It propably also drops troops, but thats kinda unimportant compared to the rest.
  16. Eternaloptimist

    How about tactical nuclear warheads while we're at it? Man-portable so C4 faeries can drop them. After all, even super weapons need to have a hard counter..............
  17. Savadrin

    I shall approve this idea on one condition:

    The TR must get an upgrade to the Galaxy.

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  18. Zombo

    but can it ram sh*t ?
  19. UberNoob1337101

    Give the privilege to pull them only to squads with 12 members and platoons with 12+ so they aren't spammed like crazy. Preferably on a long delay too. However, make them ridiculously nuts with the ability to crush the zerglings if played right.

    TR can get this :
    Need I say moar? 10+ guns, so it has to be manned by 10+ people. Pretty much the fastest out of the three if it's moving forwards, highest requirement manpower wise and the most lone wolf oriented, meaning that it receives and gives no support from outside sources except for the squad/platoon maintaining it. Special ability is to reduce reloads to 0.1 seconds and triple the RoF.

    NC can get this :
    Too much armor, like 8 C4 and walking away armor, painfully slow with 20KPH movement if you move forwards. Has built-in repair and resupply modules and can carry people around, kind of like a sunderer/tank hybrid. Has built-in squad logistics, so you can spawn in it whenever you want if you're in a squad controlling it and can deploy to function like a beefed up sunderer. Special ability is to create an invincible shield that protects allies and pushes away enemies.

    VS gets the Swagrider. What? It's already perfect.
    I was thinking of an aircraft/tank hybrid and this came up. Overall lower power and health when compared to the previous two. Give it an ability to fly up and act as a beefed up Liberator for bombing vehicles. When grounded it's an AA platform with defenses against ground vehicles. Special ability as aircraft is a one-use teleport. Special ability as a tank is a cloak that functions like a Stalker cloak. Secondary special is to move in all directions in equal speed and your max speed is bumped up to 150KPH.
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  20. Ronin Oni

    uhm, no.

    The Colossus tank would be the way to go, and it should require the new crystals resource to build, and dedicated driver with 2 dedicated gunners.

    A couple "rumble seats" to sit a couple infantry on it might be cool too

    Requiring crystals would limit the # that can be fielded and require an investment of time to harvest and build so that destroying one has more impact than killing MBT's which can be typically chain pulled so long as you live 7 to 9 minutes per pull (not exceedingly difficult)

    They could potentially also limit colossus tanks availability by requiring a minimum of say 8-10 people in the squad, and a max of 1 per squad... just so some outfit doesn't build up a small army of them... but this may be unecessary (not to mention potentially convoluted) however added limits to potential #'s of Colossus tanks in the field could allow them to be more potentially rare.

    A perhaps easier option is to limit construction to 1-3 per VP gen though it seems that could potentially encourage a team to build a VP, build capacity Colossus tanks, DESTROY the VP, rebuild, then rinse and repeat.

    In any case, I do not support the OP.
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