Sunderer teamkilling to deploy your own

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Xiphos, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Xiphos

    I find this extremely annoying. It should not be possible.
  2. Grotpar

    It should be possible.

    But it should also be punished more heavily.
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  3. Xiphos

    It is not punished at all.
  4. AsmodeusZ28

    Ouch... well it should be. Teamkilling shouldn't be impossible though.
  5. Nonsensei436

    Just blow up their sunderer too.
  6. Xiphos

    How do I know which Sunderer is the one of the teamkiller? If they are not inside there is no way to know.

    Or actually, how do I even know who blew it up? The only way to know is to stay in the Sunderer or watch it all the time.

    The system does not punish teamkilling Sunderers, does reward you for doing it and makes it very difficult for the victim to take vengeance.
  7. Nonsensei436

    For that matter how do you even know the sunderer was teamkilled at all? Could have been a LA with some C4.
  8. Accuser

    If you put your Sunderer near an outpost control point of a Biolab such that another Sunderer cannot be deployed under the Biolab's jump pad structure, I will blow up your Sunderer while my Outfit-mate rolls his into position under the jump pad.

    Other than that, probably no reason to blow up a friendly Sunderer.
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  9. Loegi

    I really think we should have some sort of death screen for the vehicles too. And if people don't like that because it could announce infiltrators or something then at least give us a death screen thingy if a friendly kills it.
  10. Nonsensei436

    And if you do this I will spend the next hour blowing up every friendly sunderer i see. Simple as that.
  11. Xiphos

    I know because I was inside at the time. The deathscreen showed a friendly player and no damage from hostiles.

    His name is FoxyGER on Woodman and he is well known to do it and apparently he's never been punished by GM's because he keeps doing it.
  12. Red 5

    I can understand the frustrations. People park sundies in the most idiotic and easy-to-farm spots (think: under a biolab away from the grav lifts). I think that when you see a stupidly parked sundy that is hindering the advance more than helping it, feel free to blow it up (of course after friendly negotiations). If this happens to be your sundy, sucks to be you. You might learn to park better next time.

    I also understand the frustrations of a driver who properly parks a sundy only to have it blown up by an idiot with mines so that he can deploy his own sundy in the exact same/worse spot. Again, sucks to be you. Send an angry /tell and shoot the guy in the back a couple of times during a critical moment should make him repent from his heretic ways. Or just guard your sundy against enemies both within and without.

    Other solution: heavily penalise blowing up friendly sundies (instant weapon lock/being unable to enter and thus deploy your sunderer/other vehicles for the next 5-10 minutes). Badly parked sundies are likely to blown up anyway, especially with the new XP system.
  13. Loegi

    Could just ask him to move it a bit. I don't think it's impossible to have a Sunderer at the grav lift thing and all the satellite facilities. And more points of access is usually better.

    I'd also like to see how large my deploy radius would be, so I can see if I'd be annoying for other points. But that's pretty minor, since I think you can just deploy for a second to see it.
  14. PaperPlanes

    All TKing and friendly fire needs to more consequences. It needs the old PS1 grief points system. I realize in PS2 if you kill enough people fast enough you will get weapons locked, but the system is SO freaking lenient, it's ridiculous. In PS1 the points system was harsh until you got the hang of it, it really forced you to learn to hold your fire for friendly and not run people over, etc.

    In PS2? Haha, it's a freaking joke. People know the system is so lax so they don't bother to consider friendly fire, they will continue to spam on full auto and take out 1 or 2 team mates in front of them just because there is no real downside to doing so. I see people plow vehicles into other vehicles, run people over, bomb people with liberators, etc. They just don't CARE because the punishments are not harsh enough. By the next time you play all your accumulated grief is gone, hell, it will be gone in an hour it seems. In PS1 those points stuck around a while and they multiplied in size if you were causing friendly fire in rapid succession. For example, intentionally TKing two or three people in a row would have you looking at about 500 grief got weapons locked at 1000, so that was a very good system for deterring TKers and teaching people to watch their fire and mind their team mates.

    Again, it's a joke in PS2. It may as well not even exist. The most frustrating part is that in this game where everyone is so focused on stats and SOE pushes the K/D stat and leaderboards so much in our faces, but you get deaths from TKs counted against your stats. I personally don't care about K/D, but if you're going to try to push it as a meaningful stat in this game, all the TKs counting against it are a pretty bad idea given that people will happily mow down their buddies just because they can't be bothered to slow down their sunderer a few MPH.

    Bring back the old PS1 system.
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  15. Accuser

    Sure you will. Sounds like you'll have a blast with that and make lots of friends, lol.
    I don't spawn at Sunderers anyway ;)

    I would love to ask him to move it, but the owner is rarely with it. The last time I blew a Sundy improperly positioned like that, my team mate instantly deployed his under the landing pad and someone else deployed another Sunderer a few meters further from the Biolab at that same control point.
  16. sayter

    While I think it SHOULD still be possible (I've seen dudes intentionally block doors and such with them, so team mates are stuck inside, etc) I do think it should be penalized far more. I had a guy do this to me last night. His only response when quizzed on it was "trololololol"

    You want to curb TKing? Dock them certs whenever they do it. The more frequent, the greater the cert penalty. 2 for a vehicle TK. 5 for a second or third. 10 for a fourth, etc.
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  17. Grotpar

    It generates grief.

    Just not enough.
  18. Xiphos

    You're making a lot of assumptions. The guy killed my Sunderer to park his own in the exact same spot. He is doing it for the certs gain.
  19. TintaBux

    People also like to key friendlies so they can get the kills at the spawn point, they don't care if your in the way as there is no punishment.
  20. Loegi

    At least try. Not saying you should spend a lot of time trying, but asking once via /region or something seems fair to me. If they refuse, or they don't respond, and their Sunderer is in a bad spot, then I see no problem in TKing it.
  21. Nonsensei436

    I don't use sunderers very often, but my understanding is that they give xp to the owner when someone spawns or resupplies at one of them. This would be the real motivation behind blowing up allied sunderers.