Subterranean Nanite Analysis, the real meat grinder

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  1. TheFamilyGhost

    Wait. Are you saying the infantry-only-arena guys didn't think this far ahead?

  2. kadney

    I still fail to find the video you want to show us.
  3. Meeka

    Tactics. You'd be surprised what a few concussion, flash bangs, and standard grenades will do to anyone defending that base. Boom, bang, roll in with guns blazin'.
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  4. Hibiki54

    I don't see the problem with SNA. I think it's more bad players attacking than bad base design.

    Seriously. A bunch of scrub platoons lead by scrub leaders cannot take SNA, especially when it is defended by 12-24 organized warriors.
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  5. Shinrah

    Can only agree with the OP. I do enjoy most new bases but SNA´s design is weird.
    It gives you the illusion of having multiple routes but infact there arent multiple routes, like the OP says you´ll always pass the same chokepoints. Also I´m absolutely not a fan of all those one way engery shields that allow defenders to shoot from 100% safe positions. For example the Generator in the first sublvl is partially visible from the elevators energy shields and the door next ot it.

    I would enjoy it alot more if it were more cavernous and had several different entries which lead to different levels and rooms of the base instead of leading to the same chokepoint.

    Also SOE needs to increase the amount of low cover in general. Even the better designed bases on Amerish lack a decent amount of low cover. By low cover I mean boxes/tanktraps etc. that allow you to be in "full cover" when crouched and half or 2/3 cover when standing. This allows for both attackers and defenders to advance or defend without getting slaughtered.

    As it is you still can hardly defend any points in PS without number advantage because you will rarely find positions that are defendable because they dont provide cover while you return fire. Usually, you are fully uncovered when returning fire.
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  6. Masterofm

    When you get 35-48 people defending it there is enough players to guard the two entry areas around A point. You need to knock out 2 generators to get to the cap point, and it takes attackers at least 3x longer to get on A point then the defenders. With the choke points involved it allows the defending team a massive massive advantage and if they are able to even bring back one of the generators online then it is basically a total was for the attackers.

    The idea that it is just "bad platoon leaders who are scrubs and can't take the place" is garbage. I saw a single platoon hold off against 200+ players. Basically no other base can do this.

    It is also the only place I've ever seen hold off a massive VS max crash. No other base I can think of holds up against 40+ VS maxes.

    If they put A point right next to the spawn room at Vanu Archives it would still be harder to defend then SNA.
  7. Metalsheep

    Personally i think SNA is the best base in the game, and that more bases should follow its example. (Especially the spawn and the capture point level, rooms like this should be the capture points beneath most major Bases.)

    You actually need to use your brain to properly attack SNA. Flashbangs and Concs are a godsend in a base like SNA.

    Its a new base, wait untill people develop stratagies to taking down the base before you QQ about it. Its like oldschool Tech Plants, people thought they were horrible, impenetrable Meat Grinders untill a few outfits decided to use GSD sunderers and galaxy drops onto the upper landing area.

    An organized defense at SNA will trump a unorganized Zerg 9 times out of 10. Just as an organized assault can trump a unorganized defense.

    The only change to SNA i would love to see is have the Grav Lifts all replaced with proper stairwells. You cant attack or defend when you use a Grav Lift. Going in either direction you are helpless.
  8. Roland2TowerCame

    Um, seemed fine to me. Good shot at that lib at the end.
  9. ScrapyardBob

    Assuming SNA is a single-point facility, adding a 2nd and 3rd capture point is probably the right answer. It spreads the fight out better.

    There's a bunch of other facilities on Amerish which are now large enough that there should really be (3) capture points. Now if we could just get them to turn tech plants and amp stations into 5-cap point locations.