Subterranean Nanite Analysis, the real meat grinder

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  1. Akeita

    This base is straight up bad and need a revamp. This is literally a meat grinder for MAXes and launchers spam. The hallway is way too small with no cover and the stair is just ridiculous...
    Finally some youtubers got a vids, and this is just 25 - 48... :
  2. FateJH

    I've only been to this base twice since the revamp but my impression is the same. While it lends itself alot to the base's defensibility, the major issue I have with SNA is that there is no functional strategy to fighting in this base for either defenders or attackers. While there are multiple routes, all roads lead past the same attractions and roadblocks. There's no finesse or subtlety. You drop down helplessly or get spit upwards helplessly, getting shot from all angles all along the way.
  3. Prudentia

    There is a very simple rule with subterranean analysis
    check your map.
    If it's 25-48vs25-48 it's fun, so only go there if you are alone. if the defenders have more pop avoid it, there is not even a vehicle pad, let those whoa re there have some fun.
    If it's 48+vs48+ get yourself a new drink and then check if there is some good fight somewhere else.

    SNA really is only designed for a certain amount of players.

    also there is that corner at A that loves light assaults with flashbangs, Pumpaction shotguns and enemies rushing A
  4. Pikachu

    This rule everybody should apply to everything, well similar rules. Don't attack a base unless you have 60% pop. If the defenders have 48+ then you should have 67%. If defenders of a biolab has 48+ don't attack it. If the attackers have 67% and there is no sign of getting more to your pop and there is no good opportunity for farming, leave the base. Also never buy a MAX or vehicle unless you know you're going to win, well often think that.
  5. Prudentia

    It's not about "do we win this" it's about "will this be fun" a biolab with 100 players per side is fun to some and can be pretty tense if the attackers actually get a foot hold but don't steam roll it.
    but for the most part, if there is fight that ends in us camping the spawn with 100 people while 50 TR hide behind the shields, i go somehwere else.
    If i'm inside, i stay there, in the hope that somewhere, someone looks at the population chart and decides the disparity is acceptable, which leads to a more even pop and more players who tolerate the current population. tough as soon as it's even there is always that outfit with 2 platoons that rushes into the base to "save the base" and ruin the fun. (fun not farm). i still remember on Miller, in a close biolab fight, the good old VCBC swarmed into a Biolab to defend it, and screamed in proxy chat, how they would save us all and would now all go to C. after 10 minutes i just walked over to Cand killed the 2 TR sitting in there and capped it back as the entire VCBC platoon seemed to be occupied by the landing pad.
    A player just has to decide for himself what he accepts as a good fight.

    Standing 50m away from each other with 2 platoons for 3 hours and shoting bullets in the generel direction of the enemy is boring.

    having a 3 hour fight with 6 platoons, who try to Galaxy drop, tank rush, sunderercrash etc because they actually ant the base and in that way vary up the combat, is amazing.

    As a Millerite this:

    was the best fight we ever had. not because it lasted for 4 hours, not because it was for 4 hours in the same base. but because TR and NC got close to the base, they captured points, we had to push them back out, we had to counter tank coloums, galaxy drops, entire swarms of sunderers, foot zergs and many many more creative tactics.
    The battle of scarred mesa that happened at a similar time and is often set equal, just has nothing like that, it was just shotign at each and beating your head on a brick wall of burster projectiles and Lancer beams.

    (damn, the music of that video is to epic, i got carried away :eek: )
  6. notyourbuddy

    If they wanted to change it someone has already provided a good answer. Add Point B to the first floor where that generator currently sits and place Point C on the surface.

    If the defenders fail to hold Points A & B and are unable to push back up they can always do a counterattack on the surface with vehicles to resecure the base much like you see happen all the time at Indar Excavation and Crossroads' battles when attackers try to bleed out defenders by trying to hold only 2 capture points for 20+ mins.

    Would make for a much more dynamic and interesting fight I bet.
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  7. Revanmug

    People never learn. Tunnel and corridor just lead to explosive spam because it's the most efficient way of killing people in tight area. The opponent can't avoid the damage.

    Metroll 64 was a clear example of what kind of battle you get with those FPS mechanic in tigher area. Too bad nobody really learn anything.
  8. Jonesing25

    SNa is fine. Start applying some tactics instead of jump down and get shot. Just for you guys: Concussion grenade, Flash grenade, MAXes with engineers, HAs, then everyone else. A coordinated push on both doors. Teamwork is OP.
  9. A Crispy Taco

    I fly over SNa a lot... doesn't look pleasant from up here either. God speed on the redesign
  10. doombro

    That's what the base said about you.
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  11. Pikachu


    That is signature material. :D
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  12. Takoita

    I'm not seeing the problem here, to be honest. Jumppads and gravlifts should be substituted with proper stairwells, but that's about it.
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  13. Crayv

    I like. It is actually defendable. It is also one of the few bases you really take without even firing a shot at the spawn doors. If you are smart clearing the first level is the hardest part (and it is possible to get vehicles in there). The second level you clear by throwing a large force through the side entrance.

    That's about the only thing I would change.
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  14. Masterofm

    Oh snap. Did it follow up saying "yo mama!" after that dis?

    I was defending it at one point with a few of my friends from 4-1 odds while one of them was cracking up getting 83 kills before losing his Max.... when I just said "Subterranian Nanite Analysis! Where everything's made up and the points don't matter."

    We all had a good laugh.
  15. Leftconsin

    Heh. I've ghost capped that place twice, no real fights yet, and Roid told me about that. Seriously, why is a minor base that hard of a cap? Wasn't Vanu Archives hard enough to capture? They had to go outdo themselves?
  16. FatherVanu

    Never even knew this facility existed. What continent is it on?
  17. UberBonisseur

    Don't expect the base to change;
    It's the "livestream base"

    Wrel's video makes it look good, but the base turns into a spamming hell when it reaches critical player mass
  18. kadney

  19. UberBonisseur

    Twitch integration is broken, just click the link
  20. DevDevBooday

    Well I was going to dismiss this as a whine post but then I saw he is NC.

    The faction with the shotgun MAX is complaining about ENEMY MAXs in close quarters.
    This must be pretty serious.
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