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  1. ZeroErrorz

    im just gonna say it, im sick of these rushed updates, the last few update make the game make the game worse,the railjack was changed when it went live before any testing were done to the changes in pts,the death cam was higly controversial yet a bit ignored by the devs,the no ads while jumping is something that NO ONE ASKED, the coyote make air game somewhat broken for pilot that have learned manuevering aiming the supposely called "Primary" weapon and lastly the whole lib update have it pts cycle rushed before any decent feedback were discussed and made

    really SOE i dont matter with 2 month update or even half a year update as long you polishing it,if your making the game dumber for casual noobies that problaly never going to spend money with EZ mode weapon that gonna ruin the game as whole, for your TRUE audience that spend a lot of time and money honing their skill which is your big time $pender,really these people are your MAIN goldmine/audience that your countering with EZ mode weapon since their skill is OP, so pls instead listen to them instead of alienating them from these rushed content and rushed audience, give us a polished content and we'll pay for it since where things are the content we have now is rushed and only brings rushed money/audience, but if you polish them right your getting a polished gold.

    feel free to tell your opinion,these are just of my thoughts of what updates should be and who they should be targeted for.
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  2. ZeroErrorz

  3. Gammit

    You don't need to bump your own post. It has merit on its own.

    I am less concerned with what changes they make on test than I am with rushing the changes to live before the player-base gets a long enough opportunity to provide feedback, and then actually listening to feedback. It seems they really did not listen to the "kill cam" feedback. Rather, it seems they decided it was definitely going in, and then asked for feedback anyway.

    If this was the case, I would rather the team say "we feel this feature has to go in because of X (and they did have a legitimate reason for some kind of similar feature), but we are open to suggestions on tweaks." At least then you are giving the players the correct expectations. If this was done, I did not recall see it anywhere on these forums, even after using the Dev Tracker.
  4. ZeroErrorz

    why ?,do you think there is any reason the dev NOT to listen to the player base, i mean at least we tell them what we are going to pay for,also the implemetation of deathscreen on live without testing and changing it later was unacceptable, since there is this thing called pts,the worst thing can happen is to implement a super op weapon and nerfing it to hell like what we seen too many time before, people who paid for it is going to be disappointed by it, the good example of pts use is the esf update, they nerf any borderline op weapon before releasing it and listen to the feedback given about how the weapon performing then buffing it.
  5. Chipay

    Remember what one of the people at SOE said during OMFG?
    "People will forgive you for being late, but they won't forgive you for sucking."

    Well atm they're sucking while they clearly now it'd be OK to have a safe small little update and push some things to the next patch.

    I know Higby said he wanted to have every week of the month some type of update (week 1 gameplay, week 2 coSMEDics, week techincal improvemnts for example). It might just be that the team isn't accustomed to the new flow, but if a month from now, we're still getting bugs and bugs still aren't fixed, then it might just be that SOE needs to come up with a new tactic.
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  6. ironeddie

    I would assume if they are working to put up content weekly that means working fast, cutting corners and being sloppy. Since that'll be the only way to meet the deadlines. But of course that also means the product quality usually suffers.

    I know you'll never get a trouble or bug free update. But I'd be happy getting an update every two weeks or even one a month. And having less problems with it.

    I don't mind the kill cam. Don't think it's as bad as people think. And the devs don't have to listen to us. This isn't a democracy. It's their game. But given that they do try to engage the community it would be nice if they had just said look this feature is going in. End of.
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  7. PostalDude

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  8. ZeroErrorz

    soo, whats the point of roadmap,and pts ?, also btw their development cost use our money that we give to them
    (p.s the death map is bad, im saying this as a frequent sniper and infil)
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  9. Wobberjockey

    honestly... it has done nothing but anger me that the debs have forums and they consistently chose to take input off twitter and reddit as opposed to the game forums.

    and they are right. i didn't MIND that the ESSR's were late and that they were tweaked.
    i don't MIND that that the straight pull bolts are still getting worked on.

    i MIND that we got 3 days of feedback on the new SKillmap and then it was rammed down our throats on live...
    plus buffed libs, and a bug that gives people god mode on top of it.
    oh yea and the fact that their 'fix' for the broken invulnerability state? it didn't work.

    if i handed in a deliverable like that at work, i'd be expected to either work from home to fix it, or come in on the weekend if i wanted to have a job by monday. and that's just talking about the bug...
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  10. kadney

    I would be fine with a bi-weekly or monthly update. So you a) have more time for the stuff to be tested on the PTS before it goes on the live server and b) if something went to the live server you have some weeks to gather isolated feedback and data for this change and then decide if it need's an adjustment or not without the influence of yet another change.

    They should ship content if it's done and tested properly and not releasing it weekly for releasing's sake.
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  11. JudgeDeath

    Tbh ... decently fast update flow is important !

    None of the bugs that have followed have been anything gamebreaking in the end. Balance issues are balance issues. PTS is a very Limited tool for gathering proper game design feedback.

    2 most annoying ongoing tech-issues right now are:

    1. Poor VOIP functionality. You keep loosing it from time to time atleast once a session.
    2. Hitbox & Render issues with AV-turrets.
  12. Being@RT

    PTS, right?

    Killmap comment by Higby on Reddit:
    No re-evaluating stuff that's on PTS, only stuff that's live.

    At least that's how I read the above sentence, given previous experiences of what feedback has done to stuff on PTS previously.
  13. Jardalas

    Pretty much every single update had a maintenance update the day after and an emergency hotfix the day after that. When something like that happens systematically, every single damn update for a year you can be sure it's an upper management problem.
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  14. Chipay

    You're right, the fact that are people bugged to the point that they won't take any damage and are invincible isn't gamebreaking at all :rolleyes:
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  15. Selerox

    A decent stream of updates is fine. But they have to work.

    I'd rather SOE take their time and release updates less often that work, rather than release updates every week that break the game for a lot of players.

    If each update is adding a new major bug into the game then things aren't improving, no matter how much shiny stuff to stick over the top of it. We were fine with OMFG being delayed because it worked. These recent patches simply haven't.
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  16. NinjaTurtle

    I would like to know why the Infiltrator update was on test for weeks to gather feedback and make changes before it was pushed to live but the Liberator changes were on test for only a few days giving no time for effective testing and feedback?
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  17. Wobberjockey

    because the skygods are more important than infiltrators in the dev's mind.
    note that we still have not received the straight pull bolt deliverable that was promised us due to animation issues.

    which tells me that it is a very low item on the Dev's to do list... delivering infiltrators promised content over new content for other classes, that is.
  18. ZeroErrorz

    the skygods are actualy hated, look what infil got, vandal,trap,crossbow, motion detector,etc which actualy felt useful, compared of what esf and lib got
    a crappy down/sidegrade rocketpod,a super weak spammy gun,a joke camera gun, a gamebreaking missile,a crap zepher, a nerf to afterburner (saddest part),super lib armor.
    and guess what none of the infil update felt useless nor gamebreaking,and it actualy give good things, it should be a good example of what an update should be, not rushed and not biased toward newer/veteran player.
  19. Wobberjockey

    take a look at this thread and then tell me that infiltrators are less hated that liberators
    also at least you GET items that are game breaking.

    we get 6 clockers with explosives to shoot at a single tank for lols, and we get told we are OP and need to be nerfed because we can ACTUALLY DAMAGE IT BEFORE WE GET 1 SHOT! THE HORROR!
  20. dBMachine

    Meh... I like the updates. The updated content is keeping it fresh.

    This game always has bugs. No big difference there....
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