spitfire turret?

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  1. Xind

    It's seems fine to me. I've already been on the receiving end of it. It's not mega damaging, but it's yet another fire and forget mechanism that I have to deal with to actually get to targets. Maybe acquisition range could be improved a bit, say 75m? But it doesn't need to do ANY additional damage or be resupplied without going to a terminal.
  2. CNR4806

    I'd rather have an instant-shoot low-damage autoturret than a high-damage one that spends an eternity cluelessly beeping at the enemy to tell him "I'M HERE, DESTROY ME!" before actually doing anything.

    Unless said clueless beeping turret is tougher than a Harrasser, of course.

    But of course, I'll have to find myself some time and actually test the thing myself before drawing my final conclusions.
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  3. volth

    They should do the same dmg as the normal turret and be able to attack from 100m. But it looks fun anyway :).
    Didnt think they could do a worse turret then tribes ascends autoturret but this one is worse. Tribes turrets did hit something anyway :)
  4. Goretzu

    Just don't stand still, it doesn't seem to fire (at all) unless you spend about 5 seconds stood completely still in front of them.
  5. MotionBlured

    I deployed it, and got a kill with it a minute later.

    working as intended :p
  6. Xind

    It picked up and fired as I was running past it. Seemed to acquire instantly for me.
  7. Bape

    What bothering me is this dam turret can't even be upgraded.

    I was expecting something like

    Decrease delay
    Increase armor
    increase number of turret you can carry.
  8. Goretzu

    No idea what you're doing then, 2+ hours of fighing all over the place trying to us it in every sort of situation, and I've only had mine fire twice, never mind kill anyone. :D

    Hmm..... maybe it's bugged for some or something.
  9. Xind

    It'll be interesting to see if they can be clustered at objectives. That generator too far away to guard? You and four other engi friends fill the area with automated BR1s.
  10. volth

    They should give all that bought it a refund because it dosnt work.
  11. MotionBlured

    If it fits you can deploy it. You could probably fit 15 of them in most point buildings, at least.
  12. Rikkit

    I like the new poltik of SOE to implent new things total under powered, and bring them to a serius level after some patches.
    It keeps the flamers silent, and everyone is happy once the new tool is useable.
  13. H4YW1R3

    I won't be spending anything on it. I see plenty of them, friendly and enemy. And honestly, I've yet to see a kill. I've watched the kill spam when I hear these things open fire...nothing. And I've easily taken them out, losing but a quarter of my shield. And to find out here that you only get one, and there are no upgrades for the thing to actually make it worth something? No thanks.
  14. Champagon

    I'm going to cert into it as soon as I get home, I rather moderately damage infantry with a chance of them dying than nothing at all and they make it to the location i am trying to defend. Some damage is better than no damage
  15. Krokozor

    Duster usable? or valkyre? or maybe Spur? or harasser? or striker?
  16. Waratorium

    Only way they are effective is if the Engineer sits behind the turret and shoots the same target that the turret shoots- and in that case the AI mana turret is still way more effective.
  17. Champagon

    • Harasser was super OP when released
    • Valkyrie is fine, you guys are just trying to use it as a poor mans lib
    • Duster takes practice but is VERY usable
    • Striker takes practice but is VERY usable
    • Spur I have no idea whats wrong with it
  18. William Petersen

    Balancing auto turrets is a rally tricky proposition. In fact, the strength of turrets is a chief reason I stopped playing Nuclear Dawn.
  19. Krokozor

    nope. and why it should became this? bad carma?
    valkyre is peace of garbage.
    it's not. i have gunner who have auraxium on duster. 2nd in world. it's worse than garbage.
    oh god where? againts what? in what situation?
    cause you dont see any for oblivious reasons.
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  20. William Petersen

    Still pretty ridiculous with a decent crew and a good driver.

    ALL THE NO. It shouldn't do NEARLY the damage of a MANNED turret. Try like a third the DPS. Maybe half. I can see extending the range a bit (50 meters is pretty damned short), but its tracking/accuracy needs to fall off exponentially with distance to target. It shouldn't be holding ground by itself, the engineer should need to support it.
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