spitfire turret?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bape, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. NoctD

    Or read the item description perhaps? It says it very clearly in the description.
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  2. Mefi

    AI Turret: deployable shield, Spitfire Turret: deployable decoy.
    Waiting for new wrongly named toys :cool:.
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  3. Goretzu

    It says nothing about it never firing at anything, ever. :confused: I expect they are underbalanced for release, but tbh as things stand they seem to have no use at all (at least an unmanned AI turret gives a bit of cover).
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  4. Raap

    This thing is absolutely worthless at killing or even damaging players... Worst of all, it's bloody annoying to hear the beeping noise constantly.

    Even if it does (appear to?) secure a kill by random luck, you don't appear to get any experience for it, and it also does not appear to trigger kill assist exp.

    It's not worth sacrificing the greater efficiency, utility, and re-usability of the normal turrets for this thing.

    Buyer beware, don't touch this until they improve it.
  5. Leftconsin

    I'm trying to use it, but I have yet to see one even fire. I've been well within 50m of enemy ones and they just keep scanning.
  6. Copasetic

    Apparently there's some bug with them:
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  7. Alizona

    Ah its fine, I'm really not too disappointed. Gotta give em time to tweak it and balance it. I agree with those who say "better to err on the side of caution", lest there be a ruckus about how OP the thing is. LOL

    I always play engy in Planetside2 and almost always play engy in TF2. This turret was an absolute must-have for me and my play style, I certainly am not expecting it to be as "robust" as the TF2 version is... but the way I see it, all we need now is a couple of portable teleporter pads and a "V" command that says "Thanks for the ride, pardner!" and I'll be set for life. :)
  8. Crator

    Well, I was planning on getting it but since it sounds like it will be useless (currently) I'll just wait....
  9. Flag

    Bleep Bloop.
  10. xCable

    Tribes had auto turrets before TF. Probably the first game to have it in a fps. Seems good but should have like a 3 second lockon time with a bit more damage.

    Spitfire in combination with proximity mines makes a engineer decent at defense in small quarters.
  11. f0d

    i just leisurely walked up to an enemy one and shot it with a pistol without it even firing a shot at me
    totally useless
  12. Champagon

    Chill out party people, it's probably just bugged. We have seen the bug history of Zero Day patches with SOE. It will be fixed by either 5PM today or tomorrow morning Eastern. That has been the fix history anyway
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  13. Crator

    Did it work differently on the test server? If so, then most likely is a bug...
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  14. Ikarius77

    I saw a Spity tower shooting without stop at some rocks... because one enemy was in the other side...

    And... in 1 hour playing since update, the only spit kill that i saw was 2 friendly snipers dead from his explosion.

    What a piece of ****
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  15. Villanuk

    It didn't work on the test server, it never shot once, maybe because they were not live targets.

    So I brought it, why didn't I just trial it, but im sure it will get modified sooner than later.
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  16. Leftconsin

    I finally got a kill with one. A TR and NC were having a 1v1, the NC guy won, and my turret finished off the NC guy, but took quite a bit of damage.

    My initial impression is these turrets have very low DPS, are very frail, lose tracking constantly, and pick up targets slowly. Every aspect of them is under powered with nothing to make up for the drawbacks.
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  17. Goretzu

    They have to sort it.

    It would be better doing 1.0 DPS, but actually firing.

    Than doing whatever its supposed DPS currently is, but literally never firing (I think I might have got mine to fire once in 2 hours now, as I got an assist kill).
  18. Villanuk

    Agreed its shambolic tbh, just like the Valk and striker ( re-vamp ) when they came out, but they did adjust them later, so I hope they do very soon with this, shame, I was looking forward to it,
  19. Bobman23

    I think these things were initially balanced with large groups in mind. I don't know exactly what the deployment radius is, but five or six of these things working in tandem could potentially be devastating. I say potentially because nothing about them works right now.
  20. Krokozor

    oh god. did soe improve duster to userful state? or valkyre? or maybe striker? or... harasser? or many other new features? it was pretty obvious that soe make that. and it's not became better thing in any time soon.