Spawn changes currently on live

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by joshua, May 30, 2014.

  1. joshua

    We’re doing some testing of different spawn rules on all Live servers for the next few days.

    Change 1
    • Defensive reinforcement spawn points now turn off once the defenders reach 50% of the total population in the region.

    Change 2
    • All players can now spawn at any deployed Sunderer on their current continent.

    Change 3
    • Squad members can no longer quick deploy to the facility nearest to their squad leader.
    • Beacons, deployed Sunderers, squad owned Galaxies and Sunderers with open seats are still valid squad spawn targets.

    A few general notes:
    • This is just a temporary test so that we can gather data and feedback from players on the direction of these changes. Any and all feedback that you have would be appreciated.
    • These changes were modified on the data side without bringing the servers down, so there’s a small chance that the spawn changes will revert on a continent if it goes down. We will do our best to fix the settings as quickly as possible if this happens.
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  2. palto1826

    hopefully we can find a sweet spot for spawning but as of right now i just want to see an end to the constant platoon redeploying to get places instead of coordinating some transportation
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  3. Sixstring

    Thank God, counter zergs are annoying and ruin the game,that being said I hope this makes it easier to get near a fight.
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  4. IamDH

    I dont think this is a good idea. This will completely ruin the little need for transport or "convoys" that we had. Vehicles will now have a smaller role especially on Esamir/Amerish where whole battles can occur without any ground vehicle interference and little air interference

    I'll have to see how it plays out so i can give my full opinion
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  5. Posse

    The spawn beacon timer resetting for everyone in the squad whenever someone uses it is intended or a bug? Because if it's intended and it's kept in the game I might as well just uninstall this game.
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  6. Apis

    Is there a different mechanic with squad beacons? I noticed a timer with each player that used a beacon to reset the timer in which the next player could drop (1 min 20 seconds PER DROP per squad spawn).
  7. LibertyRevolution

    Don't you know posse, you are supposed to have a gal at the flight ceiling out of render range to spawn to, beacons are so last year.
    Just have one of your guys with 2 computers idling in a gal on their second computer on an alt account. :rolleyes:

    (this is meant as sarcasm, but is actually how a lot of outfits operate right now..)
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  8. Pathogenic

    Change 1 looks like a barely functional bandaid on the gaping wound that is the spawn situation, but I think spawning is too rapido in general, so any reduction is something. Change 2 I'm opposing because other things need to go in to make that workable without dumbing things down further. Change 3 is meh, but I don't hate that it's happening? You should have a sundy, Gal, or beacon in a squad anyway.

    IMO, the spawn system being a problem is a symptom of the bigger logistics concerns. Fixing *that* requires: longer respawn timers, continent locking, the resource revamp, removing the lattice and letting resources softly push people to battle lines, 2m shared cooldown with IA and squad beacon (IA to an area, beacon like now), no spawning at contested bases or galaxies, remove juggling the bacon, and add a small resource hike when spawning from a Sunderer. Logistics is an anti-nightmare in this game (read: This game has logistics lol?) , and it should at least be a serious concern considering it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH and not a team deathmatch. I'd probably go even further, but I think a balanced game of war should be like writing a song: The rests are as important as the notes.

    Most importantly, I like that this is taking any steps at all, and I hope that it will continue to get the attention it deserves.
  9. Kalendric

    The first thing that happened on Miller when I saw the changes tonight was somebody hatching a plan to sneak a Sunderer into a currently uncontested Crossroads Watchtower and call for all TR to redeploy on it to quickly swamp and overwhelm it out of nowhere. Instant Zerg-in-a-Can if you will. Fortunately for the VS, the TR are instinctively afraid of the yellow orders text presumably because gold is the colour of anarchy and rebellion and there was no instant zerg magically materializing in their hundreds on the stricken base out of nowhere.

    Still, it feels like a gaping hole just begging to be exploited by organized groups to the detriment of the zerging masses. While I think organized groups generally should be curb stomping disorganized players I think the benefit of working in a team is advantage enough and didn't need, for example, another benefit like the basically immortal galaxy private squad AMS's in the sky. This feels like another overly powerful tool that ultimately damages the game for the masses that need to be retained if the game is to remain a game of massive battles and not be reduced to a small scale Battlefield 2842.

    If it must be retained, I would suggest changing it so that a players distance from the Sunderer determines the respawn time. Within a hundred meters or so? Keep it as is. But if you want to hop through the magic AMS portal to the far side of Esamir from the warpgate, it really aught to take a little time to get your nanites faxed in.
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  10. ThunderSock

    Please keep trying new things!
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  11. RHINO_Mk.II

    Now I can redeploy and spawn in at any base that's about to cap for free points because someone will have a sunderer parked there.

    Seriously, this is cancerous.
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  12. Nepau

    All night our squad was finding that our Spawn beacon was resetting it's spawn cooldown to about 1 min 30. This seemed to happen almost everytime anyone used it, not just for the person themselves, so wondering if that was caused by these changes.
  13. Apis

    Gamebreaking right? Requesting SOE response on this.
  14. Hibiki54

    Question: If this becomes a permanent feature, can I have the option to LOCK my Sunderer from non-squad/platoon members spawning while it is deployed?

    While we are on this subject, can we get rid of all vehicles in the game and call this teleportside 2? Because if you want to take logistics out of the game, you might as well go for broke.
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  15. Jeslis

    Just curious, why this change?
  16. x2cygnus

    I fear it may be a bit too powerful.

    How about - to tone it down - adding additional 1s redeploy time per every 100m distance from your dead body, starting from the 1500m radius?
  17. LibertyRevolution

    You are the type to just not deploy your sunderer so only your squad can play at that base.
    You are cancer to this game, I hope you rage quit over this and uninstall, I hate you.

    /signed lone wolf player.
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  18. Takoita

    I'm not too keen on the Sunderer spawn change. That's like the Galaxy squad spawn, but worse.
  19. Hibiki54

    Thanks for your candor. It's greatly appreciated.

    Now, are you interested in some insurance for that Flash you just spawned? I'm sure you need to be covered when transporting yourself from base to base.
  20. Liberty

    Change 1 is great, if it works. There were times where opponents would have 70% + population and I still couldn't get a spawn there.

    Change 2 - This seems counter intuitive to change 1, as it seems to provide easy reinforcements to offensive zergs. Keep the "Can spawn on any sunderer" but use the same logic as change 1, but set the upper limit higher than 50% (55-60ish%) as most generally need a slightly larger attack force.

    Change 3 - Seems like a pain really. Quick story : Earlier today, was in a 4 or 5 person squad, after a defense at Red Ridge communications, we redeployed. Squad leader saw the push from Crossroads to Broken arch needed support. He spawned a magrider at crossroads (because it gave him the option too), he then asked for a gunner. I volunteered but the spawn option had since disappeared.

    He had to wait around while leapfrogged several bases redeploying until I got close enough.

    Also, spawn beacons are broken. Each person who spawns on them resets the timer for the entire squad. The only thing you can use them for is a squad deploy.