Slug Sniping

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by RayDrazon, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. RayDrazon

    Anyone here besides me who's absolutely in love with the Slug Shotguns? With my Nova 4x Scope with Extended Mags and Slugs, I feel like I pretty much have a semi-auto sniper rifle that can handle itself pretty well in CQC.

    I just go hot drop or fly into the Crown and sit on the wall's ridges, sniping everyone who's standing still which is a lot. Most of the times, I usually run out of ammo before I die, ending up with 20+ kills in one life; to anyone who says that this isn't helping my team, well it is- You know those turrets that keep your team's armor and ESF's from getting close? Well, I'm keeping them down since any engineer who attempts to repair is dead in a second.

    So yeah, I really enjoy Slug Sniping. Anyone else want to share their stories?

    P.S. In my mind, I can't help but think that this is how Infiltrators are meant to be played but that's just my opinion. The jetpacks really help with getting you to places where you can really benefit the team instead of being 400m away sniping at afk people.

    Please post and comment below. Thanks.
  2. Minsc

    The true sniping with slugs only works with vanu unfortunately. The drop with bullets is too great to really snipe beyond medium close range. At least that is what I have noticed with the TR's haymaker. Seems like another case of easy mode :p
  3. Inukuro

    I've tried it and it didnt work too well with my playstyle so i stick to buckshot.
  4. Sadaris

    Been doing it since day 1 pretty much Love the nova
  5. Krona

    Eh, it's decent from what I hear, but you'll get more done with an extended mag pandora with buckshot and a pair of nuts.
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  6. Pat22

    Whenever I know I'm going to be staying at long ranges, sluggun with 4x scope is my weapon of choice.
    Though I do use my carbine more often for the versatility, I still prefer the sluggun by far for long range.
  7. Paqu

    Its more than decent for long range. You get a sniper rifle on LA.

    Their weak point is medium range and also they are very unreliable on CQC. But thats what the buckshots are for. ;)
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  8. killhippies

    Pfffttt......Vanu kids. Get some hair on your chest and snipe with slugs on NC like a real man. You will actually have to earn those kills because of the massive bullet drop.

    That being said, I absolutely love slugs and have been playing them since beta. I feel so versatile and nothing feels so satisfying. Short range can be frustrating sometimes, but with some discipline and practice you can mitigate the bloom by controlling your fire and movement. I often outmaneuver people anyways so at least a few guaranteed hits will get it and that's all you need.

    However, Vanu slugs are currently vastly superior to the other shotguns if the stats are correct. Not only because of the no drop, but I believe it still takes the same amount of slugs to kill someone even at range and the COF(The Nova) is less when moving when compared to the other shotguns. Kinda lame, I'm going to make another thread about it probably as I feel NC and TR should get a buff to their slugs to balance it out. I'm thinking slightly more damage for NC and perhaps slightly higher ROF for TR so the guns aren't exactly the same like they are now.
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  9. Moody One

    Until now I had loved my sweeper with slugs and extended ammo... now I'm envious of the spandex wearers

    The bullet drop on the sweeper is insane compared to that! to hit at the ranges in that video you would need to be aiming about 3/4 of an inch above the target
  10. JPRampage

    As others have said, slugs are only "amazing" on Vanu. This isn't a case of "NC/TR are underpowered and Vanu are OP RAWR!!!" Naw, it's just that their racial trait (no bullet drop) makes slugs amazing. The drop on NC/TR slugs is... well, it's like if you tried to shoot a rock out of your gun that has no aerodynamic qualities whatsoever.

    On another note, I do have slugs on my Vanu and they are ridiculous. The bullet travel time is still very slow but I can't complain when I have no drop.
  11. HeadshotVictim

    with TR/NC you have to think where you shoot.
    Getting the hang on bulletdrop and travel time and they are okay, but hard to master.
    Buckshot and BALLS OF STEEL! is what a true shotgunner needs :D
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  12. Corezer

    Use the scope with... I think 3.4x
    There are 2, use the one that says it has a standard crosshair, not a dot. This will give you reference to counter the drop. I had no problem sniping at long range with my mauler last night.
  13. Moody One

    personally I find the Laser 4x better - it has mil dots ... kinda
  14. Corezer

    also, after last night, I have to say I love the drop, nothing is better than an engineer thinking he is safe to repair maxes just over a ridge line. not only the feeling of getting the kill, but getting a headshot bonus along with it.
  15. vaxx

    I used slugs for a while on my Vanu. Nova+slugs. The no bullet drop is ok, but not great. Let me explain...

    Anything out of NV range (which is also the range NC/TR start to compensate for drop) , is very hard to kill due to how slow the bullets move. Unless the person is AFK, or already wounded pretty bad, it will take luck to actually kill them not just make them move. You end up wasting quite a bit of ammo trying to hit folks at long range.

    I actually like Haymaker+ Slugs more. The bullet seem to travel a bit faster, and you can actually hit moving targets a bit more. Then again, I am targeting folks closer due to drop, so not going for very long range targets.
  16. Corezer

    you mean the laco 3.4x? the 4x uses a crosshair or a tripple chev.

    im talking NC, IDK about TR... surprising as that is my main, but ya know, I dabble =P

    VS should be using a dot, what with the no drop thing...
  17. Moody One

    there are two 4x scopes - the 4x which is just a cross and the Laser 4x which is more like a Russian scope (3 Triangles with a T instead of a cross)

    and I am talking NC too - I haven't played TR enough to know what their 4x scopes look like


    I just realized you said there were 2 - yeah I am talking about the 3 chevron scope - you can use the chevrons as mil dots (though not as good as real mil dots)
  18. KoooZ

    I could never figure out what was wrong when I tried slugs long ago. I tried all different angles and even had some stationary enemies hardly medium range away and still they would not land a hit. I gave up, is there something you can tell me that would restore my hope in slugs?
  19. Corezer

    Try hitting some stationary targets in sanc from different ranges to get a feel for travel/drop

    if you are VS and not hitting stationay targets.... ur cracked.

    also when you get in position, unless you are VS dont worry about hitting with the first few shots, just learn the drop so you know where to set your *elevation*.
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  20. Moody One

    basically slugs are slow - this means if your target is moving (unless it is directly at you or directly away) you will have to lead by a considerable amount

    Slugs work best when targeting players who are either lining up rockets, sniping or otherwise standing still