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  1. Good_Kitty

    Give em back to infiltrators. Scout rifles suck, especially the nyx. It's just a weaker version of the Spectre
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  2. sinez

    Wasn't it tried, but really really OP? I mean, I was in Beta a lot, but I sorta stopped paying attention for too long.
  3. Aktarus

    no , for CqC and aggressive recon playstyle i'd like better a buff for the infiltrators auto rifles ( like the nc stalker) shotguns have nothing to do in the hands of a stealth class.
  4. Aktarus

    yeah it was completely OP
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  5. gunshooter

    What made it OP though, since according to you cloaking is worthless?
  6. Aktarus

    cloaked -> pop close to the target -> BAM OLOLOL INSTANT1shotBUkAKKE-> dead->recloak -> repeat, i had multiple session during the beta where i cleaned a whole sunderer respawn alone like that. just browse youtube and you'll cry
  7. gunshooter

    Yeah but you were saying that the cloak is useless in the other thread. I guess it's only useless when it suits your argument.
  8. Kayos

    It was a little OP on Infils, I had a lot of fun with it though :)
  9. Good_Kitty

    If you could land a hit it was 3-4 shots for a kill when shooting someone in the back.
    The great thing about it is you didnt need to AIM it (right click) and you could take out 2-3 people with a clip

    The scout rifle only takes out 1 person per clip and has a long reload and 5 clips. It doesn't go far.
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  10. deusex2

    You obviously haven't played Crysis1/2/3 multiplayer at all, haven't you?

    1)Cloak done right.
    2)Pump action shotgun has a whooping suppressor attachment for it.
    3)Stealth breaks instantly on attack.

    SOE take notes, that's stealth done right, right there. Albeit, that was the only thing EA did right with Crysis2
  11. Hadrian

    im lost without my shotgun , give me it back :/
  12. Howler556

    Crysis was the god of stealth gameplay. The shotty with the supressor and a holo sight on top! Cloak you could kind of see through, but you need to have RLY good eyes. The cloak also dried up faster when you ran and it took a while to recharge.
  13. blzbug

    Shotgun Inf WAS overpowered when they first brought out the shotgun. It was WAY overpowered. That had 2 consequences.
    1) EVERYONE now has the idea that shotgun inf is overpowered. Youtube is full of shotgun infs doing things they should not be able to.
    2) SOE realized the imbalance and nerfed the shotgun. The nerf was needed and if anything was over nerfed. But it took a couple of weeks for the nerf to come out. In the meantime, the bad reputation of the combo grew and grew.

    Before the nerf, shotgun-inf was OP and so you saw a ton of them in the field. People always flock to an overpowered combo. After the nerf, shotgun-inf was reasonably balanced and their population dwindled. You didn't really see that many of them toward the end of beta. But the bad reputation stuck.
  14. CaptainRobust

    You can kill an entire squad with your pistol, too. It wasn't the shotguns that were OP, but the fact that no one ever pays attention to their surroundings. It's painfully easy to just walk up to people and kill all of them one by one no matter which gun you're using.

    Actually, a shotgun's a bit easier to hear. So you'd be totally aware that someone's buckshotting everyone else in the room.
  15. altonyc

    Pretty much this. I was one of those people who already played infiltrator up close (back when the VS sniper was only good as a shotgun), and when I got a shotgun, it was a godsend. TOO good, in fact. As you said, it was OP as hell. But, I would argue that they were OP on everyone at that time, just extra on Infiltrators (like you said).

    You bring up the good point that the shotgun was, in fact, properly nerfed. As an infiltrator with a shotgun (I eventually used slug rounds to give me medium range power), I could either devastate a group of unsuspecting and unalert enemies, or die 5 times in a row without kills. And I can't count the number of shotgun infiltrators I killed. Pre-nerf, they were all that killed me; post-nerf, I think I got killed by maybe 2?

    I personally think that the infiltrator desperately needs a solid cqc weapon (even a slightly longer range knife or something), but that shotguns weren't the solution. It needs something like an SMG, with high sustained recoil, but a low enough ttk to be a viable weapon up close (problem with the Beamer is that it takes long enough to kill that the target can turn around and kill you after you start shooting if you miss even one headshot). Something similar to the TR pistol, but perhaps a bit better.
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  16. Sifer2

    Session based deathmatch games are not what SOE should be emulating. The game already does that too much as it is. And that sounds really broken to me. What is even fun about being invisible then one shotting someone with a silent Shotgun, recloaking an doing it again? Fun if you like easy kills I guess.

    My suggestion is learn to be sneaky for real, and play Light Assault. They can use Shotguns, and if your smart with the Jetpack you can get the jump on people quite well with them. But I doubt most people will agree that a class that can hit a button to be near invisible at will deserves that kind of power.
  17. Good_Kitty

    Did you try shotguns before beta ended? They nerfed the hell out of them.
  18. Good_Kitty

    infiltrators should get -A- shotgun not ALL of the shotguns
  19. joe smo

    the bad rep stuck with them because the good players that did adapt to the nerf were still killing a lot of people.
  20. blzbug

    Good players SHOULD kill alot of people! Isn't that the primary benefit of being GOOD?

    The REAL problem with shotgun-inf is that people got killed without warning. That leads to crying on the forum, which leads to nerfs.
    For some reason, OHK with a bolt driver are OK in smedley's opinion, but 2 hit kills with a shotgun are horrible. I don't understand the logic.

    SOE is supposed to have all this data about weapon damage, kill ratios, etc. Where is the hard data that shows shotgun infs were overpowered in the late beta? I don't believe the data would support the OP argument.

    Someone above suggested a decent SMG as an alternative. I'd be fine with that if it does the job well. We've had short range high ROF SMGs since the 1930s. Why can't get get one in 2367? (or whenever PS2 is...) Heck, even PS1 had one, kind of. The common pool pistol was the AMP (automatic machine pistol). Bring back a decent AMP! PS1 also had the mag-scatter pistol for NC. Basically a super short range shotgun-pistol.